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  1. Would have been Nice for them to at Least tell us about the new TOS in the Vita instead of leaving us in Blind about it
  2. 8/10 for Female Laharl
  3. Maybe Try Playing on Hard+ I Believe He Switches is Weaknesses & Resists the More you Hit him with the Current Weakness, I could be Wrong though And Wait him out, Since He Summons them on his own Pace
  4. Welcome To PsnP!!
  5. I loved Jak & Daxter More than I did R&C
  6. I'll be Ordering one as soon as they're Released
  7. Arcana Heart 3 Atatatatatatatatatatatatatata! Flawless Victory
  8. B-Mag3
  9. I used Home Once, didn't like it, Not going back...
  10. Jak 3 (Vita) Fait Accompli For Stamina and Time On Your Hands and an insatiable need for completion. I did all the Hard Work While Jak stood back & Watched me Kick some Cans!!!
  11. I Voted InFamous as It is a great Game series & its real Fun. I'd Pick Jak & Dax as a Second Choice
  12. I Have a Lot of JRPGs in my Game Cabinet..... yet not a Single WRPG
  13. Jak II (Vita) Done Done Done For excellent and dedicated field work in the field of battle for completion.
  14. The Last of Us No Matter What Complete the Game...