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  1. The one across from where you get Asuka’s missions.
  2. I can’t get a jump on Staunton Island to register and it’s bothering the ever loving shit out of me. I haven’t even used a tank cheat.
  3. Oh how I wish I could delete Marvel Heroes Omega from my list. Got it for free, played it for a bit, then never went back and now the platinum is unobtainable. I’d get rid of Twisted Metal as well. There’s probably more but those are the only two that come to mind immediately.
  4. Call of Duty: Black Ops III. I regret not starting this on a dummy account.
  5. The Last of Us Remastered
  6. Playing through it now, I question as to how my 8 year old self was able to get as far as I did without using cheat codes. This game is hard as fuck.
  7. I’m really upset to see this program go. I signed up the moment it was announced. I just redeemed the points I earned for two $20 PSN cards. Time well spent.
  8. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories.
  9. I still hold out that one day this could be a thing. But the five I would delete are: 1. Marvel Heroes Omega. Got this one for free off PSN to play with my ex and a friend. I didn’t really enjoy the game but thought I’d tough it out for the platinum. Then the servers shut down two months later. 2. Diablo III (PS3). Didn’t play this as much as I thought I would. Then ended up getting Reaper of Souls for PS4. 3. Grand Theft Auto V (PS3). Same as Diablo III. Then got the PS4 version which I STILL haven’t touched. 4. Twisted Metal (PS3). Took one look at the multiplayer trophies and suck fuck. That. 5: Midnight Club: Los Angeles (PS3). I borrowed this from a friend to see how it was and popped a trophy. This was before I started trophy hunting so I didn’t think much of it. There are way more than five I’d delete if I could.
  10. Assassin’s Creed III. Completionist trophy is broken on my current play through and I can’t get myself to play through that game again.
  11. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.
  12. Overwatch. Loved this game to death but became impossible to play after so many patches.
  13. Thief. I wish I never started that game.
  14. Kingdom Hearts. As much as I love this game, the three playthroughs is what I’m dreading most.
  15. Monster Hunter: World. And the time it took you to do it is impressive, too.