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  1. Unless someone thinks I'm doing something completely wrong I've played a bunch of ad hoc matches to get some of the random trophies but no trophies related to online matches or online wins will pop. This is on the Vita btw.
  2. Greetings! If, like me, you had issues with getting this trophy to unlock I'm going to share how I got it to unlock for me. First off, what didn't work for me: Did not unlock at the end of the game after getting all other trophies. Did not unlock after going through chapter select and redoing all the deaths. Did not unlock after closing the game and reopening after doing all deaths through chapter select. Did not unlock after deleting my save and doing a full playthrough, no stops, with all deaths. Did not unlock after 50+ deaths. This is what worked for me: Method: The idea was to close the game at the checkpoint right before the death. Die. Then get a checkpoint after the death and close the game again. I never got 2 deaths between checkpoints or closes. I was assuming the game wouldn't register each death so closing before and after should solidify the death. Prep: Deleted Save. Deleted Game. Shut down PS4 (Full shutdown, not rest mode). After a minute booted PS4 while holding L1+R1 (Not sure if this did anything). Downloaded game. I started a fresh game and would play until I got to a checkpoint (Save disk icon flashes in lower right corner) right before a death. Hold PS button and close game. Load game, make sure I am at the same spot I was when I closed. Die. Wait a few seconds to see if the trophy pops or to make sure the death registered. Revive, and do something that will cause another checkpoint to occur. Hold PS Button and close game. Load game and make sure the checkpoint is after you died. Example: Get the glass from the window in the hallway, see the save disk, wait a second or two after it disappears. Close game. Load Game. See I'm still in front of the window with the glass in inventory. Continue to the left and get killed by the arm by the door. Wait a few seconds before reviving. Revive. Go to the left and get the key from behind the picture. Checkpoint disk appears. Wait a few seconds. Close game. Load game. Make sure I'm still in front of the picture with the key in my inventory. Continue game until next Death section. Doing this method caused the trophy to pop after being killed by Grandpa outside (sucks you in). I guess this could have also been considered the 20th death. Either way I made sure to never get 2 different deaths between checkpoints and close/open game. Below is the list I used to track my deaths (From with 2 added deaths from me): Arm (Near Knight Armor Headless Chicken Poo to Death Toilet Worm (Don't Mash X) Underwater Sewer Worms (Bulb) Underwater Sewer Tentacle (Bulb) Underwater Sewer Worms (In Fish outfit) Underwater Sewer Tentacle (In Fish outfit) Spider (Get killed before you take it's body over) Strawberry Vomit on You Strawberry Vomit on Dog Dog Gets Eaten by Snot Bunny You get Eaten by Snot Bunny Grandpa Inside - Teeth Grandpa Inside - Lungs - Spiked Grandpa Inside - Pooper - Frogs Grandpa Inside - Stomach - Melt in Acid Grandpa Outside - Burns you Grandpa Inside - Lungs - Sucked into Pipe Grandpa Outside - Sucks you In ** This is where the trophy popped for me ** Grandpa Inside - Heart Fire Grandpa Eye - Spit Grandpa Die at End - Choke to Death Hopefully this will help those that were stuck on this like myself. Let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Right after seeing this post my next Kushala was a giant gold crown. Thank you! 5 more crowns left.
  4. Don't suppose you'd have a good method at measuring a Kushala Daora in the Elder's Recess? I keep thinking I have a giant and no crown. Plus measuring him seems to change depending on which way his tail is laying.