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  1. Honestly I had given up the day before I got it, however I remember that next night my son wanted to try it again, so we did, and IF I remember correctly I joined his match from my ps5. I don't remember who booted the game up first or anything though. Except i joined him. He was on the ps4 pro. So I did join his lobby/game. We did run into similar bugs as you described too actually, can't attack or use a weapon. Ps5 bugging out. Ps4 pro would completely freeze the game. But could still back out to the main ps4 dashboard. 🤷‍♂️ It's great when it works, usually. But getting it to work is the issue. We honestly did what you said, try this; that didn't work let's try this lol. Repetitive but sticking with it did the trick. Have a few more online ones that we didn't achieve but reading your reply makes me want to try it again lol. We didn't use lan cables or anything else, so no lan cable to either consoles or modem/routers. Just wifi - wireless - same network. Buggy but hey it worked...eventually haha.
  2. Just start a solo run, as soon as it starts, end run. Do it over & over repeatedly. Worked great, but pretty boring and lonely but works haha.
  3. Thank you, that worked perfectly !
  4. Yeah, I just got it, took a good while for me to get through all of those quests 😂
  5. Thank you!! Starting these now! Came to this site just to see if I could find an answer! 🙂
  6. This! Everytime ps5 has a update those are the 2 things I'm hoping for too! Folders & backgrounds! 😂 Glad I'm not alone!
  7. I got the plat for Scarlet Nexus a few months back & thoroughly enjoyed it! There was a couple of trophies that were annoying (specific items needed, etc. Camt rememberthe exact name/objectivefpr the trophies) But overall a very solid game!! I highly recommend give it a try!
  8. Keep trying it! My son & I tried 5 times last night with the same issue like you described! However 1st session we tried today...connected. We used 1 ps5 & 1 ps4. Ps Now version of the game, just wanted you to know it may take a few tries but don't give it, it does work....just when it wants to obviously 🤦‍♂️ Also, we used - online - & public to join the match (not sure if that helps anyone)
  9. I'm still having problems with the glug glug trophy! 🤦‍♂️ I understand about "different" energy drinks, if that is the case I must be stuck at 3 or 4 different ones 🤔 🤷‍♂️
  10. Nice, honest in depth perspective on a lot of things! Good stuff man! Definitely sounds more enjoyable than the few rounds I tried playing earlier. I was so confused! Haha, but enjoyed it just the same. 👏👏
  11. Ummm, honestly I'm not sure. I've only played it on ps5. (I know I'm late to this party) lol.
  12. Exactly, it was like seeing the game from one characters perspective, and then seeing it from anothers perspective with minor differences
  13. Same, I just purchased it on the latest sale. It's working fine for me also.
  14. I've wondered the same thing actually, if the description was missing something. Thank you for the info. at least I know now I'm not alone with it. :/