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  1. I live in low-income housing and as such, my power 'blips' once or twice a week. No storm or anything, just out of the blue the lights will flick on and off and the clocks will reset. These blips are so fast that some appliances don't even shut off... The Playstation 4 is not one of them. I've made my peace with never being able to use rest mode, but it can really hurt when you're playing a game with limited saving and 'surprise' you get to redo the last half hour. Is there a device I can buy to cut this out? Like a box that I plug my PS4 power cord into and then plug that box into the outlet and it will syphon a tiny bit of power to make sure there is a second or two of juice left? Maybe not that specifically, but just something to keep my PS4 from shutting off when the power goes out for a fraction of a second. I know quite a few electronics have something like that built-in, so I'm sure this product must exist. Any ideas what it's called? Thank you in advance.
  2. I was speaking more on the gameplay side of things but I do also love the Metro series aesthetically too. I have tried out S.T.A.L.K..E.R. before, but it didn't really do it for me. I'm not too into PC gaming, and even for native users I've been told it's a bit of an odd one to get the hang of. I did play Fallout 4 (as well as 3 and NV) and enjoyed myself there. Oh and I played MAD MAX, but it didn't really feel Mad Max to me so I lost interest. I haven't heard of Wasteland though. I may give that a try. That's so funny! I literally bought Day's Gone right before making this post cause it was on sale. It's definitely got some problems... My God so many problems... But I can see the effort that went into it. I'm only a couple hours in and I'm quite enjoying my time with it. I was looking more for the emergent gameplay with the story focused more on world-building. Like, as much as it doesn't seem like it, I think Deus Ex: Human Revolution is pretty close to Metro.
  3. I came back to this thread after a few days and... Wow... I feel the biggest problem is that a lot of people, on either side of 'the argument', didn't read the post, or at least went in with a specific idea of what it was and blurred out everything that didn't fit their interpretation. This post was never about the platinum being awful, it was about the platinum, and game, having issues that drove me to realize what I was doing to myself for platinums. How I was, by going after goals set by others, was ruining my own experience. This is why the thread was called "The Platinum That Broke Me" and not "Why FF7R Sucks". Half the comments are people defending Final Fantasy 7 and trophy collecting as a whole, (half the time submitting evidence of the game's faults and... strongly proving my points while telling me to get good which; well its an experience) while the other talk about how poor the game is and how nobody should enjoy it... In a post about a flawed game I enjoyed. I mean even if the thread WAS about the game itself (which it isn't), coming back to see arguments about who's more adult and 'trophy' sizing contests was... The whole point was to show the lack of meaning behind trophies and how the trophies can negatively affect your view of a game, case in point, everything that followed after the first post. There were some generally constructive comments here. Some I agreed with and others not to much, but at the very least I could understand where the user was coming from and respect their opinions. Beyond that though, the sheer amount of negative comments to me, to people who were negative to me, to people who were negative to people who were negative to me... It's just insane to me. I never wanted a shouting match and I hate that I started one. As such, I will be locking this thread. If you would like to continue a discussion about how horrible or immaculate the game was or how much more of an adult you are than the commenter above you, I invite you to make your own thread about that topic. Thank you to everyone who remained civil, and especially to those who took the post for what it was and added to the intended conversation.
  4. I have played both REDUX games multiple times and loved every (not boss) second of it. I finally broke down and got Metro Exodus while it was on sale and... Well... That's already deleted. But now I have a bad taste in my mouth and a Metro sized hole in my heart. Any ideas about what to fill it with? Thank you in advance! Addendum: I'm looking less for themes (Though games with an emphasis on world-building are my jam) as I am gameplaywise. Games that give you a toolbox that is large enough to give you multiple options in any given situation, but also small enough to ensure that each part is made with a purpose and fits nicely with the rest of the systems. A good example of this would be Deus Ex: Human Revolution and a bad example would be MGSV. I just love moving through the metro, watching my ammo and filters as I brave the irradiated wilds only to crash back to civilization and explore the seedy underbelly of a station only to end up in a dark room picking off murderous gang members who spot me... and now I'm running and gunning. Just the full sweep of gameplay styles on offer with the ability to take it on however you want. Some Games that Fit the Bill: Wolfenstein New Order and Old Blood: Though it has less of an emphasis on world-building it makes up for it with enduring, well-written characters. The stealth vs rampage nature that Metro had is also present, though with the scales tipped towards the latter. They even follow the Metro philosophy of making boss fights while drunk and then never playtesting them. Dues Ex: Human Revolution: The world-building is insane in this game! The number of options you have at your disposal is only matched by the amount of things you are able to do. Like a Fallout games but without the numbers getting in the way of combat. It also does a great job of making sure that skills over lap, so you never feel left out in the cold (I.E. Oh? You didn't put all your skills points into hacking? Guess you never get to use this terminal! vs Oh? You didn't spec into hacking? Well then spend some money to get viruses to brute force it or maybe find the code elsewhere). Days Gone: Have only played a handful of hours so far, but I am enjoying myself. Pretty far removed from Metro as far as gameplay is concerned, and story... Honestly everything, but it's quite enjoyable and it was recommended, so I'll put it here all the same.
