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  1. not been on here for awhile might try get back into playstation if im able to find one


    i miss playing ffxiv :( 

    1. StygianWolf4


      Hey Sophie, it's been a while, but hope you're doing okay 

    2. Little-Myuri


      Yeah it has been awhile, I’m good just relaxing most days^^


      hope you been good lately

  2. Wont be on psnp for a very long time now 

    i dont own any playstation consoles and probably never will own one again


    was gonna post this last month but forgot due to being in and out of hospital for about 3 weeks

    i had a sizure while i was in town fell over hit my neck on something and now i cant talk at all with my voice 

    been told by a lot of doctors i wont be able to talk with my voice ever again so im pretty depressed

    all i can say is having epilepsy sucks a lot....


    anyway i hope everyone stays safe and happy hunting!!!

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    2. kevao97


      goodbye and get well

    3. xEl_Cidx


      Get well soon and stay safe!

    4. Jeanoltt


      I'm so sorry, that sounds like a nightmare and no one deserves something like this to happen. I hope you get better eventually, sending hugs💕

  3. 2020 I got myself an Xbox one and then xbox series x in November 2020 Xbox has made me enjoy playing games again so since then I’ve chosen to slowly move over to Xbox 

    and this year I’ve officially fully moved over to Xbox now so I’m pretty happy 😃


    Sold my PS4 pro last year and gave my dad my ps5 for Christmas so I have no way to play psn games anymore


    so I guess this will be my last post on psnp it’s been nice the last 4 years^^


    Stay safe everyone! :)

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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @Little-Myuri me either but we can see how well we are gaming and whatnot ^^

    3. Little-Myuri


      Yeah one thing I like about Xbox is the monthly gamerscore leaderboard :D

    4. Icymind25


      Goodbye, traitor.

      Ok, no, I hope you know I don't  actually mean that.

      Hope you enjoy your Xbox. It doesn't matter where you play as long you enjoy it 😁

  4. Happy new year hope 2022 will be better year for everyone ^-^

    1. kindajustin


      Yes Myuri and the same goes to you. You're always so kind and easy to talk to, you're a very nice person. I hope this coming year gives you much peace and plenty of opportunities to continue healing yourself. I hope you are able to continue healing your ankle as well. I know it's probably painful some days not healing properly but I wish you the best in safety and fortune. Take care Myuri ^-^

    2. Little-Myuri


      I treat people how they treat me^^

      My ankle has been like this for about 7 or 8 years now so I don’t have high hopes for it to heal properly >.< 

      @kindajustin hope you have wonderful year^^


  5. Merry Christmas everyone hope you all have a wonderful day ^-^ 

  6. Just got this game ^^ trophy list looks decent never actually got to play rune factory 4 before so going in blind but I have played the first 3 ds games and oceans on my PS3 whenever that come out in uk still bit strange seeing people call oceans something else lol
  7. Hope everyone has wonderful Christmas and new year^^


    I’ll be back online after new year!

  8. Gonna be a good Christmas this year got £100 to spend on myself^^ 

    Gonna get myself Rune Factory 4 it’s only £23 so it’s a pretty good price :D


    And gonna get myself new shoes hopefully can fine ones that goes up to my knees and maybe some fluffy slippers depending how much money I have left :3 

  9. Getting Rune Factory 4 for my ps5 soon^^

    loved playing this game on my switch :D

  10. Was looking at my platinum trophies and I just seen I’m the first person in psnp to get the weakwood throne platinum :o 

    I got that plat back in September and didn’t even know I was first until now D: 

  11. Got my whm to il569 in ffxiv so time to start levelling everything else to lv90 :D


    ffxiv endwalker has been an emotional experience :( 

  12. Feeling sick a lot lately :(

    1. Little-Myuri


      had a covid test the other day because I’ve had a cough for about 2 weeks now 

      Also because of my epilepsy ive been feeling like crap as well 


      going to my local gp today to see about my epilepsy tablets see if I can get the amount increased


      this year is not good for me >.<
      lots on my mind with 3 family members passing away, I fractured my ankle again back in February and it didn’t heal properly 


      life likes to kick me in the head lately 

      @kindajustin my mum had cancer last year it’s a very scary thing to find out I had a mental breakdown because of it ;-;


      hope your mum gets better 🙏 

    2. MidnightDragon
  13. progress in ffxiv ew so far is going good^^

    slowly working on getting all my jobs to lv81 glad i got them all to lv80 last year so not much work to do on that part


    picked up the 2 new jobs and got to the lv81 dungeon so im pretty much ready to have all combat jobs at lv90 once i get to the lv89 dungeon :D