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  1. I pose my videos, if ever to help: 


    Fools Rush in Where Angels Fear to Tread




    Labyrinth of History, Folds of Time, She Who Sends Up Gifts and Inherit Past Academic Achievements




    Ammunition Saving




    Traps Are Everywhere




    Pass On the First Try




    Hapless Wanderer











    Temporary Respite




  2. I have an idea for something else of leaderboard rarity: 5 group on leaderboard (platinum, gold, silver, bronze and cardboard)

    starting from calculating "common" by ÷ 2, for example I show you:


    Group platinum on leaderboard-> to have 10 000 common, so you have to have +5000 uncommon, +2500 rare, +1250 very rare, +625 ultra rare


    Group gold on leaderboard -> it means if you have good rarity by ÷ 2 each rarity except one rarity below, for example: to have 10 000 common, so you have to have +5000 uncommon, +2500 rare, +1250 very rare, execpt 400 ultra rare


    10 000 common, +5000 uncommon, +1250 very rare, +625 ultra rare execpt 1700 rare


    Group silver on leaderboard, it means if you have good rarity by ÷ 2 each rarity except two rarity below


    Group bronze it means if you have good rarity by ÷ 2 each rarity except three rarity below


    Group cardboard (I suggest you decide on the name for the leaderboard base) -> common is too many than other rarity is below ÷2


    group platinum on leaderboard is like good rarity average


    Perso: sorry I do not speak English



  3. 14 hours ago, FreakingPear said:

    I didn't encounter the cheater myself, i gave up on that game a long time ago, but my dad kept playing it. I wasn't arround when those trophies popped. That's why i said i just noticed that i got the platinum, and those trophies popped a long time ago. You can see that they are totally random on my trophy log. Is there a way to get my flag lifted? A guy got the same problem as me and he got his flag lifted from what i see. I worked hard for the other trophies and it kinda hurts to know that my work is in vain for 2 or 3 hacked trophies. I don't care about the platinum, those trophies took a lot of time and nerves . Sorry for any grammar error. 



    I'm surprised that team remove cheating has removed flag from him... I'm not going to be ranking anymore. 


  4. 1 hour ago, machaesthetic said:

    These are progression based trophies that pop at the same time upon beating the mission. I have checked dozens on the leaderboard and all are within 6-10 seconds (I saw one 12 second for one of the three for a single person, but the others were 6 and 7). And here you are at 45 seconds with nearly quadruple the single highest time of another user on all three of your trophies.


    You are a known CFW custom time stamp cheater who is already flagged for at least two other games and had to hide these.


    sometimes my trophies fall behind because my ps3 has too much memory, for example my 2 trophies hitman 2 ps4 fall late and look good: Shining Bright 5:50:49 PM and Drop the Bass 5:50:48 PM, this is because too much memory on my ps4


  5. On 04/03/2019 at 6:06 AM, dark69knight said:

    Same here its the only trophy that glitched for me and am so close to get all the collectibles


    but this one will be platinum blocker which is so frustration 


    you all can complain here in there website hopefully this will make them fix it faster




    EA do not care trophy, you have to ask bioware


  6. On 27/09/2018 at 3:06 AM, VirtualNight said:

    With a strong dedicated boost this game is doable in 100 hours minimum mandatory (50 hours required in an aircraft, 25 inside a jeep/tank and 25 as soldier), is still possible to plat this in time if you don't wait the last 4 days.


    we can take double time at glitch if you have 2 consoles


    1- first you take secondary account on 2nd ps3 to create server glitch
    2- main account join a server and take 2nd controllers ( 2 players main account mounted in an aircraft, jeep/tank or soldier) 


    if main account created server but it does not work double time with split-screen


    sorry i speak bad english



  7. On 29/04/2018 at 10:37 PM, Arin1979 said:

    Crossbow Slayer
    Get 100 kills with the Crossbow

    Crossbow Massacre
    Get 1,000 kills with the Crossbow

    Knife Slayer
    Get 100 Enemy Kills with the melee weapon

    Knife Massacre
    Get 1,000 Enemy Kills with the melee weapon

    Sniper Assist
    You've called in Off Map Sniper 10 times.

    Recon Assist
    You've called in Recon 10 times.

    Localized Detonation Assist
    You've called in Localized Detonation 10 times.

    Dead From Above Assist
    You've called in Dead From Above 10 times.

    Localized Infection Assist
    You've called in Localized Infection 10 times.

    Armor Pack Assist
    You've called in Armor Pack Drop 10 times.

    Primed and Weaponized Assist
    You've called in Primed & Weaponized 10 times.


    Don´t pop for me 1f61e.png

     the same thing me, now this trophies can pop. otherwise you try changed your English language on ps4 system and restart ps4


  8. 7 minutes ago, killer91ITA said:

    Nice glitch this..but you need 3 ps3 or with 2 too? Last summer i got my plat, boosting something with 3 ps3 (A2V, some AA too, IAR and the aerial mines too), but general..i done with 1 ps3 and only 2 pad, on ctf a small map don't remember the name, but around 1 minute 10 capture maybe under a minute, i don't remember good. 100% in around 120 hours, but i think 15/20 hours (minimum) wasted because i was playing really bad in big maps or wrong mode. 


    I take 3 ps3 to mount xp but I take 2 ps3 (4 controllers and 4 controllers) for kills each weapons