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  1. Ended taking borderlands because i get the outer world free on xbox
  2. Nice answer Thank you. Borderlands is 10 hours story long? I mean I would like to aim for more so Days gone, Idk I just dk LOL oh what about the outer worlds? its like Fallout 4 but more fun and jokes
  3. Well I want to buy one of those Borderlands 3 or days gone. Yeah yeah you cant really say which one is better cause they are 2 diffrent games. But im just scared that Days gone will be shit like 80% of the internet said. *Borderlands 3 SOLO* I dont really llike to play with friends but will it break the fun playing alone?
  4. Mrcatvi ill be glad to be add to anyones list
  5. I think it was the last one i needed and i tried like 300 times didnt got it 3 years later i just tried it and got it i was so happy
  6. Hope so For now I got A crack in time for free
  7. Yeah. A friend of mine told me that is ps3 doesnt turn on. So if i fix it i keep it
  8. Oh i checked and rhe israeli store does sales too so im good to go thanks everyone Israel doesnt have ps now😭
  9. Looked up the prices i think ill just but 4 or 5 games it will be 50 $
  10. I dont think that ill find if i buy ir from the israel it costs me like 300 shekels its like 100 $
  11. Okey thanks. Last sale 2017😣
  12. Hey. Im getting a ps3 And. The games of Ratchet and clank are getting sales sometimes? And one more quastion on ps4 i have 2 account one american and one israeli Buying games on the american cause it costs less Can i do it on ps3? Cause the price is 20 $ insteed to 9.99
  13. Well I was planing to come back to plat this bad boy but the game started crushing and now I just killed a wierd boss and it just courpted my save ..
  14. Ratchet and clank 1. It was my first plat on vita And the first game I bought
  15. Oh No I understand why I lack the motivation to play for a long time lol its a great idea Ill probs turn on Netflix or an audio book Yep its like farming in an mmorpg U gotta watch somthing or listen to a very good music! Thanks mate I'm Enjoying for now atleast I just wont do games that I dont have fun or motivation playing I have like 6 plats and the games I did plat them it feels like I'm giving honor to this game Like I'm hunting Gta san andreas cause it was my childhood game and I never finished the story and I played many hours online when I was young My motive is just like Ill work hard cause this game is one of the greatest and made a change in my life