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  1. 1. Judge Eyes: Currently working on its plat...The drone mini game could take forever... 2. Sekiro: shadows die twice A must-plat for me. Love souls games. 3. Yakuza 0: Been working on this one for almost a year...hope I can finish it in 2019.
  2. Most Valuable...hmmm I'd say Bloodborne Collector's Edition...priced over 100 bucks on eBay tho..
  3. When will NA get this? Such a clickbait for NA gamers...😭
  4. Got this game for $3.99 like steal and really enjoyed it. Loved their dialogues. Also game is decent, if not comparing to SR.
  5. I'll go for Uncharted. The standalone Lost Legacy was a masterpiece, I'll give that. Uncharted is about adventures, while GoW being about a long story. They cannot be compared in the first place tho.
  6. Well, TLOU got GoY while RDR2 loses to GoW, you tell me.
  7. Trophies should be pretty easy if people can farm them in private matches. A brand new mode for PS4 platform - Trophy Hunting Mode.
  8. Got shot from ex-teammates (after they kicked me out of the team) several times and I'm done with this Online mode.
  9. I'm with God of War. Beautiful game. Touching story.
  10. Sleeping Dog highly recommended ~! Currently working on its plat and find it very much fun and enjoyable. Decent story and nice fighting system.
  11. 1. Ninja Gaiden 2.Ninja Gaiden 2 3.Ninja Gaiden 3 Definitely a must buy if remastered.
  12. Played this game three years ago on PC and bought it again last week with a huge discount. Still enjoying the story. Contents are decent, too. Hope a sequal be possible.
  13. Fallout 4 OL for full price.
  14. Yes you should. Avoid it or regret 'bout it.