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  1. Nice!!!
  2. Beast slayer is glitched too. Already kill much more than 25 beasts and no trophy yet. Had to start a new game after done everything in the game
  3. Greed! Trophy glitchs for me. Got the trophy for loot 50 itens but not the one of ten loots. Collectables trophies pops later than the usual too. Be carefull when playing these game guys, its not easily as look likes. Edit 1: Another Glitch!!! Just reach the stage 30 and the trophy won’t pop. Thks god i save the game on ps cloud 2 stages before, so i download the save, reach 30 and finally the trophy pops
  4. Flawless!! Thank you very much
  5. Theres any video on youtube explaining that? Still dont get it
  6. Anyone needs help with the best killer and second best killer trophies? I have 2 consoles, so we only need more 2 players
  7. #800 - God of War (Ps4). This game is a masterpiece, 10/10. Nothing more to say
  8. Timothy vs the Aliens Easy 3 hours platinum.
  9. #672 + lvl 100 on psn >>> FullBlast Easy 20 minuts plat, you just need to complete 3 chapters and kill some enemies to get all the trophies. Difficulty = 0,5/10
  10. Thanks. The multiples versions of Steins Gate helps me to reach this milestone. 😅
  11. ✔️
  12. It's a visual novel, you just have to pick choices following a guide... very easy to get the platinum trophy
  13. ac
  14. Nice!!!