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  1. Okay, so I cant find a clear answer anywhere. Somewhere I read that you cant pop trophies if you only play the free trial of ff14 on ps5, then I saw I got some progression after starting it today. So, will you, or will you not earn trophies when only playing the trial; and if not, will they unlock as soon as you buy the full game?
  2. Jeez this is dumb, why are we making such a big deal about nothing? The games are free if you own ps+. That doesnt mean they are free, because ps+ is a paid for service. When people talk about it, they say they are free, and of course means they are, provided you're already subscribed. Why have a long pointless discussion about definition?
  3. Who says a completionist has to have 100% completion all the time? For me, the word means that I aim to complete all games I play, but I dont have to do it right away. I am not afraid to play anything, and my goal is to play everything that appeal to me, but will take my time with it till I feel like completing it. Still, doesnt it make me a completionist, just because I dont have 100%, or anywhere close at the moment? As long as you want to complete everything, and that is your goal, I think it qualifies calling yourself a completionist.
  4. Well, trophy hunting isn't really the world...
  5. I mean I need to wait to be in the category of completing all games, cause of the new KH game coming later this year
  6. And just when I finally completed one version of each game, including re mind... Guess I have to wait a bit for that keyblade master rank😬
  7. This isnt as hard as people would make it seem. Did it before any other singleplayer trophy, and after only 2 multiplayer games, and it only took about an hour. Just use one of the many video guides out there, stick with it and believe you can do it. Maybe take some runs without shooting enemies, so you can practise getting the time right, and getting to know where you have to wallrun to make it.
  8. I disagree. In my case, I have around 80 hidden trophies. These are for fifa games I played waay before becoming a trophy hunter, and as soon as I did, I completed every game I could with servers still online. The reason these are hidden is because I want to be able to have a 100% profile, without having to create a new one. All the hidden games are from before I became a trophy hunter, and have nothing to do with the games beeing too hard, or me not paying attention to servers shutting down (I didnt care about trophies back then). So tell me, would I been a more decent trophy hunter if I created a new profile and had 100% completion without my old Fifa games hidden?
  9. Sign me up! Been trying to complete all kh games this year on ps4 (except 358/2 days and coded, watched them om ps3). Have done: Kh1 Chain of memories 358/2 days Kh2 Coded Birth by sleep
  10. "Not accepting friend requests right now" is the message I get trying to add you
  11. As a guy who only started trophy hunting two years ago, and want to complete all the old gems, most of my list are games from way back. Easily the two games ive had the most fun getting a plat from this year are: Almighty Skyrim and Beat Saber. Skyrim was a blast that ive tried a few times years ago, but never gotten into until now. Beat Saber on the other hand is a game I nearly couldnt wait for, and I was so excited to finally play it, that ive got a lot of the top 5 first trophies from it. Other than those two, the three other favorites ive chosen are: The first God of War, ps3 edition. Platted the ps4 one, and just had to do the rest of the series, but only gotten the first and ascension so far. Call of duty Modern Warfare (2019). This had to be my 50th plat as ive always loved cod (until recent years), especially modern warfare. Mw3 was the game I got my first trophy from, so this had to be something special. Also really enjoyed the campaign, even though it was a bit short. Last but certainly not least, Sly 3: honor among thieves. This is also a special game for me, as it was one of the only games me and my mate played on the ps2 waaaay back, and I just had to revisit and plat the whole series.
  12. 3 trophies away from skyrim ps4 special edition plat 😁
  13. Well, they could've done like they have done previously, wait a few months for pokemon home to be compatible with sword and shield, so that you had to try out the new mons (or the hundreds from previous games) that are in the game, then being able to transfer the rest later. But for now, there are a huge amount we wont be able to see on the switch, and there is no point transfering the ones not in sword and shield to pokemon home, as they will just be stuck there until we get a switch game they can be transfered to.
  14. From what I heard, this will be a thing in every game moving forward. Gamefreak will choose a set amount of mons for each game, and none of the other ones can be brought in. Basically we will never have a game where you can use every pokemon there is, again. But like you said, I hope this isn't true, and that they can be added in later with dlc, but I have little hope.
  15. This looked so promising... And then they ruined the game by not letting us have all of the previous pokemon in it. For a completionist, this is disgusting to see, and also hearing that all the upcoming games will be the same way, I might sell my switch and forever stay with gameboy/3ds.