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  1. Thank you Sergen for the confirmation! Appreciate it
  2. Hello, so I recently seen these 2 videos on youtube: I was wondering if my account will get voided on PSNProfiles as cheating if I do this method? I want to be sure before I attempt to stack trophies from other regions on my VITA
  3. Currently playing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition. Planning on going all the way for platinum for this one.
  4. You might have season pass of Black Ops 3 and that's why it's showing free for you.
  5. Monster Hunter: World! 1 trophy away from platinum! Definitely getting it this week
  6. Cyberpunk 2077 Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Death Stranding God of War (2018) Remastered for PS5 The Last of Us: Part 2 Remastered for PS5 and a new challenging game series created by 'FromSoftware' (Dark Souls & Bloodborne, with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on the way) Those are my guess. Other games such as Elders Scrolls VI, Final Fantasy VII Remake, GTA VI are a LONG way off and probably won't be released until mid-PS5
  7. All Time Favourites: 1. Eddie Guerrero 2. Stone Cold Steve Austin 3. The Rock 4. The Undertaker 5. Shawn Michaels 6. Daniel Bryan 7. Seth Rollins 8. Kurt Angle 9. Finn Balor 10. Triple H Current Roster: 1. Daniel Bryan 2. Seth Rollins 3. Finn Balor 4. AJ Styles 5. Braun Strowman 6. The Miz 7. Alexa Bliss 8. Shinsuke Nakamura 9. Kevin Owens 10. Samoa Joe
  8. Yes, it's still possible. Finding a team might be difficult but you just need to play the base game for the platinum trophy, though it might help if you have the DLC to get higher light level to get the flawless raider a lot easier. Good luck with it!
  9. Nothing THAT great on this sale. The sale price is fairly high too, I've seen cheaper prices before on some of those games
  10. The Last of Us - At the end of PS3 generation The Last of Us Part II - At the end of PS4 generation The Last of Us Part III - At the end of PS5 generation
  11. Yup! I saw it 2 days ago! It was great. There's rumours around saying Nathan Fillion is interested in doing a series. Hope this is true! Still waiting for that Uncharted movie featuring Tom Holland as young Nathan Drake
  12. The Last of Us 2 Spyro Trilogy (to relive my childhood) Spider-man Shadow of the Tomb Raider Final Fantasy VII Remake (100 years later) Kingdom Hearts III Red Dead Redemption II Fallout 76 Cyberpunk 2077 Death Stranding Those are mainly the ones I can think of
  13. Destiny. Got it with my PS4 as a bundle
  14. No problem! Thank you for doing this! I was able to finally get it to work in the end after a couple of resets. I really appreciate this Energy Balance solver! Thank you so much!
  15. Destiny... Got my PS4 with Destiny release as a bundle. White PS4