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  1. That Is Great News!
  2. I will try aswell
  3. You can go into your setting you can change time and date to go forward i tested it out worked perfectly!!
  4. Im missing 10 pieces of clothes from the game not including dlc and all of them are from lockboxes even though ive collected every lockbox in the game. Will i have to restart the entire game or is there a work around?
  5. Looks extremely easy
  6. Thanks ferryjan the hard mode and normal and 3 times in a row are not popping for me which is very annoying got the 10 second trophy
  7. personally im very glad we get a minesweeper game that is free because I love minesweeper I havent played yet but I definitely will in the future . Trophy wise a couple might be problematic possibly because i have a feeling hard mode has a timer and the 10 second trophy. 10 second may not be difficult on a computer but on ps4 im not sure also minesweeper is very luck based because you can get into situations where you can only guess which cant be blamed on you. With over the ten hours ive put into minesweeper games on my computer i have never won a game with 200 blocks not because im bad at the game its because its so luck based. All i want is for this game to be around 5 or so hours and fun
  8. Hopefully it will be a good method to get coins and gold packs like in fifa 14. World cup mode actually made me keep playing fifa 14 for about 2 months and extra trophies would be nice
  9. OMega quintet is a nice one. Not much to choose from my profile considering i jsut started this account.
  10. I think with the reception and praise this gane has been getting i thouroghly believe ng+ is a likely possibility for the future. Dlc maybe not but im betting that ng+ will be here cause people definitely want more and if they released ng+ is will give a chance for the game to be purchased more because instead of only beig able to get 50 hours maybe out of this game people will be able to get 100+ so i hink it would be a good business move