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  1. It took me less than that to beat Malenia in Elden Ring, which got a lot of talk of how hard it was, but this trophy took me almost 2 hours of repeated attempts. Some trophies hang up some more than others. There’s skill, there’s RNG, and there’s luck involved. This trophy involves mostly the last 2.
  2. I’ve tried this trophy for about an hour, then just moved on to play the story. The super small alley that has some sacs on it is where they get me a lot. I learned spinning around made them miss more than anything. Then I’ll get to the massive Zurk field ending and choke. what’s ironic is I’ll get grabbed ONCE in some feasible part I normally don’t, then I’ll make it the rest of the way!! Happened at least 3 times. I said “fine I’ll just run and complete it” then that happened, so I kept restarting thinking “I just made it through the hard sections! One more time…” This trophy is crap lol. Zurk will not even jump and grabs onto me. I’m seeing videos of people just running through them yet they just suck onto me like an octopus. I wouldn’t care if all the alleys were wide like the beginning, but that middle tight corridor section SUCKS.
  3. Tried joining a session 3 times. Even hit shredder once. No trophy. Joined twice at death animation right as he started exploding, empty health bar at bottom. Third time I joined when he had health and still hasn’t popped.
  4. I found a walkthrough for this game, and most trophies look pretty “story” related as well as collectibles. I do see one for multiple endings. Any tips, tricks, advice to give for me and those going for platinum? Can’t find much on this game throughout trophy/achievement sites and their respected forum sections.
  5. Thank you for the fast and detailed response. Greatly appreciate it 😁
  6. Is it possible to get these together in one run? Messed my playthroughs up big time, so is it possible to get all tarots while infecting everyone? Doesn’t seem to conflict but wanted to make sure before I started. Thanks
  7. Clickbait 😆
  8. I was able to level up on ps5 on my wife’s account then go back to her ps4, and she had the new level. So I imagine it would pop the trophy. Can’t give you 100% confirmation though.
  9. Exactly. I’ve been spawned where we had two map pieces within a minute. They definitely need to spread them out more. IMO what kind of bugs me is that survivors don’t take damage when they’re doing finishers/animated attacks. Some of the finishers take a good 5 seconds, and they’re invulnerable! Makes it hard if you’re defending an objective, and they’re just doing finisher after finisher after finisher. Just a little gripe of mine after spending some time being demon.
  10. I understand how to do it.. but this is all based on if you find them early enough. Most experienced players know not to get into cars, get too high of fear etc. You’re throwing stats and easy 1, 2, 3 steps when there’s a lot of factors to consider. Ive been successful in doing exactly as you’ve said. But there’s times when teams are heavily grouped up, they could have their characters maxed, all these things matter when speaking in such a simplistic way to get “E-Z-wins”.
  11. Honestly, I think a higher level demon is needed now that people have figured out tactics, and know good team comps. There are a few comps I struggle to beat but as a maxed necromancer, with a lot of my points in boss… his hits cancel the ability to heal for like 3-4 seconds, and his reach is stupid with his basic attacks. This is the only way I take down teams, maxed boss stat with boss perks and it’s usually once they get the dagger or even to the old ones. It’s VERY rare that I kill during the first 3 pages. That is very rare, yet I’ve seen some people claim it’s easy, not sure about that lol I know what you mean though about getting incompetent players. I’ll get matched against a squad who is always together. I’ll be a survivor and get the worst team oriented people. Im sorry that you’re having a bad experience as demon. It can be fun with the right conditions (at least for me). Best of luck to everyone.
  12. As others have said, the trophy now unlocks as it should. Just down a survivor while you have one possessed. The 30 matches as a demon I definitely should’ve unlocked by now.
  13. So I’m not banned anymore, and I only popped completing a Xeno set after loading back in while connected to PSN. Now idk if beating Ophion will even trigger beating Act 2 trophy. I feel like I’m screwed. I haven’t collected all the pieces yet to trigger Act 3.
  14. As long as you group up, farm items/chests, and attack together, demons dont stand a chance most the time. A well balanced team, like two melee and a leader/hunter and support, most demons can’t compete unless they’re really good. I think team synergy is the secret sauce needed for easy wins.
  15. I got suspended for 7 days because of some dude in a match was being a total ass and I messaged him calling him out, and since mine was in written form and he reported me (even though he was the primary and initial aggressor) I was suspended. Ive been checking forums hoping they don’t patch the lvl 50 unlock before I get there 🤣🤣 in at 35, suspended for a week, hoping they don’t patch the lvl 50 max user unlock trophy yet hoping they patch this one LOL