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  1. I really hope ffxiv comes to ps5 because that’s the only game I play xD

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Play it on PC, even better than Ps5. 😉

      But if Ps5 is BC with Ps4, then maybe not have to buy game again.

  2. Was going to stop playing games for couple weeks but I set myself a goal to get to 50 platinums before April 17th aka my birthday hopefully I can do it in time haven’t really played a game since November tbh 


    ffxiv takes up way to much time xD

    1. LucileRosethorn


      Oooo, I found someone next to mine which is 16th April. It's great finding birthday buddies :highfive:

    2. Pudalump


      best month for birthdays is April :3

  3. I might stop playing games for couple weeks to stressed irl lately >.< 

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    2. Pudalump


      I’ve been doing gardening when it’s been nice weather hopefully soon it starts to get worm as well :3

    3. visighost


      Games are supposed to be relaxing - if they're not, I think you're right to take a break! Good luck with everything.

    4. ee28max


      Good luck man. I hope everything works wonders for you. 

  4. It’s a nice day today so I’m going to do some gardening^^

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    2. Pudalump


      I didn’t plant anything just mostly cleaned up dead stuff from last year and dig up a bit to get it ready for the flowers I think I can plant next month

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Ah ok.
      I havent touch my garden since august 2019.

      I started it around 2016.
      You can see what it's become here if you like.


    4. Pudalump


      Nice garden :3 way better then mine tbh lol


      i hardly get to work on my garden the past couple years because of stuff so the plants and flowers die a lot xD 


      tried to grow strawberries last year but forgot about them o.o

  5. Just started to save up for ps5 :3 I’m so excited 

    1. Hanzoadam


      Ditto But I have kinda saved up already =P


      Will just be for games now.


      Noticed you psn card says UK, places like Shopto do some very nice 0% or super low APR payment options, I did it on my PS4 on release as I'd just bought a house. 

    2. Pudalump


      Tbh I’ll probably just pre order it from game.co.uk lol

  6. Think I’ve finally found a psn name I’m happy with ^-^ 


    just went with something simple just used my real name xD

    1. iXanon


      "Poo-der-lump" or "Pud-dah-lump"? 😅

    2. Pudalump


      Well technically it’s not my real name but everyone calls me puddles for the last 26 years 

      Also how you say my psn name is pud dah lump xD

  7. I’ll be doing a class for people with disabilities to teach them how to do glass engraving for the next 12 months ^-^ 


    it’s something they have never done and probably would never get the chance if I didn’t organise this class


    so yeah I actually have something to do for 9 hours every Wednesday and Friday :)

  8. Hope everyone has wonderful weekend ^-^

  9. Only 4 trophy’s left to do in bdo then I got the plat :D

    1. NERVergoproxy


      That's awesome. I will someday too! xD

    2. Pudalump


      Gl for when you do it it’s very grindy xD 

  10. It’s crazy how fast last year went D:

    1. ee28max


      I know right? But despite how cliche it is to say that "time flies", I think 2015 went by the crazy fastest. :o 

  11. Happy new year ^-^


    hope everyone has a wonderful year to come :3

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Happy New Year!

  12. You don’t know how hard it is for me to get what’s in my mind out into a speech or text 


    people who don’t have autism don’t understand me and how I think so sorry that I say the wrong thing all the time in psnp discord server 


    I’ve left it so you lot can be happy now sorry :( 


    just wanted friends as I don’t have any irl didn’t mean to upset anyone with my talking 

    1. Asmund89


      I'm not sure what happened, but I'm sure it's not to serious sometimes people just need a break from each other, if it makes you feel better you could wait a few days and try again moods can change. Someone might of just been having a bad holiday.

  13. Merry Christmas everyone hope you have an awesome day today^^

  14. Got myself a new ps vita seeing as my old one died :(also got myself 2 cheap games on the vita store 


    ~Persona 4 Golden was £8.99 

    ~Hyperdimension Neptunia PP was £15.99 


    going to play these when not on my PS4 or at home



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    2. Pudalump


      Yeah it’s used couple scratches on the screen but all working fine :3 and yes I played p4g on my ex bfs psn account and loved it really happy to get it for myself ^^

    3. LunarCharm


      @PrincessPuddlesX - If it still works, a couple scratches can be overlooked.  I wish that's what was wrong with my PSP.  Found it the other day with the battery expanded out of the case.  Urrrghhhh. ><  Have fun re-playing P4G again.  Hopefully you didn't plat the game the first time and let your ex have it all to himself! 😅

    4. Pudalump


      Well I have no trophy’s for it on my psn technically I didn’t have my own psn until 2018 used to only use my ex bfs one until then 

  15. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and let’s hope to have a good week as well ^-^

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    2. Pudalump
    3. WhiteDragonAura


      Aww. *huggles*  Same to you, Princess. Hope your week turns out as wonderful as your personality. ^_^

    4. ee28max


      You too ☺ ^_^