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  1. how to create a logicel server, by hack PC? moddeur just CFW but how to create CFW, by hack PC? by elsewhere, I mean for example when i buy ps3 and gta 5 game, i run this game online. I joined a published session just I received a bounty, level up etc but I didn't know how natural to play later I will start a trophy hunt just I will be a flag but I did not know the rules... i am not hack, my ps3 have not CFW...
  2. Bulletstorm, unreal tournament, etc are unobtainable trophies online but this site allows server software on pc to open servers of ps3 games that obtenable trophies online as legit. It's the same thing as modders which give a bounty as legit... but it's not "auto-pop".
  3. I pose my videos, if ever to help: Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread Labyrinth of History, Folds of Time, She Who Sends Up Gifts and Inherit Past Academic Achievements Ammunition Saving Traps Are Everywhere Pass On the First Try Hapless Wanderer ....... Dazzle Temporary Respite
  4. I have an idea for something else of leaderboard rarity: 5 group on leaderboard (platinum, gold, silver, bronze and cardboard) starting from calculating "common" by ÷ 2, for example I show you: Group platinum on leaderboard-> to have 10 000 common, so you have to have +5000 uncommon, +2500 rare, +1250 very rare, +625 ultra rare Group gold on leaderboard -> it means if you have good rarity by ÷ 2 each rarity except one rarity below, for example: to have 10 000 common, so you have to have +5000 uncommon, +2500 rare, +1250 very rare, execpt 400 ultra rare Or 10 000 common, +5000 uncommon, +1250 very rare, +625 ultra rare execpt 1700 rare Group silver on leaderboard, it means if you have good rarity by ÷ 2 each rarity except two rarity below Group bronze it means if you have good rarity by ÷ 2 each rarity except three rarity below Group cardboard (I suggest you decide on the name for the leaderboard base) -> common is too many than other rarity is below ÷2 group platinum on leaderboard is like good rarity average Perso: sorry I do not speak English
  5. look at link https://www.exophase.com/platform/ps5/ it's different from the picture
  6. do I need to adapt my country or any one?
  7. it doesn't work proxy for me
  8. Attempt 1: chapter 8, I am wrong to shoot the friend of the max... Attempt 2: chapter 9, I shoot well on the enemy of rocket (the helicopter) and then the video of winning to lose ... it's bug Attempt 3: chapter 6,I shoot well on the head of the enemy driving with the car but it does not die ... it's still a bug I play offline because it's pretty bad with online Attempt 4: chapter 2, ps3 extinguished by itself by the electric which cuts... luckily chapter 2 is not far Attempt 5: chapter 3, I can't shoot the enemy because of LMB Attempt 6: SUCCESS! ps: i am proud to be deaf
  9. why not, add serie "tom clancy" because they even have a symbol
  10. Nope...
  11. I launch this game without update and then Trophies fall normal (full good, finish, etc.) but a trophy "Mutation" fell without an update and neither 2nd Playthroughs 🤔
  12. 837 surgeon simulator Geti am patient to get all A++ But A++ rating on all procedures in an ambulance is hard! have fun this game 👍 Difficulty 9/10 (version 1.03)
  13. thank you, you ask this topic because I do not know where subject that is full. On the other hand, the words "yawn..."are not nice
  14. "Using network software to maliciously obtain trophies" ? but psnprofiles assumes software for gonespy and changed account on vita
  15. There is to download mods menu on GSC studio (without jailbreak/usb) Can unlock trophies Do you think what?