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  1. I'm so poor I cant afford even one scout in the support box, I don't have many support cards left either. Sold a good chunk of my SISs for gold already as well.
  2. @Mike13858 Impressive to come top 20, nice. I think my best is like top 5000 I enjoyed the bond x5 got 120 new stories from it, also hadnt played "Believe Again" before decided to use it for cool grinding and turns out I quite like the song.
  3. x5 Bond I have so many that need max bonding, super glad its over 5 days as well.
  4. @TheVader66 Yeah I noticed that the counter is going up slowly and am thinking the same that there must be a low count of people as well playing. The current scouts aren't tempting enough for me to spend my love gems to make any extra progress to the personal goals, want to save for Maki which as F2P and after those tempting UR rate-up scouts is not going well.
  5. @Ariadne There is another 10x exp this weekend, though bad news is that event songs don't count.
  6. I couldn't believe that scout when I first read it. I got nothing of note from the 2 free scouts, but did the first 2 tiers for each groups in the other scouting and ended up with 6UR(Only one I already had). Was so glad that I had enough Love Gems sitting around for it.
  7. Yeah I had sound on so I could so some what decent at the song for bond points, stopped at 120 plays love gem and switched over to private wars. As I got closer to 300 the excitement of the end getting nearer carried me on. Got Yoshiko from the UR ticket, did a few songs to get 500 stars, did a pull and got the Umi and the Chika UR. So it was worth as I'll tell myself the UR ticket triggered that luck, hate to think how long it would've taken me to get there through my normal play coming up on 1800 days logged in for rank 250 so I'd be over a year away at that rate especially since I dont play as much as I did.
  8. Managed to get to Rank 300 :D, had plenty of sugar things to get there without having to spend any Love Gems.
  9. @TheVader66 Those droplets things dropped mainly from the Rhythm Carnival, though they stuffed the drop rate up at the start of the event(before fixing it sometime) so they rarely dropped. I also have thousands more of the other 2 compared to the droplets which I cant do anything with. 10x xp on the weekend in Festival tempted to go from rank 250 to 300 for the UR ticket in All-Stars, going to take so many plays of Shocking Party.
  10. Its why I only bothered grabbing 3 of each card its enough to fill all skill slots for each card. I like the Riko SSR the best.
  11. Youre right, I just purposely checked the present box first, I guess habit from checking the quest page to see if I can get 2 tickets without having to wait between matches.
  12. Rhythm Carnival group quest, each time its completed you get a SSR ticket as long as you contributed to the goal(I just play one), just switch over to the quest page to get it. Not sure how quickly they get through it but it seems to be reached fairly often I just cant be bothered checking every 10 minutes, maxxxing the skills isn't that important to me.
  13. I'll probably end up with 3 copies of each SSR in the end. The Rhythm Carnival just takes a bit long at times waiting for people to join and then at the end for me to really want to play too much of it. Managed to get in an almost full group where we only got 27% of the required total, was funny to see.
  14. @Ariadne I use a 6th gen iPad as my actual phone is a Lumia 520. It Crashed a few times on 3D high(Its recommended setting) during the tutorial songs, tried performance mode and the low framerate just gave me a headache so decided to just stick it on 2D.
  15. I downloaded All-Stars and after pushing through the tutorials, I turned the settings down to 2D. The 3D is nice but not worth the risk of crashes. Have done 6 10 pulls so far and managed to get the Ruby UR. So not use to having worry about stamina though every 6 hours it maxes out compared to 15 hours on Festival. First event starts today so will be interesting to see how they are. I was in group that got 999% it looked like it was going to go higher but didn't so I don't know if 999% is the cap. The top scores get so ridiculous when comparing it to mine.