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  1. What's wrong playing relaxing and easy games? After getting my way to platinum a hard game, I do love earning me some easy platinums...
  2. Does this still work ? And another question: for Ricky Recruit, does zombie daily orders count into it ?
  3. I had this issue while playing COD4 remastered and it turned out to be the controller's problem. Simply buy a new one.
  4. I was hesitating whether buying a copy or not until I saw this list... Won't skip on single decent platinum that's easy 😉
  5. I really loved the first one. When will the second one be released again ?>
  6. Yes and all other damned trophy-hunting apps.
  7. Another beautiful platinum icon that I could never get. Guess this is life.
  8. will there be a platinum...
  9. I dont want them remastered. I want'em REMAKE😉 like RE2
  10. Turns out to be super easy lol
  11. Still can't believe no platinum for this game. Even the second season doesn't have one.
  12. Bloodborne the best.
  13. 1. Judge Eyes: Currently working on its plat...The drone mini game could take forever... 2. Sekiro: shadows die twice A must-plat for me. Love souls games. 3. Yakuza 0: Been working on this one for almost a year...hope I can finish it in 2019.
  14. Most Valuable...hmmm I'd say Bloodborne Collector's Edition...priced over 100 bucks on eBay tho..
  15. When will NA get this? Such a clickbait for NA gamers...😭