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  1. Wow, I came on the site to sync my remaining trophies for the Uncharted game I was playing and it seems somebody has gifted me Premium. 


    It doesn't say who it was but to whoever it actually was, thank you very much. (Unless of course you done it by mistake) It seems there are some great people out there after all. If you don't want to tell me who did it publicly that's fine but do get in touch so I can say a proper thank you.

  2. This is exactly what I'd want. I'd have them port that over as I'm not currently looking into getting a vita and I really want to play this game. If the series is as loved as the majority say it is then sure, I'm all for it.
  3. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Great platinum to have imo.
  4. I haven't really tried to so far honestly. All I've really noticed is the constant black screen that most trophy screen shots entail. I think It's something for me to try in the future see how it goes but the timing of the trophy captures seems to be off a bit, hence the black screen. I don't know though. It would be nice if screenshots for specific story trophies were actually timed better. I've only ever gone out of my way though for an image from the capture and that was when I was playing Resident Evil 4. I really needed a cover photo for my PSN so I captured Leon sitting on the throne in his Resident Evil 2 uniform and I'm happy with the results. (Would of been such a badass platinum image)
  5. Thought I'd go for an easy stress free game today and that was Claire.. Little did I know, it's quite deep and quite shocking honestly, well the AA ending I got anyway. So yeah, I'm kinda weirded out by the whole game really but it was something different so I quite enjoyed it. Oh and it was Platinum #7 :D 

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    2. PooPooBlast




      Lol sorry your reply got lost in the sea of comments. Yea I'd definitely recommend the Witcher! In terms of length, it's veeery long. In fact, I'm at about 110 hours and I still need a whole map to explore in the dlc, still have a few quests left for the main one and a crap ton of question marks left ( which arent needed for the plat but will prolong the game's life by a lot). 


      I'd estimate it's about 200 hrs if you do everything in the game. 

      In terms of the game itself, it's veeery slow at first i'll warn you. I had to push myself for a good 10-15 hours and was starting to lose interest. Then the story progressed, I started to unlock new gear, new sections of the map and it just stuck with me. The quests are very detailed and impressive. They're very cinematic and almost each little quest has its own little plot which is very fun to experience. It's really hard to describe without actually playing it yourself and I'm not good with words xD so this is not helping. 

    3. Meachamp-


      Haha of course but at least we've all had a productive chat about the things in mention unlike some other threads on here though. :P 


      Every little helps as far as I'm concerned dude. 200 hours sounds really good actually, I think I'm going to enjoy it a lot. I've still not decided yet so I'll end up putting the two in a randomiser or something and then going from there. I think either way I'm going to enjoy whatever it is I play.


      I don't mind slow starts either really, as long as there is progression it's all good to me. :) 

    4. PooPooBlast


      LOL xD. Roaaaaasted! 


      Oh but I have the complete edition btw which has everything so that's where my estimate is coming from. If you really want a good estimate, is good for that. 


      Other than that hope you enjoy whatever you choose :).

  6. Nothing there for me unfortunately, oh well. Wallet says thank you.
  7. Imagine the error screen coming up every 5 minutes of gameplay. On a serious note, I'd be interested. I don't have it on the PS3 so I'd be interested in a PS4 version. I'm sure it would work a lot better than the PS3 version. If they can fix the constant freezing etc, then everything else to me personally would be a bonus.
  8. It definitely looks a lot of fun to do honestly. Looks like it may require a couple of playthroughs unless there's some sort of manual save present in the game.
  9. Platinum #6 Hitman: Absolution.. A lot more fun than I thought it was going to be honestly. Then again, I love stealth games so I'm kind of biased. :P 

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. Meachamp-


      @Roster60 You should appreciate it then because some areas can be quite tough to navigate and theres certain challenges that make the gameplay harder so you might appreciate it a lot more since you like stealth games. I wish you luck with it. :) 


      @ee28max Thank you. Also, great work on the guide. Helped tie up the loose ends. :D 

    4. ee28max


      Thanks, glad it was useful :). I might be the guide author but until now I don't have the platinum due to the times the game crashed and froze on me, Agent 47 not moving, etc. Been planning on getting a new copy or something like that. I'm only left with 100 challenges, all evidence, play styles, and the Hard playthrough. Looks like I'll be using my own guide :D.

  10. Hitman: Absolution #6 Time to Platinum: 12hours | Difficulty: 2/10 | Enjoyment: 9/10 An actually really fun game, nothing overly difficulty and nothing that takes forever to complete either. Hitman 5 I believe this is and it's really different from the previous versions. Much more linear than previous games but still open-ish.
  11. That's the one thing I don't like this time around is the no campaign. I know the MP gets a lot of criticism and more often than not it's well deserved but even though the stories are pretty generic when it comes to these games they are undoubtedly a lot of fun. I'm happy with whatever Treyarch do honestly, from World at War up until BO3 I've enjoyed their games. Don't see it changing now. (I know they did 2 and 3 also, but I never played them)
  12. I'm liking the look of it so far.. flying is gone, wall-running is gone. Besides BO3 which in my opinion was very good (another treyarch game) the only game I liked where you can do all the jetpack stuff etc, very fun had countless hours with friends on that. Before all of that though the last good boots on the ground Call of Duty was BO2 to me, so I'm loving what I'm seeing so far.
  13. I really want to play Neverwinter but is it the type of game you can play solo? I wouldn't mind joining a clan/team/guild whatever it's known as in the game but I'd probably be playing it solo 90% of the time if that was the case.


    Also, to those of your who have played it, is it a good game? I've seen some videos it looks good but it's better to hear what others say also.

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    2. Meachamp-


      Yeah, since I was going solo I was thinking of just doing a healer route, most likely to be better that way. Oh that's not too bad though if it means doing one or two things for the trophies, I haven't even looked at the list really. I just didn't want to start playing and the game be ridiculously tough from the get go basically forcing clans on you etc.


      It looks good definitely, it's my type of thing. I just don't want to be forced into anything with clans etc. I'll see if I can find anyone to play with. Well that's really cool, 300 hours? I take it there is an absurd amount of stuff to do then? 

    3. Miles_Warren


      Oh yeah they are constantly updating the game and adding new campaigns. PC generally gets campaigns before consoles and I know that there are 1 or 2 campaigns that PC has that consoles don't have yet. It'll be a long time before you have to worry about those campaigns though since they are too high level. I'm sure you'll get there one day though 😉

    4. Meachamp-


      Well more I keep seeing of it the more I'm interested. I'm just glad it can be solo'd.. would the DC be the most time efficient would you think, especially with the dragon killing towards the end or I've so seen in the guide?


      I don't want to go through the game hacking and slashing everything until it all dies, but I don't want to take forever getting rid of enemies either. :P 

  14. Signature Weapons Acquire the Silverballers Where would 47 be without his sidekicks eh?
  15. I don't mind delays so much either, when they tell you when they expect it to be released it's fine by me and to be honest, Q1 2019 isn't a million miles away. Gives me much more time to get through the first one again (played on xbox) and the sequel with the Redux versions I have on hand. Metro is a really good series so as long as they take their time, I'm not going to be too upset.