  5. 1-17. I got through 19 up to the dragon guy... after getting team wiped twice I looked up strategies and thats when I found out about how you're supposed to have Multiple HP and MP up materia and also this secret accessory called the goobermeuinstrikafloober (I have no Idea)... I had no idea you could stack materia so I had just had the one and I DID NOT feel like grinding out the materia to stop the one hits from happening. Like I had one single Hp up that I traded between characters, same with the MP and Magic up. The only materia I had more than one of was cure (which I had 3 of), and revival (which I had two of).
  6. I've added a little TL;DR at the bottom to help better clear up my purpose for making this post.
  7. Yes... One hit and touch of deaths where you will die unless you use multiple HP ups... that was the whole argument. That it's not about exploring the advanced combat mechanics, but in limiting your options. Don't experiment with materia, use the hp up so you don't die. And Yeah Arsenal was a pain for how tanky he was, but... I have no clue what Gotterdammerung is. Please don't tell me there was a dev weapon hidden in the game... Okay just looked it up and it's a reward for the final set of VR missions which I was saving until after beating the main game... Alrighty then. Payday can't be platted without a team of people and is a game built on replayability. The multiplayer and LEft for Dead approach to replayability lends itself perfectly to the hours you spend. This is a game where you fight the same enemies in the same way in the same arena (or force yourself to sit through all the unskippable and semi-skippable dialogue to go through chapters). Even then, I'm not saying this is the worst grind. It's not; in the name of koei tecmo I swear it is not. It just happened to be the one that broke through my shield and focred me to look at my life through a new lens. Me: "This game has some ridiculous trophies and development ideologies, and through, I realized the foolishness of my quest for platinums. From now on, I will play games for personal enjoyment alone, and arbitrary goals set my misguided or sadistic developers be damned." You: "Um? what do you mean this is the worst and hardest game ever? Lol, just play games not for trophies, but to have fun and come back once you've specifically played these games NOT to have fun and only for trophies." D-did you read the post? Did you read what you wrote?
  8. Exactly. Hard should force you to use all the systems to their fullest extent... But this just forces you to scum and cheese everything yo ucan since they REMOVED half of the combat system. Look, I beat the game. I have tons of MP and materia, let me experiment... but no... What am I even supposed to do with my gil? There was this RPG, and I forget what it was. But it reduced everything. Like your health and damage output was on par with your enemies BUT you started each and every fight withy full HP and MP and everything. Each fight was fair and about how you played and not how you played up until that point of the dungeon. There is also this game called Immortal Redneck that has some pretty fun 'hard' mechanics. Like forcing you to use specific weapons, killing you (and everything else) in a single hit, or otherwise dramtically changing the rules of the game as you play. This forces you to learn weapons you might normally not use, discover new tacitcs you never realised were there, and really learn what the arenas and enemies reposnded for when the chips are down. Hard she reward understanding of the game, not force you to play the developers puppet. Chapter 9 is my favorite chapter of the game (though I think it should be split into 2 or 3 chapters OR have the more outlandish sections made optional (like side quests). Just throws away the melo drama and fully embraces the ridiculous nature of the setting. That house though is a nightmare on Hard. On Hard you have extremely limited MP, so enjoy going through the entire chapter (robot arm tunnel and all) without using magic so you can actually beat the thing. Thats... Thats my point though. Hard was made not about embracing the combat mechanics and allowing the players to master the system in their own ways. Instead, it was made to force the players to grind materia and play in very specific ways to avoid in-game mechanics. Like man, I never really bothered with half the systems avalible in games like Sekiro or Batman Arkham, but when push comes to shove you find new ways of tackling challenges. In this, I can't tell you what most items or materia do because they don't fit into the slots passed the ones I need and my MP is too valuable to waste experimenting.
  9. It always killed me how many benches were at the very beginning of a chapter (where their only potential use is taking out the first few sets of enemies then running all the way back to heal and then running back which... please don't tell me that's dev intended) or at the end post boss and right before you get sent to the next chapter will full stats. Of course you do get mp thoughout the level from fighting, some abilities let you take a sip or two, and of course the boxes like you mentioned. But none of those were reliable or ever let you feel confident about a spell. Can't tell you how often I was going into a fight with 2/3 party members at 1 health because I didn't want to risk the 9 mp it would take to cura the party. Isn't hard mode supposed to make you feel powerful? To present you a challenge that you have to overcome trhgouh strength of will and hardened, gamer skill? Cause 90% of my playthough was abusing geometry, running back to benches, tip toeing around enemies, fleeing when possible, and staring at loading screens because I was being stingy with heals.
