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  1. So I’d like some clarification regarding the 4th player joining.. at what point are they accepting the invite? Once all 3 players are readied up? Before that?
  2. Would love to know this as well. Digital version comes with both copies.. hoping someone will try on a second account just to test. Otherwise I’m jumping straight to ps5 version
  3. I can confirm this method still works, and all the maps mentioned are still available. I had to go to page 4 or 5 for the journey map.
  4. Im wondering this as well. I missed a couple assignments on the first couple planets that you can’t get once you leave.
  5. couldn’t agree more (Looking at you cyberpunk). it definitely incentives you more to get more pieces rather than stick with the one armor/stat you have you weigh as most valuable
  6. Okay glad I’m not the only one with this assumption. From how many views, and you’re the only one who replied, I gather others don’t have a concrete answer either. At least now I don’t feel dumb 😂
  7. Hello all, So I couldn’t find an answer on google. From looking at the armor screen, I get the impression that just collecting the armor gives you ALL the passive “collection bonus” shown on the right?? Or do you have to equip the whole set for that one bonus you desire? From what I recall, you had to equip all for bonus in the past R&C games. But it kinda looks like you get stacks just for collecting the piece in this one, thus giving you all the stats you see on the right. Any clarification is greatly appreciated ✌🏼
  8. Funny how people care how others achieve their platinums.. I was just planning to do the ps4 version too. Looks like I’m stacking both, then the expansion after!
  9. I should be getting this game in the mail today, and I am already dreading mercenaries based on the comments and posts I’ve seen 😩 you think capcom would’ve learned by now that these tacked on modes are literally a waste of time & money on everyone’s part... if I find anything helpful once I start mercenaries, I’ll add more here.
  10. Annnnnnd they patched it....
  11. Too bad there’s no controls for spawning collectibles! 😝 Very nice find. Hopefully this doesn’t get patched
  12. Ended up testing it myself... trophies do not carry over.
  13. I appreciate the link, and have seen the list before.. but I don’t see this game on there. Am I missing something?
  14. As the title states, if anyone has it yet and would be kind enough to to answer... does the platinum auto pop going from ps4 to ps5? EDIT: it does not for all those wondering as well