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  1. i was thinking the same, but the list Will only appear after the first trophy. it has to be in a battle royal match with 100 players to count.
  2. Bro, got the same problem here, trophies of 17 and 18 tanks pops waaay to long after i achive the goal, and the ones of 19 and 20 simple not poop. I close the game, done it again and…. Nothing. So, i go to the other version and everything works flawless. So i return to First version and dont know how, but after 2 more kills both trophies poop, so here’s a tip to you and others with the same problem: -Dont keep spamming R1: u think u r Winning some seconds on final time, but i really think these can Glitch some trophies i personally wait one or two seconds after the ammo was ready just to be sure on 2ºnd version and zero problems here.
  3. Flawless!!! Ty very much
  4. Like some others (many) players i belong to the “one control team” So… any way to do the multiplayer trophy without a second ps5 controller? Any method, tip or strategy?
  5. Fuck, thank you bro!!! Was having the same problem and after 10+ tries i still wondering what the hell i’m missing
  6. Another tip is to touch and cross after the ball was off the line, near the opponents goal, and try to score a header. With 2 controls u can simple remove the keeper from the goal and shot after the first touch
  7. No metter how i try i just cant score on free kicks. Any tip for it?
  8. Lol, thanks. He arent on Ps store Spain or Portugal?
  9. Anyone having the same problem?
  10. Exactly the same here (2 years ago). Time to return to the game
  11. Don't play this game on ps4. had to restart level 3 multiple times because rope jumps glitchs and dont let me go to the other platform. Character dying without any explanation aren't that rare on the game, excluding the fact you have to do it without any dead. At the Treasure hunter trophy glitchs too an pop before i catch all of then.
  12. Update: on second stack you have to beat your own record in order to trophies of score 100, 500 and 1000 pop. So... dont make it harder for you
  13. One question. You need to do the 1000 chops in one go? Because i got more than 100 on second version multiple times and the trophy for chopp 100 still not pop
  14. Its working again!