  10. I'm not talking about 'hidden trophies' in the sense of shadowy icons meant to hide story spoilers... I'm talking about the trophies that seem so innocent like "Collect all the goober-barriers in gaypuppyville' but then you're at 19/20 berries so you google it and: "To unlock the final berry you need to have 'Callihan's flute', an item given to you Callihan's widow after you complete her side quest... her side quest that requires you to collect one of every weapon... which requires you to defeat every boss, find all secrets, playing with a developer, log in on fourteen consecutive days three times in a row, and not pressed R2 once during your entire playthrough'... Okay maybe not that extent but I mean: Any trophy where the requirements are seemingly easy and simple, with a small catch that increased the difficulty/length far beyond what it ever should have been. Some examples: Fallout 3 - Vault-Tec C.E.O.: Sure hope you knew about before completing the tutorial or you will have to go through the entire game again. Vampyr - Any of the collectibles: Though the description reads 'find all', what it should say is 'find and earn' as quite a few are missable if certain actions are or aren't done leading you to multiple playthroughs required just to meet all the criteria. Dragon's Dogma - True Conqueror: The trophy seems simple enough... defeat a boss in his true form... EXCEPT the only way to do that is to beat the entirety of the DLC TWICE (this is required for the platinum), and, because of how insane the boss is, you will need to have access to the online pawns (with good luck) to get the right kind to stun luck the boss. Attack on Titan - The outside world must be ten times bigger than inside the Wall! (Yes the trophy really is that long and yes they do only capitalize the first and last word; I just checked) For this, you have to craft each blade, Gear piece... and whatever the third thing was. For this, you NEED to not only beat the second campaign (which is the first but tankier), but also grind for hours and hours on the same bosses, as you will need to kill each one dozens and dozens of times to get the crafting pieces. Trackmania Turbo - End of the Road and Ghost Buster: You only have to get a gold medal on each track (time trial) as well as a developer time on 25% of the tracks... When I did this (granted this was 3-5 years ago), with the bare minimum times, I was ranked #47 in the usa... In all of the usa... The times are SO tight... You will be a globally ranked player for doing only what you need to do... Maybe this shouldn't count but... I couldn't leave it unsaid. Alone With You - The director, The explorer, The botanist, and The communicator: All you gotta do is find the collectibles; simple enough. Talk to that person to unlock their special scenes; awesome I love friends. Then beat the game-But hold on... Talking to one person losses you the ability to talk to the others for that scene... Which means you can't Dragon Age it and be friends with everyone, you have to beat the game 4 times (5 for the platinum), each run dedicated to talking to only a single person. The Last of Us - Online Pass: This isn't an issue now, but back on the PS3, you needed to pay Naughty Dog for he right to play the online portion of the game you already bought. Meaning if you can't do that, like yours truly, you won't get the platinum for another 2 and a half years when it becomes free on the PS4 with online included. Mafia II - Card Sharp: Find all the wanted posters which is fine and dandy... Except the game only saves when you advance the story... Which you aren't doing while you're out collecting. Meaning if you die or get arrested... You get to collect them all over again. Stories: The Path of Destinies - All of it: This game, despite looking like Wind Waker's edgy younger brother, will melt your PS4. This is the loudest my PS4 has ever gotten and it stays at max fan volume at all times, even with the pro... Also you will have to play the game itself which uh... Well let's not step on any toes. The Witness - Challenge: All you had to do, was embrace the damn pain. This challenge is not a test of mental prowess, but a test of ones very sanity. You are tasked with solving an onslaught of randomly generated puzzles with one section that has 'fake puzzles' thrown in, so until it's solved, you don't know if it's actually possible or not. You're just hearing time tick away as you wonder if the dev is laughing at you or if you're just an idiot or if mom was right... Still can't hear that song without my pulse reaching the triple digits. Resident Evil 5 - They're ACTION Figures!: Get all figures... Which includes finding all the collectibles, beating the game on the hardest difficulty, and beating the game with an S-Rank... Oh, and of course you have to grind enough dosh to actually buy each of them. So ways to spot these trophies before it's too late: If there is a guide, it will probably tell you. The tag: 'missable' or 'grind' over something innocuous might also be a good give away. The rarity is suspiciously high for something so simple. 'Collect/view/find/earn all of X things. If it's that encompassing, it might possibly be a catch-all trophy to sum up all post-game content. What about you? What are some ninja trophies you've encountered? Something that added a few hours to your plat? Something that stopped you from getting the plat entirely. The weirder the better, leave'em down below!
