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  1. What I have read around is that people often forget to 100% Syria or they don't watch the cinematic that's there after the ending credits. Both count towards 100%.
  2. Super Meat Boy Because why would you spend all your free time on 1 platinum...
  3. Hey everyone! My newest is Wipeout 2048 on Vita. It took a lot of time (cca 85 hours) but it was a lot of fun till the end. Anyone who likes the game will appreciate the DLC tracks (they are the same as in Wipeout HD/Fury but somehow feel a bit different on Vita)
  4. Thanks a lot! Yes, I was also thinking that this will be a problem so I will try to make it bigger.
  5. Hey guys! Please let me know what you think about the layout/content so far. I will be adding more Platinums slowly when I have the time for it but the layout is pretty much how I would like to have it. Nevertheless, I am open to suggestions and tips how to make it more interesting. Thanks
  6. *Reserved*
  7. !!!UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!! 41. Dragon's Dogma PS3 The True Arisen Platinum Difficulty: 6 (65 hours) Hardest Trophy: The Hero Enjoyment: 10 Favorite Moment: A griffin crashing down from the skies right next to my party! 40. Far Cry 3 PS3 Mastered the Jungle Platinum Difficulty: 4 (30 hours) Hardest Trophy: Hide and Seek Enjoyment: 7 Favorite Moment: Letting a bear out of a cage and waiting for it to clean the whole camp. 39. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PS Vita All-Star Legend - You've Only Done Everything Platinum Difficulty: 2 (10 hours) Hardest Trophy: Triple Kill! Enjoyment: 5 Favorite Moment: Well, triple kills were fun. 38. WipEout 2048 PS Vita This is WipEout! Platinum Difficulty: 9 (85 hours) Hardest Trophy: Beat Zico Enjoyment: 10 Favorite Moment: Perfect Lap! and multiple eliminations after using Quake 37. Crysis 3 PS3 Platinum Platinum Difficulty: 8 (36 hours) Hardest Trophy: Enjoyment: 7 Favorite Moment: Spoiler. Read below.
  8. The Walking Dead Got the game with 12 deals of Christmas and absolutely loved it. There are no missable trophies so you can just enjoy the story and all there is to the game. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to "read" through a game to platinum
  9. Bioshock Infinite without a doubt for me. Absolutely loved the game!
  10. Remember Me The best way to start off my winter break, with a platinum The game was free at EU PS+ and my friend told me it's really worth it despite the low ratings from reviews so I decided to give it a shot. And I am glad I did. Nice story, easy combat that will not get repetitive even once you are done with the game, great locations and overall atmosphere of the game. If you got the game for free but still haven't got to it definitely try it out, you will not regret it.
  11. For me it was probably the trophy "Beat Zico" in Wipeout 2048. Took me many laps to perfect it and felt so rewarding in the end.
  12. I did not like the controller at all when I saw it for the first time at the unveiling... now I can't wait to get my hands on it! They both look really great but I would go for the red one (if these are the only colors there will be).
  13. Bioshock Infinite Enjoyable Platinum for sure. I went through the game 3 times and I did not feel bored at any single point. The story is fast paced, the action is fun no matter which powers/weapons you use and the 1999 mode was a nice challenge. Not easy but not overly hard. My Bioshock collection is now complete (hopefully one day I will get the plat in the first game as well). Definitely recommending it to any FPS lover. Edit: Aaand I forgot 2 most important things. The OST is absolutely stunning and Elizabeth is my new favorite AI ally, replacing Alex from Half Life 2.
  14. I have a lot of games that I have yet to finish. There is around 20 of them (mnah!) so I'm not gonna list all of them. Dragon Age - I am somewhere in 3rd act which should be the last one. Just Cause - played in for an hour, enjoyed it, but had something else to play at that moment. Mass Effect 2 - did not like it at all at first. Then I tried the first game in the series and absolutely loved it so I am going to start all over one day. Limbo - played it for a while. Design of the levels is great I don't even know why I haven't finished it yet. Dragon's Dogma - Bought it like a week ago and played it for a few hours. Then I discovered the 50% price reduction on Bioshock Infinite on PS+ which I could not resist. The list goes on.... If you are interested you can check my collection. I would like to get back to the games with rank E/D one day...
  15. Thanks to playing The Sims, Sim City and Pokémon Red Version I started to learn English. From then on, games were my main source of new vocabulary. Metal Gear Solid - that I should carry cardboard box with me all the time.