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  1. In chapter 6 how do you get the optional conversation for the ice cream truck to pop up? It popped on my NG run but it won’t pop up on my NG+ run, what gives?
  2. Do I have to buy the game to earn trophies or can I just download the free version?
  3. Haven’t played much of the game, haven’t played the game since I first played it on the wii, haven’t run into any problems yet but I’ll be aware of save corruption
  4. I’m gonna go ahead and say it. Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is so far the best ps5 game I have played and the best R&C game since A Crack in Time. This is one of those games where even after obtaining the platinum trophy I still don’t want to put the game down, everything from the games gorgeous graphics, fun gameplay and combat, lush open environments like Sargasso and Savali that are free to explore, new moves that are useful in helping you traverse through areas (Phantom Dash, Wall Running and the Rift Tether) incredible story that’ll keep you invested and the addition of the new playable character Rivet, will keep you occupied with this game for long periods of time. Not to mention the RYNO 8 being packed with easter eggs (like Jak & Daxter, Sly Cooper) and other very cool easter eggs. For future games in this series I’d love to see more of Rivet, maybe perhaps we can get a spinoff game about her, either way I want more out of this already loveable character. Overall I think that Rift Apart is a game both longtime R&C fans and newcomers will enjoy and I give this game a 10/10. What are your thoughts on Rift Apart, would love to hear your thoughts
  5. I’m trying to get the online pass but there is no option to buy it or even download it, am I not able to get it now?
  6. I have a ps4 slim, but all my other vr games work fine
  7. I’ll look into this thank you 🙏
  8. Other games work fine but for some reason I’m having issues with this game specifically, every time I try and boot up a game the screen either freezes and I’m forced to back out, or there’s a black screen right when I boot up the game
  9. I just got a new vr headset, but every time I try and boot up this game I’m constantly stuck on loading screens and black screens, how do I fix this?
  10. Is the ‘Keyhole Surgery’ trophy glitched? I’ve removed the rib cage so many times and the trophy has not popped, what should I do?
  11. I totally get that it saves time to do the autopop but personally I loved both Nioh 1 and 2 so much I’m gonna play them all over again. Nothing against anyone who is using autopop but it’s just not my thing, especially if it’s a game I really enjoyed on ps4
  12. Just entered the final plateau and encountered the godslayer, got my ass handed to me and lost a flap, anyway to get it back?
  13. I literally just started the game on the first quest called Honor Bound and this trophy popped along with Calling in a Favor. I literally killed one person while on my way to save my crew and these trophies popped for me. Not complaining or anything but this just seemed really weird because I just started the game.
  14. I get that this saves time but I personally wouldn’t do this, I’d love to do the 100% grind all over again because I loved this game when it was first on ps4. Not here to poke fun at people who do this but for me personally I’d rather play through the whole game all over again.
  15. I’m currently at 92% completion and about to do the financial district but I have no idea what the locked collectible at the top of the list is