  11. Why not go crazy with it? Every platinum you get you can delete someone else's trophy, invalidating a plat and forcing them to go back if they really want it. Trophy warefare!
  12. God that materia. I love that one section they kick Barret out of your party so you spend a few minutes swapping everything around... JUST FOR HER TO LEAVE AND HIM TO COME BACK BEFORE THE VERY NEXT FIGHT... Why? Why would you do this? And yeah. I got an xbox a few years ago, and really didn't care about achievements so I just played a few games. And man, I loved Human Revolution so much, but man I can easily see how I would have hated it going for all the trophies. .. I wish it either restricted items OR stopped you from getting back MP. Both at once seems like a meme difficulty. And yeah I hated that section right before with the turrets. From full health you just get melted until you get lucky enough to fira the dudes before something knocks you out of your animation. Even worse I think that's the ONLY level you can get revival materia, which is one of, if not THE most invaluable materia; second maybe only to cure. and it's not even story significant... It's just lying on the ground randomly... You know, materia... This rare, highly coveted material... just... just lying on the ground... I mean story-wise if they just didnt care why not let me buy it?
  13. That's my bad. I did not test every status effect on every boss, I only took note that every ability I tried to use always registered as 'no effect'. Even for human bosses like reno or rude, where it says they aren't immune to sleep... but you try... and they are very much awake. That's not a FF7R problem though, that's pretty much every RPG. And yeah stagger was my best friend and worst enemy. I guess I never really got how it worked. I mean I know which abilities increase stagger, and I know how the magic weakness work, and I even know how certain animations can be interrupted to put on pressure... But how much stagger it took, how quickly the bar filled was random af. You would get one enemy like the big old stun crabs in chapter 15 (or maybe it was 16; whatever was climbing the ruins) that take ages to fill up, but then the next enemy will fill in a single combo. Where I say the numbers and luck comes in is exactly what we both described. How much health you have and damage you deal is tied to how much materia you have injected into your poor characters. Don't want to risk the one hits? Just equip a few fully leveled HP materia and how it's a three hit. Want that thing dead before it can one hit you? Put on a few fully upgraded magic materia. Oh you got stunned/they sidestepped your ability one too many times and wasted your mana (that you can't refill) guess you get to retry now! And yeah I have done way worse grinds like Dynasty Warrior 7 (I stopped myself from doping 8... honestly I think you could plat 7 three times over before you got the 8 extreme legends plat) or the Attack on Titan or... Actually just anything Koei Tekmo tbh. I guess it was the mean spirited nature of this grind. Like in Dynasty warriors you do 5 battles over the course of an hour but in FF7R you do 1 battle 5 times in the course of an hour. Either way you're doing the same thing and not learning anything. But one seems... Kinder? Like a hooker that says 'can't wait to see you again' as opposed to 'glad thats over'. Like I get it, you just want the money... but I have feelings! And FFXII? Yeah well I'll have you know I played that game with rose-tinted goggles so thick I could hardly see the controller infront of me! Loved that game... That shitty RNG heavy game that could be a 9/10 easy with just a few tweaks I promise! Fun fact: In my freshman year, I was the president of my school's anime club and I had a printed out picture of Balthier stuck on my lunch box... Yes, I was quite popular. And yeah the Yakuza. I played Kiwami and even worked with another dude to create a guide, but he sold his ps4 before he could finish the plat and I decided to quit before I ended up hating what I otherwise thought was a pretty neat experience.
  14. A lot of it seemed tailor-made to look good in screenshots and video clips than actually, you know, play well. Like you say, you can never tell how many people you are fighting until you open the menu. Half the time you have to force the game to put the map back up. The game, despite making a battle system dependant on numerous stats, loves to hide it to ensure it looks 'pretty' at all times. I didn't even know you could use the touch pad to see stats until my second playthrough when I pressed it by accident. And that stunning was just amazing! But you forgot the best part! When you actually pull off the ability, but the enemy took two steps to the side so now you miss... Fun times I guess it feels more grindy because of how little content there is. Most creatures are fought the same way (Square until you can triple slash) and even in the main campaign there is a ton of backtracking and reuse of previous areas.
  15. There's this game I really really like called "everybody's gone to the Rapture" And I can't tell if whoever made the trophy list was being malicious, or fundamentally misunderstood what a trophy was. I think there's over an hour of combined trophies that all require you to walk to a specific destination and then just stand there doing absolutely nothing... also all the collectibles are based on looking at things, with zero indication that you've even collected it.