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  1. I mean, it depends on how difficult the game is considering that there's a trophy for not using continues. If the gameplay is rather simple, then this looks to be an easy plat.
  2. Curious if JJBA: All Star Battle has a separate trophy list for the Japanese version. I got the platinum through a digital US release, but the physical versions for the U.S. are stupid expensive. Simpy put, I was going to buy a physical copy of the game imported from Japan since they're rather cheap and was wondering if I could "double dip" in the trophy list. Thanks!
  3. It's required to give credit underneath a video when posting a guide. I don't want to shill one of my guides, but you can see that in my DOOM guide:
  4. Yeah, I figured that would be the best option. A shame because the video in question is actually super helpful. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Yeah I'm not linking the video specifically, but his channel's home page auto-plays a white nationalist video. Also, love the JoJo stuff, my friend. I'm assuming Part 5 is your favorite? Haha!
  6. Hello, I'm making a trophy guide to a game (don't want to say what in case anyone makes one before I do, haha) and for my "tips and help" section, I wanted to put in a great video guide that I used to help obtain the platinum trophy for the game. The problem is, is that when linking the channel to for the guide, it leads to some rather racist videos on his home page. I wanted to see what could be done about that, since we obviously want to give credit to those who've made good guide videos, but I don't want to endorse his politics. Essentially what I'm getting at is, is that should I just forget about the video and only link videos for a trophy-by-trophy basis, or if I put the video guide in with my text guide, can there be a disclaimer put about the content? A disclaimer wouldn't be anything brash, but just a simple "I don't endorse the political views of this channel owner". Any response back is appreciated. Apologies if this is a dumb topic or has been discussed before. Thank you!
  7. Picked this up when Redbox was selling off their games for dirt cheap, and was wondering how easy the plat is. The trophy list looks huge and per descriptors it doesn't look too bad, but was wondering what the overall time/difficulty looks. Thanks!
  8. I see you just started the 2018 God of War, but you should honestly go for the plat; it's pretty easy to do and it's a super good game!
  9. Okay, thanks!
  10. Before I pick this game up for my friend and I to play through and get the platinum, I was wondering if cheats would disable the ability to get the platinum trophy. If so, it's not a deal breaker, just going to be a hellova lot harder than if we could cruise through Nightmare difficulty.
  11. I hate to say that it's a lost cause, but trying to get a single online game going in this game is impossible. If there's ever a time that anyone stumbles across this and wants to play online to get the online trophies, I'll be there waiting. I want my platinum!