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  1. I played the game on Normal exploring everywhere, doing all the Gwent cards, all contracts etc. and then did a quick second playthrough on Death March for the platinum. Only really enemies that regenerate health and the post-game DLC are hard on Death March once you understand how to use Quen and dodge, but there is an incredibly OP skill which costs only 1 point called "Gourmet" that causes the health restoring effects of food to last for 20 real life minutes. I never once needed to use a potion in my entire Death March playthrough, just beat the game with dodging, Quen and chicken sandwiches.
  2. I got really into Triple Triad when I got the platinum for Final Fantasy 8 and broke the game almost immediately out of Garden by amassing the best cards to convert into late game magic to junction my stats. Similarly had a lot of fun with Blackjack and Caravan in Fallout: New Vegas on a high luck survival playthrough getting myself banned from every casino on the strip and buying all the stat and damage resist augments from the clinic, then running around the Mojave as an extremely likeable 10 Charisma cyborg cannibal with human meat leftovers shoved in his pockets and the ability to tank bullets in formal wear. Also all of the festivals in Harvest Moon games if those count, kid me was extremely invested in dominating the cooking, cow and chicken festivals to demonstrate my superiority to the NPCs.
  3. I like these a lot, the ones I know in English besides those already mentioned are: London Detective Mysteria on PS Vita, which is an Otome where you investigate mysteries with Sherlock and Watson, if you liked Gothic Murder it's basically a longer/better version of that. Spirit Hunter: Death Mark and Spirit Hunter: NG are VNs with a really beautiful art style where you investigate ghost stories/urban legends and find out what really happened. Highly recommend if you don't mind supernatural elements. Collar X Malice is another Vita Otome where you play as a police officer investigating a doomsday cult that has placed a bomb collar around your neck, it has a way better story and villains than a lot of non-dating sims which is crazy.
  4. First update: January: 1/04 - Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars (PS4) $19.16 Completed: Lol no February: N/A March: 3/16 - Hitman HD Trilogy (PS3) $25.43 Completed: No, purchased on eBay, still stalking the mailman for it to arrive Total: $44.59 Started two new jobs and a website and I mostly trophy hunt at night to unwind, felt like playing some Hitman.
  5. It's entirely possible I could spend an entire year just 100% completing games I already own, so I'll participate. My first purchase in January was: 1/04 - Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars $19.16
  6. I'm in the final stage of getting the platinum in Final Fantasy XIII, haven't decided if I will play the other two. This is the worst Final Fantasy I've personally experienced, but I'm told the sequel is a monster collecting game and I've always had a soft spot for those. After that I'll go back and finish Shadows of the Damned, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1 + 2 and Mirrors of Fate HD. At some point this year I want to get a copy of the Prince of Persia Trilogy and 100% them all. That's it as far as my reasonable goals for the year are, but sometimes I feel a mad urge to replay Prototype and attempt that platinum. I remember what an absolute pain in the ass the collectibles and Elizabeth Green boss fight on Hard are and how much salt they caused trophy hunters back in the day.
  7. I only played Control and Days Gone, and got the platinum for both. I'd like to play Saints & Sinners, Greedfall, Mortal Shell and Kingdoms of Amalur eventually but I already have way too many unfinished games to clean up.
  8. Plat #100 - Neverwinter Nights


    This is a bad port of a game most people considered mediocre at the time, but I loved it and stayed up until 5 AM playing it on our family PC when I was little. It was the first game for adults I had ever played, and it taught me to read which lead to buying fantasy books outside of my age range, and I always did very well in English and on essays in school as a result. It's been years since I read anything fantasy, I mostly like horror and non-fiction now, but I have enjoyed collecting some WRPG platinums this year and will probably continue to add to my collection. 


    I played every available campaign on D&D Hardcore difficulty with a Druid/Assassin/Shadowdancer build, and aside from Morag, the absurd number of Skeleton Devourers the game spawns in Shadows of Undrentide and a few bosses in Chapter 3 of Hordes of the Underdark got all of the trophies except the two wiz/sorc only ones without issue. The companion AI is absolutely braindead in this version and frequently my henchmen would get caught on a box or a door and leave me surrounded by enemies by myself. My animal summons constantly loaded in front of me when I transitioned through areas, and my bear's fat ass would push me backwards through the threshold right back into the loading screen again in a loop of swearing.


    There was also a funny glitch that happened occasionally where the player running animation froze in place with one leg forward and just slid along, but her head continued to bob as if she were running so it just looked like my Neutral Evil Half-Elf was rollerblading everywhere jamming out to music on her Airpods. 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Congrats on #100! Will soon hit #75 myself

  9. Amnesia: Rebirth. I very rarely buy games at release, but Frictional's previous titles were all some of my favorites. I did not know the writer responsible for Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Soma left before Rebirth, and man it shows. Terrible pacing that wrests control of the camera to show you flashbacks every three steps, terrible bland enemy designs that don't make use of the abundant folklore and mythology of the region, literal .png jumpscare spooky faces circa early 2000's flash games if you remain in the dark for 2 seconds, and a main character that never shuts the hell up and lets you get immersed in the horror to the extent she yells "RUN!" out loud to no one in case you didn't infer you should run away from the monsters and not just stand there waiting for them to eat your face. And to top it all off the devs went on to say in interviews that the mixed reception of the game and lack of attachment to the Press X To Check Your Baby mechanic was due to players just being too stupid to "get it." 🙄
  10. I would rather die than do the rock cairn stacking minigame again. Please Ubisoft, have mercy on us.
  11. I wish there were more games where you could shapeshift into or befriend wild animals instead of going, "Oh cool a lion!" and then immediately slaughtering them to rip off their skin for crafting-related trophies. 

    1. zizimonster


      Maybe we could do so in Far Cry 2042. xD

  12. The trophies for Hardcore mode and finding all batteries in Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul glitched on me. I could not recommend a game less, nothing about it is scary even in VR, and it looks like a free game made by a single person in 2009, not a movie tie-in game for a cash cow series with 6 sequels. 


    I've heard deleting all your data, reinstalling and playing the entire game in one sitting can fix the Hell Yeah! trophy but I cannot be arsed. 

  13. My five rarest platinum trophies are all easy games: Amnesia Collection, Dragon Age: Origins, Dishonored, Fallout: New Vegas and The Sims 4 (lol.) To be fair, New Vegas could be considered hard because the challenge comes from battling the game itself as it hard crashes your PS3 every 30 minutes and glitches out. I play a ton of indie horror games, many of which are walking sims, RPGs where you can just break the difficulty with overpowered builds, not to mention puzzle games where the completion rate is high because anyone can just look up the solutions online. Looking at my profile the only ones I would say aren't easy plats are the ones requiring stressful no deaths speedruns (Maid of Sker, Amnesia: Rebirth, RE7,) along with Dead Space, Castlevania Requiem, Vampyr and Indigo Prophecy.
  14. I picked up Mundaun in the sale, because it was recommended by the same person that introduced me to Darkwood and Pathologic 2, both of which I find fascinating.




    I'm also planning to get House of Ashes and Fatal Frame in October, and I want to check out Fear & Hunger on PC, but that will hopefully be it for my gaming purchases this year. I have other hobbies I want to devote the time and money to like ballet, books and natural perfumes. 


    I go through books way too fast since I started reading again, and I can't go to the library like I used to thanks to Covid, so I'm exhuming Barnes & Noble gift cards from three Christmases ago out of the bottom of my purse and settling for Dean Koontz novels scavenged in the wilds of Goodwill. Stay strong out there comrades.