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  1. The thing is that you need to be focused on driving to prevent hitting the obstacles...
  2. I have used the glitch for "Millionaire" trophy, as I mentioned in my first post. The first time, the game froze on about 850k points... On my second attempt it went fine, the trophy earned, but I'm afraid it will glitch more times if I will try to put the game on AFK to obtain the "Explorer" trophy... I just wanted to ask whether there are any other solutions, except using a glitch or driving around the map...
  3. Hello there. I've obtained all but this one trophy of Jimmy's Vendetta DLC - yes, even the "Millionaire" trophy... The you-know-what glitch helped me with this one, however, this glitch isn't a good solution to obtain 1000 miles (1600 km) as the progress is being made too slow... So here comes my question - are there any significantly worth tips on that trophy? Any good solution? It seems to be ridiculous and pathetic sitting, staring at a TV, and driving for a couple of hours... How did you folks obtain this trophy? Please share your solutions.
  4. So briefly - is the platinum trophy unobtainable? I'm wondering whether I should bother buying this game.
  5. Do you recommend finishing as much as possible in my current run and then start over and do a speed run just for a skill unlocking? I've got about 70% of the game so far (all hotspots, all QR codes, etc.), so basically I need to finish the rest of the storyline (about 7 missions), complete the remaining side missions (blue marks on the map) and find 2 songs via SongSneak.
  6. What side mission is it? Any of the blue ones marked on the map?
  7. Has anybody got an issue with unlocking the "Hacker's Toolkit" skills in Watch Dogs (PS4)? I'm in the Act IV of the story now and I'm still unable to unlock even the very first skills of the Hacker's Toolkit. I'm afraid it will prevent me from obtaining the platinum trophy in Watch Dogs... Do you have any solution to fix this issue or my save file has been corrupted and there's no way to fix this?
  8. You've done 34/38 so far and you're saying to quit that? You're joking mate. It took me 137h to obtain the platinum trophy, and yes, the last 4 levels were terrifying, but eventually I did it. Toxic Tunnels took me 3 days, playing after work for 3h daily (so about 9h in total). You can do it. Head's up and keep trying.
  9. Finally I have got the platinum trophy in Crash Bandicoot 4. It took me 137h, but I feel a great satifcation once I completed the game. It wass very frustrating at some times, especially while playing Tawna, Dingo and that bloody Cortex. I still maintain my opinion from the beggining of this forum thread, that Toys for Bob went a bit too far with the difficulty level - NSP relics in some of the levels were frustrating. They could have implemented different types of relics for new characters levels and not mix up new characters with Crash gameplay in one single level... Time trials have been designed for Crash as it was in the orignial games, so implementing time trials in new characters levels was a silly idea - sorry Toys for Bob if someone from your team is reading my comment. After All, the platinum trophy is doable. Having played 2h each work day and 5h on Saturdays and Sundays. I can't imagine if I was able to obtain the platinum if I would have kids... probably not.
  10. Yep, for me Rush Hours is one of the worst levels in the entire game, mainly as I don't like playing as new characters, especially as Cortex - and there are two new characters in that level with no Crash gameplay... The last level I need to do, is Seeing Double. The last time I will play as Cortex...!!! Additionally I need to do Flashback Tape #20, it's horrible and I can't even reach a checkpoint there. I thought those Flashback levels won't be so hard...
  11. Certainly it may be easier in Rush Hours, especially in the very last section of Tawna's gameplay.
  12. Have loading times been reduced significantly? On PS4 Pro it takes about 40s to reload a level... It's the worst thing while doing NSP relics and reloading levels on and on...
  13. The Toxic Tunnels level is done... I obtained the NSP relic quite quickly, the gems route section is not as bad as it seems to be. However, the time trial relic... uhhh... I thought I was about to start crying... Eventually, my time was 2 minutes with some milliseconds, nearly on the edge of the gold relic. 36/38 - now Seeing Double and Cortex Castle... I remember once completing the story, I failed 139 times in the last sections of Cortex Castle... I hate playing as Cortex (and Dingo and Tawna as well). Toys for Bob should have done separate types of relics in levels with new playable characters' levels, as doing time trials in those levels is pointless. Time trials are Crash features since 1996.
  14. Congratulations! I need to do Toxic Tunnels, Cortex Castle and Seeing Double. I was trying to do Toxic Tunnels yesterday, but the time requirement is very strict there...
  15. I prefer time trial relics more - in my opinion, implementing those NSP relics by Toys for Bob was not a good idea... I've got 35/38 relics, both time trial and NSP ones, and I rather completed a level in the way: /gems, N.Verted gems, NSP relic, time trial relic/ as it's a better way of remembering a level layout. Those three are left to do for me: Toxic Tunnels, Cortex Castle, Seeing Double. What do you think about the NSP relics difficulty in those three above? I think that the Toxic Tunnels level isn't so bad, as you mentioned, but I'm worried about Cortex Castle (I died 139 times in the last section of that level when I was completing the story...), and especially about Seeing Double because I don't like new characters' levels, and especially Cortex levels are the most hated by myself... Regarding time trials, there is nothing surprising that you were struggling with the very first level, as it's not an easy one and it's rather listed on the top of all 38 levels difficulty list, I would say even in the top 10 The time requirement for the platinum relic is very tailored.