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  1. Here's the result of my rolling session. On the JP side of things
  2. For good luck!
  3. Deadman Wonderland
  4. 8/10 Pretty decent list and a nice completion rate too!
  5. Elate
  6. Final Fantasy 9
  7. Just thought that this might come in handy. Here's the Honnoji points distribution from the daily limited event quests.
  8. Stuck at 3. Can't seem to have them drop one
  9. Soul Calibur 5
  10. Go for Puppeteer. You're nearly there!
  11. @TheVader66 I went for Heracles again. Two more copies and he's NP level 5. Still saving up quartz for Shishou's(Scathach) rate up. For guides, I'd highly recommend these two:
  12. Extra classes(Ruler, Avenger, etc.) are the hardest classes to level up due to not having any exp fodder cards dedicated to them. Fastest way to level them is to use the exp fodder for All classes. As for Kiyohime, there are exp fodders for berserkers which can be farmed on daily quests. The fou cards are only for stat upgrades.
  13. Added. Oh and if you don't mind, may I add you in the Japanese server as well?
  14. You may exchange mana prisms for summoning tickets, exp fodders and fou(atk/hp up) cards at Da Vinci's shop. Btw already added you. IGN is Hime
  15. The EU and JP versions of Demon's Souls
  16. Street Fighter 5 and Persona 5 are next.
  17. Yes you may sacrifice servants to level them but it would be better to burn them for mana prisms which you can exchange for items at Da Vinci's shop.
  18. Report
  19. while rubbing mayonnaise
  20. "Gaaaaah! These mushrooms are getting annoying!"