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  1. Yeah I saw that and stopped the update. Will update after getting those.
  2. Thought it was okay going by the Injustice 1 level 100 guide. The grind is monotonous. You'll be doing the same thing for the next 100+ hours. Dunno why people are complaining about it now.
  3. Remote play and a Macro program on my PC. I have it start when the game's paused. First I have it tap up to go to end run on free skate, spam x a bunch until you restart another run, when it starts I have my character hold a manual for 10 seconds with cheats enabled, I have my character jump to finish the manual, and finally pause the game to repeat the cycle. I get about 25xp per 18 seconds. Though sometimes remote play is finicky and drops inputs which can invalidate one of the 18 second loops.
  4. This is gonna take a while
  5. I'll just afk grind with remote play. I'm getting around 4-5k an hour depending on how many inputs it misses.
  6. I got 5 in a row and it never activated. Lost In the finals of the 6th episode being Hexagone because another dude knocked me over.
  7. .
  8. Only unlocks for the account who opened the application.
  9. Any idea on Toy Master? I know you get some toys from shop, two from dugeons, and two from caves with lightning sign over it. Where else might there be toys? Also how you break pink gems over a door?