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  1. thank you Boogieman for responding
  2. Will you get put on the cheater list if you do this. Just wanted to make sure.
  3. Here is my list: Darkwatch Drakengaurd Drakengaurd 2 Hulk Ultimate Destruction Onimusha Onimusha 2 Spartan Total Warrior
  4. I did not buy season pass because too much $ for the dlc that was short and I did not want 100 different skins or whatever amount of batman skins that they give you. If they gave more story dlc that last longer than 1 hr and more combat challenges and predator challenges with the characters that they gave us(Red hood, Harley, Batgirl) then maybe, but for now I will not buy and I am glad that I did not buy day one.
  5. I kept my id, and I have games that are not 100%. The trophies can be fun ( like the Uncharted treasures) and some can be a pain (like in Resistance 2 killing 100000 people online) it is the platinum that makes it fun. You can always go back to the games that you have not finished unless they close servers for that particular game
  6. Where you signed in the psn when you were playing campaign? I got the trophy and did not get the glitch, but I was not online. (I went through the whole campaign offline.) I know some games like The Last of Us has glitches if you play the campaign while you are signed in the psn, but if you play the campaign offline you will not get any glitches and you will get the trophies.
  7. I got tank on the first mission thinking that it would glitch, but I got all the play styles and got the trophy. I was not online when I played when I got the trophy. I know that sometimes if you play online the trophy will glitch. I did the same thing with the Last of Us (play campaign offline) and did not have any of the glitches people were talking about.
  8. It seems like every game has collectibles now, some games I enjoy collecting like the Uncharted, Batman, and God of war series, but the game that made me pull what little hair I have is the first Infamous. Once I finished each district I spend most of time checking everywhere before I moved on which added more time and got boring after awhile and I had to take a break from it, but I did end up getting all the shards. The second infamous was much easier and enjoyable.
  9. I did not delete anything and it worked for me.
  10. My first playthough transfered to the survival one. I had everything and I was upgraded. Everything that you got on the first playthrough transfer to your new game + at least that was my game.
  11. Finished the game with only 2 playthrough this is what I did was: 1. Finish the game on hard to unlock survivor 2. Start new game plus hard and finish the first chapter on hard plus 3 Save and exit to the main menu 4. Choose chapter select and select the prologue 5. Choose survivor and finish game. Once you do this you game file will say new game plus, just finish the game and all the difficulty trophies will pop up.