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  1. No, because I'd rather wait for the slim to release like previous gens while I work on my PS3/4/Vita backlog.
  2. This was my second year of trophy hunting and definitely wasn't as good as the first in terms of games, but there were a few highlights: Death Mark - A very creepy and atmospheric little game with excellent sound design. I received it as a Christmas gift and completed it on New Year's Day. Collar X Malice - A darker Otome with a surprisingly well constructed plot and interesting villains. Loved all the characters and twists. Subnautica - Most underrated horror game of all time. I'm absolutely terrified of Leviathans and had to force myself to go back to the Aurora or search for schematics in the Dunes and spent forever expanding and decorating my base just to put off doing it. Finally getting the platinum actually felt like an achievement. Resident Evil 7 - Despite dreading the no item box speedrun I found it to be fun, and Madhouse wasn't difficult at all with the circular saw. First Resident Evil platinum. Slime Rancher - Ridiculously cute and wholesome game. Played it to relax after getting the Hard Mode trophy for Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and I was a little sad when I finally reached the end because it was so nice compared to the grim and disturbing games I usually play.
  3. There are a lot of older horror and dark JRPG series I would love to see brought back with trophy support, clunky though they may be. My top 5 most wanted are probably: Fatal Frame Digital Devil Saga Clock Tower Shadow Hearts Haunting Ground
  4. Horror and visual novels for me. I like a good scary story.