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  1. sometimes my trophies fall behind because my ps3 has too much memory, for example my 2 trophies hitman 2 ps4 fall late and look good: Shining Bright 5:50:49 PM and Drop the Bass 5:50:48 PM, this is because too much memory on my ps4
  2. yes I did not use jailbreak or usb, mod menu is dropped at the studio in the game anyway... but hey, I did hide this game... 🙄
  3. I watched on studio but the mods menu fell on my PS3 (watch this video) so I enjoy doing god, unlimited ammo, etc except I do not unlock a trophy auto pop. The other players are doing the same thing but you are blinding. it serves nothing flag
  4. Black ops 2: there are players everywhere who use mod menu, it serves nothing flag because black ops 2 is well fucked up
  5. thank you, you ask this topic because I do not know where subject that is full. On the other hand, the words "yawn..."are not nice
  6. "Using network software to maliciously obtain trophies" ? but psnprofiles assumes software for gonespy and changed account on vita
  7. There is to download mods menu on GSC studio (without jailbreak/usb) Can unlock trophies Do you think what?
  8. EA do not care trophy, you have to ask bioware
  9. It s work! Very thank you
  10. I have 28 rank and unlock juggernaut, Twisted medal: I run team deathmatch and take juggernaut but it still blocks me trying to change all maps and mods. How do I do?
  11. we can take double time at glitch if you have 2 consoles 1- first you take secondary account on 2nd ps3 to create server glitch2- main account join a server and take 2nd controllers ( 2 players main account mounted in an aircraft, jeep/tank or soldier) if main account created server but it does not work double time with split-screen sorry i speak bad english
  12. the same thing me, now this trophies can pop. otherwise you try changed your English language on ps4 system and restart ps4
  13. If i use gonespy also psnp banned me?
  14. I take 3 ps3 to mount xp but I take 2 ps3 (4 controllers and 4 controllers) for kills each weapons
  15. oh you do not know double xp (glitch) with split screen? if not then I explain to you 1- first you take secondary account on 2nd ps3 to create server and take 4 controller. (capture the flags) 2- main account join a server and take 2 turbo controllers (for kill with a knife) 3- third account (3rd ps3) also joins server and takes 2 controllers (rest two trucks for respwan) it works double xp! if main account created server but it does not work double xp with split-screen if the main account joins a server with 3 or 4 controllers but it does not work triple or quadruple xp