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  1. I'll join, Firewatch and Neverending Nightmares have been on my to-do list forever.
  2. Top 10 Anime Plot Twists of 2021. I already hyped myself up to make this the Summer of the Backlog and finish all the PS3 and Vita games I still care about so this news, while positive, isn't going to change my trophy hunting plans much. I do hope some of the games that skyrocketed in price on eBay will return to normal though.
  3. I remember from my two playthroughs at launch that a lot of people (including me) used a two handed weapon build focused on stunning and biting, but on my second playthrough I realized this wasn't the best strategy Using a sword in the main hand and a blood-siphoning weapon in the offhand and knowing when to dodge, switching the offhand weapon for a gun to unload on bosses made the second playthrough much easier than the first even though I didn't feed on anyone. It's also good to get the that ultimate skill that stunlocks enemies, Abyss I think it is called.
  4. I spent around $40 on Castlevania DLC and avatars. I still need to buy NightCry on the Vita store for my collection of bad spiritual successors to Clock Tower. I also still don't own the DLC for Dead Space 2, but don't want to buy it so I can use the 100% no longer being attainable after the store closes as an excuse not to play it because I'm a scared baby.
  5. NA region Lords of Shadow collection disc, DLC supposedly installed and only 12 dots on the world map. When I check for updates it says I'm updated to the latest version. Big F for me and my plan to get every Castlevania trophy on my account.
  6. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I played so many hours of that game when I was younger, I have no idea what they were thinking with that horrifying character creation or the terrible leveling system. Now I just enjoy the memes.
  7. I'm already up to $60 of just Castlevania, FML. I only got into the series last year, and I've been taking my time playing the GBA and DS games in order. Might not bother with Dead Space 2 or Dragon Age 2 DLC.
  8. I would like to know this as well. My entire PS3 collection is physical, and I have all but two of the Vita games I wanted to complete finished already, but I know there's probably some unknown gems out there I'll hear about later and wish I had grabbed. I'm looking for a list of PSN/Vita exclusives.
  9. Relieved we'll still be able to download our existing purchases, just came here to laugh at the smug people in the thread who posted condescending messages about how dumb we all are and how this unfounded rumor will never turn out to be true. 🍷
  10. Just experienced the creepiest glitch in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. I'm 71 hours in and somehow managed to avoid encountering any bugs, until I was completing mysteries in Essexe and noticed that the ropes you can run on were suddenly invisible. Tall grass was also invisible, so I googled it and read some people fixed this by restarting the game. I quit to the menu and reloaded my save, and saw the grass was back. The ropes were also back to normal, so I ran over to the quest marker to continue the main storyline by talking to an NPC in the market. 


    However, she wasn't there and the marker was underneath the ground. I realized there were no NPCs in the market at all, and no audio besides Eivor's armor clanking. I rotate around 10 save files and just as I was thinking I'd have to restore an older save, I hear what can only be described as a horror movie jump scare sting in my headphones and the NPC loads in right in front of me, faceless. All of the other NPCs also appear completely still, silently staring at me with their eyeless blank faces. In a few seconds their textures load properly and they're back to normal, but what the hell was that Ubisoft!?

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    2. DeadlyPerfume


      I already quit out of the game and turned off my PS4, I wish I knew about this, I'll remember it for next time. But apparently I'm not the only one who encountered the Cursed Anglo Saxons. 



    3. enaysoft


      Yeah if you press save, the last 15 mins of your PS gaming is auto saved to your PS4. I do this a lot when a glitch or something amusing happens.


      Thanks for the pic. This is what happens when the texture streaming is slow, or has stopped for some reason.

      You saw similar effects in the recently released Cyberpunk.


      This is an added symptom of games loading on the fly and not waiting until everything is loaded correctly before continuing.



    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      I had the rope issue. Tho both ends of rope were there... Middle wasn't. It was when i was Raiding a tower or something on a cliff. That place.


      As for glitches tho, i had a few texture pop ins, but thats quite common in any game if you look hard enough. So not concerned. I played ps5 Valhalla.


      also AC Odyssey on ps4 is a glitch fest. Been seeing tons of weird shit when my sis in law plays soooo Ubisoft sucks. Thats the truth.

  11. That trophy (Kamikaze) is infamous, I managed to do it in only a couple of tries but I looked up some tips beforehand on how to tilt the controller in the most difficult part. The Quantic Dream trophy that gave me the most trouble and that I've never seen anyone mention is "The Road Less Traveled" in Indigo Prophecy, for beating the game on hard. 99% of the game is incredibly easy, but the rooftop Matrix fight is RIDICULOUS on that difficulty, it goes on for so long and you can't mess up at all, it sometimes just doesn't register your inputs, and on top of that you have to spam R1/L1 like your life depends on it or you won't make it off the roof in time and you'll have to redo the entire fight. It took me 26 tries, and my hands genuinely hurt the next day.
  12. I have 100% in both and played through them many times before I became a trophy hunter, as they’re some of my favorite games. The majority of Fallout 3 is fine, I was able to do all the trophies in one save file without issue. HOWEVER the Broken Steel DLC in particular has horrendously bad FPS drops and crashes, I’m talking PowerPoint levels in one outdoor area near the end. I had to sprint into a door to transition areas because my PS3 crashed there at least 5 times. The other DLC have some issues as well, Point Lookout crashed a couple times, there’s a bug where two of the steel ingots you need for a trophy in The Pitt can fall through the map (I never experienced this), and there’s a bug where the Mothership Zeta DLC can fail to start properly (this one did happen to me, but I kept trying and it worked on the third or fourth attempt.) There is also an issue where enemies which are turned into piles of ash by energy weapons never despawn, which contributes to the overall bloat of your save file and will make the game run worse, so it’s best not to do an energy weapons build for your platinum save file. Fallout: New Vegas is significantly more broken than Fallout 3. I have the Ultimate Edition disc, and I’ve heard people say the regular edition without the DLC runs better, but there’s only so long you can play before your FPS will start to tank. You can usually tell when it’s going to happen and just save and quit, restart your PS3 and it will be fine again. Certain areas in particular are really prone to FPS drops and crashes (Red Rock Canyon, the Gomorrah casino, etc.) and you will have to just get in, complete your objectives and get out. This one I completed across multiple playthroughs with different characters, instead of trying to do everything on one massive save file, although I did do all of the DLC on a single save without any problems. It was definitely frustrating, and up until I started playing Pathologic 2 it was absolutely the worst performance wise of any game I’ve decided to 100%, but if you enjoy New Vegas it’s completely doable. I also 100% Skyrim on PS3 so perhaps I'm just a masochist. 😄
  13. I'm apparently the first person to 100% "Gothic Murder: Adventure That Changes Destiny," probably because I was the only person aware it exists. It's a mix of an Otome and a murder mystery game, but it's super shallow in both aspects and I definitely wouldn't recommend it. I remember seeing the English translation appear on the store and joking about how I'm dropping everything to play this literary masterpiece immediately.
  14. If the rumors are false, Sony could very easily issue a one line statement debunking it and alleviating everyone's fears. The fact they haven't makes me think either the rumors are true, or they're happy to say nothing and let everyone panic buy old games and DLC at full price. Both are pretty scummy IMO.
  15. I still find new games to play on the PS1. If this ends up being true, and we can no longer download games we already own/patch games purchased on disc, that will be the final nail in the coffin for me. I'm already leaning towards returning to PC and skipping the PS5.