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  1. Crystal Dynamics really dropped the ball with the trophies for Marvel’s Avengers but ‘By George, I think he has got it’. I have solved the glitched trophy issues and you can find out how by watching my latest video! This should work for most people! This has helped me to unlock the 'Holding it Down' & 'Former Glory' trophies which were glitched for me until I used this method! I hope this helps everyone! Good luck fellow trophy hunters!
  2. Shame there is no platinum trophy and the game is a bit glitchy but still happy to have this game finally come to PSVR. Here is video of my thoughts on the trophy list.
  3. For those wanting to know the answer for the cheats for grounded mode see this video, not too sure about Permadeath though
  4. In this video I address this question for anyone who is interested in knowing this.
  5. I would like to say that I earned the platinum trophy and 100% this month and the game was a total grind. Racking in at around 100-120 hours and 60 hours of that was spend on the online DLCs. This game is a real old school grind fest. I made a video discussing my platinum trophy review and I suggest you watch it before you considering trying to 100% this game.
  6. I do not think permadeath will be too bad on light while fully upgraded. Grounded is going to be tough, really tough, it's gonna 30-40 hours for a silver trophy. Pretty savage. I am going to give it a crack though
  7. Has anyone had the issue with this method that it only records a completed level on player 1 of online coop?
  8. dam if this is true it's impressive and makes a hard part of the game easy as FFFF***CKKKKK
  9. Just to clarify for future trophy hunters struggling with this trophy. I played 10-12 games of survivor mode and the map appeared. It appears to me that hometown may not be a map on supply raid, probably due to small size of the map.
  10. cheers for the input everyone!
  11. Anyone else struggling to earn the 'hometown' trophy? I have played around 50 games and I only got the map once and I was kicked out of the game for some reason. Has anyone got any tips on how to get the map? Does it appear in any game mode more frequently than others? I have mainly play raids (top game mode choice)
  12. I agree, some parts handled the wrong way can seem close to impossible. Same with the shotgun, I actually saved most of my ammo for the infected, there is only a few human encounters where you actually need to use firearms. I completely forgot about that bloater! I was actually surprised how much I love playing this game on grounded. It is the best way to play the game. Although I would not recommend without at least one play through first!
  13. I have to say everyone, I am an average gamer on my finest day. Grounded on this game is actually NOT that hard if you learn it. Uncharted 4 on crushing is much much harder in my opinion. My tips are as follows: 1. Watch and play along to speed run of the game. There is some people who are complete masters of this game and can finish it on grounded in less than 3 hours. Now I am in no way as good as them however, it shows you the best way to deal with each encounter, I would say a good 30-35% of the game can be avoided through tactics. 50% of the game is fine when you know where the enemies are and how to deal with them. Then there is the 15-20% of the game which is difficult where you need a bit of luck and a bit of kit to survive. It is doable! 2. Molotovs are more important than medkits. 3. use the shiv glitch to have 3 shivs at all times for opening doors and dealing with clickers 4. in the sewers try and have at least one nail bomb and molotov for the final part of the chapter 5. Shotgun is very effective up close and can one shot everything except for bloaters. Do not waste your ammo, wait until they are very close to you before firing 6. do not be afraid to use ammo, it will drop. 7. Run through Tommy's Dam, it is super easy if you know what you're doing 8. do not fight any bloaters apart from the one in the school which is easy if you just keep moving and have at least 1 nail bomb or molotov. 9. bricks are your best friend. If you have a melee weapon, hitting an enemy with a brick first means you can one shot kill them with a melee weapon afterwards. or 2-3 hit with fists but this only best applied in an emergency or against 1 enemy 10. There is parts of the game where when you finish the chapter, time will pass and Joel will regain all health, learn when these are so you do not take a medkit for no reason. Some examples are: after pushing the truck/high school (you can complete pushing the truck without getting hit once so do not take a medkit after the bloater fight) and after finding Ellie in in the house with Tommy. 11. The hardest part of the game for me was the part in with Ellie and David where you have to "survive" all the waves. I managed it with literally 2 arrows and 2 rifle bullets and that is all. A - Stay close to David when low on ammo, he knocks them back so you can kill them with your knife (this applies to clickers and runners) B - The bloater can be one shotted with the rifle if you shoot his knee as he drops from the elevator to the floor (pretty impressive right?) C - If you do not want to try and kill the bloater this way, you need to save your nail bomb and molotov for the bloater 12. The suburb sniper encounter can be ran and completed in around 60 seconds if you watch a guide and understand where enemies spawn, same with the final encounter in the hospital Good Luck!