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  1. This was really well written. I think you nailed it. I just finished my blind playthrough tonight and it all makes much more sense now.
  2. i unlocked a few before the patch and the rest after. Tbh i quit playing the game a few hours in until they released the patch as i didn't trust them when they said to play it and everything will unlock when the patch was out.
  3. I have found that most of the trophies are not unlocking when they are supposed to after the update. I have to quit the game and replay the event and then it triggers every time 🙄 I had a freeze when i assume the throwdown trophy was supposed to unlock and it appeared when i put the game back on straight away. What a mess.
  4. Their latest post on fb indicates the patch will be out in the next few days for consoles, today for pc. Taking their sweet time 😌
  5. You can report issues with the game on this page. https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/63507-dirt-5-submit-your-feedbackbugsissues-here/
  6. The list looks as hair pulling as the first one. Incidentally which i almost mastered then lost my save! Looks good though.
  7. Level 38 at 99 percent to level 491 at 46 percent. Checked on ps3 although vita works aswell Apparantly. (UK)
  8. I'm quitting at 42 wins. Playing solo is so hard to get infallible. It's just not worth the frustration. I know that i got sabotaged in a final earlier by a team which i guess is the last straw. On to something new.. 👍
  9. 1 vs 1 after slime climb. That only happened once though. People are better at it now.
  10. I assumed this a long time ago because my kids play early in the morning too. I have played since 9. And it's now 11. I have lost one final won 3 and quit out of 4 finals. So this is true
  11. It was pretty late tbh. My team had enough tails all round and was about to lose in the last 10 seconds... And I will avoid team tail tag at all costs from now on. 🙂
  12. Got to 4 games then recieved kudos when I quit out of team tail tag. Even though no eliminated screen. Gutted! Won't be doing that one again 🤦‍♀️
  13. So I normally play on my standard ps4. I get to the finals lots but on fall mountain for example I am always at the back. Sometimes 3rd row so get pipped to the crown most of the time. Been playing on the pro and I was 1st in the row. Won extremely easily. I have never been at the front and I am level 40. Coincidence or no? This trophy might be in reach after all if not. * so in the 1st row for the 2nd final too. Guess il be stealing the pro for awhile 🤣
  14. Slime climb. Earlier I had slime climb as the 1st level and only me and one other person qualified followed by the final. More games like that would work a treat for winning 5 in a row 😅 Absolutely detest fruit chute and fall ball, everything else somewhere in between.
  15. The trophy is abit unfair but such is life. The best trophy lists are the rare ones, I probably won't get it but I'm not losing sleep over it. They shouldn't change it to please a few people. Although I would like them to add more trophies in future dlc though. Free or otherwise. ** So to expand on what i said because someone had a problem with it 🙄 I would rather have a rare trophy list on my profile than a super easy one that everyone has got. If i ever manage to get past 'that' trophy that is. It also wouldn't be fair on everyone who has got the trophy to change from one extreme directly to the other as it is quite an achievement in itself! If something is hard to achieve then that is something to be proud of hence the best trophy lists are infact the rare ones 👍