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  1. Witcher 3, easily best game ive ever played.
  2. Clicker heroes - 650 hours Cod bo3 - 430 hours Fifa 17 - 199 hours Rarest trophy - Animal Super Squad: toastin toastin toastin on you. Only 5 others has it lol
  3. Wierd, guess I was just lucky then.
  4. Well, I already got the S rank on expert for free when it was glitched. Did all the tracks with S on hard, then the trophy for expert popped. A patch came out a day after, and now I got both trophies
  5. Oh wow, you can do the max combo trophy with modifiers?! Thats cool, then the plat will be mine as soon as I can get that ss rank on Legend on expert difficulty
  6. Think the trophies are glitchy atm. I did 15 songs with S rank on hard, and got the trophy for 15 songs S rank on Expert... Dont know if its the other way around if you do the songs on expert. As of now, no one has gotten the trophy yet, so doubt it.
  7. 1. Beat Saber 2. Moss 3. Rick n morty 4. Playroom vr 5. Farpoint 6. Island time 7. Job simulator 8. Rush of blood 9. Vr worlds 10. The Inpatient
  8. Just played for about 2 hours now, and if you are on the fence about buying this game, buy it. The motion controls are on point and the gameplay is so satisfying. And those (for one reason or another) is worried about completion rate, this game is definitely doable. Already did a song on expert with full combo after only 2 hours, so with a bit more practice, the ss achievement will be within reach.
  9. Hopefully! May this game have a long lifespan.
  10. Been waiting for this for sooo long Would've been a day 1 buy regardless of trophies, but to see its got a plat that you also need to work for, is just awesome! 😁 If only the controls are accurate, this game will be a hit for a long time to come.
  11. Anyone with an opinion of how this compares to the "the hunt is my mistress" trophy, in terms of difficulty?
  12. Dont tell me beating combat immersion on realistic isnt difficult. 15 waves in a row without being able to take a single shot...
  13. Managed quite easily to find all collectibles without any guide, so you shouldnt have too much problem or spend too much time on it. It is alot better than using a guide, both because its more rewarding, and you dont need to take your headset off and put yourself out of the immersion all the time. Also there is an overview where you can see which chapter you possibly missed some, and you can just grab it in chapter select.
  14. Black ops 3 - 0.85% Earned 9th october 2018
  15. Down to 1886. Gonna get that 0 unearned one day