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  1. omg thx for the link 😘 omg thx for the link 😘
  2. Or digital copy is my only option?
  3. is the sale on now?
  4. What's wrong playing relaxing and easy games? After getting my way to platinum a hard game, I do love earning me some easy platinums...
  5. Does this still work ? And another question: for Ricky Recruit, does zombie daily orders count into it ?
  6. I had this issue while playing COD4 remastered and it turned out to be the controller's problem. Simply buy a new one.
  7. I was hesitating whether buying a copy or not until I saw this list... Won't skip on single decent platinum that's easy 😉
  8. I really loved the first one. When will the second one be released again ?>
  9. Yes and all other damned trophy-hunting apps.
  10. Another beautiful platinum icon that I could never get. Guess this is life.
  11. will there be a platinum...
  12. I dont want them remastered. I want'em REMAKE😉 like RE2
  13. Turns out to be super easy lol
  14. Still can't believe no platinum for this game. Even the second season doesn't have one.
  15. Bloodborne the best.