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  1. Thank you for the speedy response. Cheers. Looks like I’m going straight into impossible!
  2. So we can tackle impossible on NG+? Or no? Trying to plan the least playthroughs to get platinum. maybe one gun during NG, play NG+ on impossible? If it lets us
  3. Did a coop match with my second account. Still no trophy. My hopes of finally completing smite has been demolished once again 😂 Edit: Can they be on your team and you play against all bots or does one human have to be on the opposition?
  4. I can’t seem to get it. Tried for a couple hours. If they immediately died before going into rifts, that’s an obvious re-do. But I thought I successfully did it at least twice (edit: now four times.. don’t get what is the issue) and no trophy. can it be done on easy? Medium the bots are way better than yours. Made it much harder as they seemed to group up better. Someone also claimed one other person has to be in the coop session? This true?
  5. You have no idea how appreciative I am that you explained this! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Happy New Year! Could coop mode work for conquest? I also need the fire giant and gold fury trophies
  6. Im glad you also saw right through his baiting and lack of follow through with any intellectual or tangible response. He literally said nothing, threw out attacks then doubled down. Even tried mocking me with the TLDR. Pretty childish. I 100% agree with everything you’ve said, this game has very little to offer when it comes to a horror/survival game, if we can even call it that.
  7. Lmao and all you have to rebuddle is “cool story bro” clown 🤡 no one said it wasn’t tense. It’s just a bad game. I bolded some of your ridiculous statements, not gonna waste my time any more with this. Gaming expectations are going down the tubes. Hence why we get the same sports games every year, half baked games that take years to properly fix and implement the original vision. But you do you guy. Even said how price shouldn’t dictate score or is irrelevant? So you go to a 5 star restaurant and pay $200 for a plate, you don’t have sort of expectation, or hoping that the price is JUSTIFIED? We do this daily. But okay make less sense than before 👍🏻
  8. Funny how you bothered to dive into my profile to see what I did with this game. I actually played it in Maximum Security, most of the game. So while you try to create a false narrative of “that’s why I didn’t like it”, I never said the game was hard either. You create a fallacy by saying the only way to play this game was on hardest And to appreciate it. A game should stand on its own legs without the difficult supporting it. I play 90% of my games on hardest, even if there’s no trophy associated with it. It creates challenges and stretches out games that make it feel good. Maximum Security was the opposite of “creating a challenge”. There was no challenge. Just frustrations. Wiggle a stick back and fourth. So invigorating. And the combat completely falls apart when there’s multiples enemies on the screen. No exploration (no map even), the most droll combat, a story that was made 100 times by other sci-fi movies while forcing us to like characters that literally had 0 character progression. You said amazing but HOW?! The side character is a complete bitch from the beginning til the last 90%, then you’re supposed to care? Not sure how I’m supposed to feel connected to characters with only 30 minutes total of actual dialogue and exchanges? Poor mans dead space. They did it better then and should’ve just went a different direction. Good graphics is the only thing this game had. Big whoop. TLDR to others: Pick it up in bargain bin and it won’t be insulting with its $70 price tag. You won’t feel so cheated and the sting of a sub par game with a price tag to justify the product.
  9. Leave the site… lol. All they said was how they didn’t like the game, again a difference of opinion but apparently we can’t post in here unless we agree with the OP. They definitely didn’t seem upset. Clearly communicating their difference of opinion. But okay 😂
  10. This made me laugh almost as much as the OP. Guess you never tried to save then reload? It’s not an actual save but the previous checkpoint. There’s videos of people doing no hit speed runs on elden ring. Just because someone has the time and patience to do it doesn’t mean a game is easy or most can. They’re a 1% minority. Everyone’s opinion is their own but DAMN have standards gone down the toilet if this is an 8 or 9. Same thing when people accept broken games and say “one day it’ll be good. It has good bones” NO. They should’ve released it in a tolerable state. Not take 2 years to finally reach an acceptable “standard” because it’s “live service”.
  11. Interesting. I mean I never started Witcher 3 on ps4, did on Xbox but never ps4. So you could be onto something in some circumstances, but not sure what happened with me.
  12. As the above said to me, I was grinding forever since I did it on Death March. I switched it to easiest and my puppets were FINALLY doing damage and not being 1 shotted. Even with the damage upgrade, easiest difficulty seems to be the only way. I dropped it one notch every time and they still got 1 hit killed. Had to be on easiest
  13. So what ended up working was deleting a bunch of other saves, weren’t even listed, they were buried within the saved list. Had to delete one then another popped in its place, when it was initially only showing around 6? Maybe because of that prompt of “incompatible saves”, no clue. After clearing a bunch of saves, it magically started working again.. deleted like 15 saves. Technically this happened twice. One was such a short while I didn’t notice it. Thought it was a weird hangup. The second time was when it was for a full day and was very annoying then I made this post. Best of luck to anyone else this happens to. I still don’t quit know what happened or how it was fixed. None of it makes any sense on paper lol This happened both times after the game crashed just from me simply walking around. So idk if there’s some hangup about too many saves and it causes destabilization? Just spit balling this nonsense lol The game acts like it captures your save too. Has the little paper icon in the corner, but then you look under “load game” and the file you just created/replaced with an old one just won’t be there. Auto save is the only option.
  14. My game crashed and now it’s acting like I’m just launching the game for the first time. HUD/Gamma settings and the intro pop ups. This wouldn’t be bothersome, if I was able to save!! I cannot manually save now as well. It mentions about the “saves being created with this version will be incompatible with previous versions”. I never ported over a ps4 save or anything. I used google and Reddit and most workarounds were for ps4/Xbox users. I haven’t been able to find one for PlayStation 5/no cross platform save. I tried deleting my local console storage saves and downloading my cloud save. Didn’t fix a thing. Seems like this will need to be patched. Don’t want to have to do some workaround every time it crashes.
  15. HELP!! so it seems the saving issue/not remembering settings starts happening again if the game crashes (at least in my experience). Game crashed. I rebooted it up, then it had be calibrate HUD and Gamma, acting like I’ve never played the game before. Now I can’t save, and it mentions about “previous versions saves being incompatible”. Im on PlayStation 5. I already deleted the local system save files and reuploaded the cloud files. Still not letting me save. Only workaround I’ve been able to do is have the game auto save every 2 minutes.. but I can’t manually save anything.