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  1. There's a week long free trial. Try it out and see how it performs. It's very variable so the only way to make sure is to try it out yourself.
  2. Really late reply but because it's honestly not that bad. I'm pretty bad at games and I still got it. This game is very fair.
  3. Not sure what this means. All of my grumpuses were fully transformed into snax by the end but literally none of them even came close to dying. They all killed the snax that were attacking and I performed rather poor (this was my first try doing it). Does having a full snack grumpus really kill it in 1 snack (as in they add up)? I dunno. Never had a problem with it but guess this could be useful for those who are.
  4. I liked the game best when you were just walking around with no fancy suits or anything. Guess the timed deliveries ruined it for me. Don't know if I'll ever go back to platinum it because of the grind necessary to get 60 for each level too. Meh.
  5. I have the platinums in every yakuza game excluding 5 remaster (still have to get to that...) and none of them are all that hard. You just have to have dedication. 5 took forever but I did it all through PS Now. Same with 4 on PS3. Ishin was the longest for a Japanese language game that I did, followed by 7 and then 1/2 HD. Puyo puyo in judgment was really annoying but I can't think of anything THAT hard in retrospect. The yakuza series is great and the platinums can be in reach for everyone.
  6. Ive had it since launch and have played like 5+ hours a day on it. No hitches. Only game that crashed was Metro Exodus but that game did me a favor by crashing (gotta love the stuttery 30fps) so its no biggie. PS5 is very quiet. Bugsnax was great fun and I really like the new controller.
  7. Uhh... I enjoyed the new minigames in this version. Also, the credit story made it completely worth it. If anyone has this, please read the whole credits thing. It's pretty funny. I even emailed the guy and got a response saying thanks!
  8. Never had a glitch in the game besides with the legendary cake one, and with that I just restarted the mission which ended almost instantly as I still had the cake in my inventory and I only had to feed him it.
  9. My PS5 got to Fedex but apparently the truck already left. So I don't think I'll get it today. Great.
  10. As an update to mine, it went from Georgia to Indiana for some reason. I live in Florida so I assume it's using AirMail overnight?
  11. That's weird. But my package says it's 18 pounds and has left the FedEx Origin facility.
  12. It says SIE- SONY PLAYSTATION and it's coming from Georgia for me.
  13. Yup. the Fedex thing worked. Weird how it was already tied to my email but it's cool. Says I'll get it by 8pm thursday
  14. Ordered through sony first wave and still says preparing to ship.
  15. It's a trophy where you have to find 3(?) (maybe 4) girls around the cities who give you some bit of dialogue that I think is sexual or something. They are not guaranteed to be there which requires tons of reloading fast travel to try and get them to spawn. You just have to talk to them and they fill your health and magic meter I believe (maybe some XP too). Not hard at all, just annoyingly grindy if you have bad luck like I do. There are videos online but I think they're in Japanese so I don't know the names anymore.