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  1. I wish there were more games where you could shapeshift into or befriend wild animals instead of going, "Oh cool a lion!" and then immediately slaughtering them to rip off their skin for crafting-related trophies. 

    1. zizimonster


      Maybe we could do so in Far Cry 2042. xD

  2. The trophies for Hardcore mode and finding all batteries in Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul glitched on me. I could not recommend a game less, nothing about it is scary even in VR, and it looks like a free game made by a single person in 2009, not a movie tie-in game for a cash cow series with 6 sequels. 


    I've heard deleting all your data, reinstalling and playing the entire game in one sitting can fix the Hell Yeah! trophy but I cannot be arsed. 

  3. No horror games, I sleep.
  4. My five rarest platinum trophies are all easy games: Amnesia Collection, Dragon Age: Origins, Dishonored, Fallout: New Vegas and The Sims 4 (lol.) To be fair, New Vegas could be considered hard because the challenge comes from battling the game itself as it hard crashes your PS3 every 30 minutes and glitches out. I play a ton of indie horror games, many of which are walking sims, RPGs where you can just break the difficulty with overpowered builds, not to mention puzzle games where the completion rate is high because anyone can just look up the solutions online. Looking at my profile the only ones I would say aren't easy plats are the ones requiring stressful no deaths speedruns (Maid of Sker, Amnesia: Rebirth, RE7,) along with Dead Space, Castlevania Requiem, Vampyr and Indigo Prophecy.
  5. I picked up Mundaun in the sale, because it was recommended by the same person that introduced me to Darkwood and Pathologic 2, both of which I find fascinating.




    I'm also planning to get House of Ashes and Fatal Frame in October, and I want to check out Fear & Hunger on PC, but that will hopefully be it for my gaming purchases this year. I have other hobbies I want to devote the time and money to like ballet, books and natural perfumes. 


    I go through books way too fast since I started reading again, and I can't go to the library like I used to thanks to Covid, so I'm exhuming Barnes & Noble gift cards from three Christmases ago out of the bottom of my purse and settling for Dean Koontz novels scavenged in the wilds of Goodwill. Stay strong out there comrades. 

  6. While technically still possible, Friday the 13th. The dedicated servers are down, the developers no longer support it due to legal drama and the platinum requires an insane amount of grind which would be absolutely miserable to boost in a dead game. I was a huge fan of 80's slasher movies when I was younger and always wanted a multiplayer Friday the 13th game, but didn't have stable enough internet out here innawoods to play it when it was popular.
  7. Monster Sanctuary is a cute hybridization of a Metroidvania and a monster collecting game. It's a 2D side scrolling platformer where you use the abilities of the monsters you raise to open up new areas of the world instead of finding equipment upgrades. Combat is turn based 3 VS 3 battles where you need to build a team with good synergy to succeed, there's some brutal difficulty spikes with some of the bosses that will punish you severely for lack of strategy but there's team guides online you can use if you get stuck. It's a wholesome and not very long game.
  8. Managed to get the Raccoon City Recruit trophy in Dead by Daylight even though the map is currently disabled, after RNG decided to send me there for a terrifying game of cat and mouse against an infinite tier 3 tombstone Myers with Insidious. I kept hiding behind something in the foreground and seeing him walk past a doorway in the background, felt like I was in an actual slasher movie. 

  9. Finally 100% Dragon Age: Origins, that Harvester fight is no joke. I did it on my first try but BARELY, I was down to my last Lyrium potion. A few more seconds and I would have lost all my shields and wiped. 😵

  10. I mean, not really? It's pretty underwhelming in terms of scares and enemy design/variation, but it looks very nice and it's definitely not a garbage easy 1 hour plat. The trophies for not being able to save, hard difficulty and not being able to get hit once by an enemy were pretty tense. I'm not sure why they decided to add in a challenge mode with guns when the gameplay revolved around sound and avoiding alerting the enemies, there was no combat in the original game besides a device with limited ammo you can use to temporarily stun. I'd say if you're a fan of gothic horror literature or games that draw inspiration from that, it's worth playing. It was worth it for me for the hard difficulty run alone, I had some extremely close calls with the knockoff Mr. X character who stalks you around.
  11. Managed to get poison ivy on my thumb (thank you cat) and now I can't use it to aim with the right stick until it heals. Have to put Days Gone and RE8 on hold, but now I have an excuse to platinum more of the Artifex Mundi games I bought on sale for $2. 

  12. Neverending Nightmares is the game I chose to complete for this event. It features a very lovely hand-drawn art style in black and white with splashes of violent red, that brings to mind the illustrations of the author Edward Gorey. The game is inspired by its developer Matt Gilgenbach's personal struggles with depression, OCD and intrusive thoughts of self harm. The protagonist of the game, Thomas, is trapped in an endless series of looping nightmares you must attempt to wake up from as you traverse the hallways of his home as well as a forest, asylum and cemetery. These locations begin to intermingle and blur together as the game progresses, and there are branching paths and multiple endings which are open to interpretation, much like real dreams.
  13. I'll join, Firewatch and Neverending Nightmares have been on my to-do list forever.
  14. Top 10 Anime Plot Twists of 2021. I already hyped myself up to make this the Summer of the Backlog and finish all the PS3 and Vita games I still care about so this news, while positive, isn't going to change my trophy hunting plans much. I do hope some of the games that skyrocketed in price on eBay will return to normal though.
  15. I remember from my two playthroughs at launch that a lot of people (including me) used a two handed weapon build focused on stunning and biting, but on my second playthrough I realized this wasn't the best strategy Using a sword in the main hand and a blood-siphoning weapon in the offhand and knowing when to dodge, switching the offhand weapon for a gun to unload on bosses made the second playthrough much easier than the first even though I didn't feed on anyone. It's also good to get the that ultimate skill that stunlocks enemies, Abyss I think it is called.