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  1. I enjoyed the Rhythm Carnival, decided to try Master songs with the extra assists you get, I stay away from them normally as I was incapable of doing the swipes(I would try to tap them all still). It was fun getting to play the next level up without the pressure of failure and loss of LP. Anyways I played enough to be able to get some swipes down and might be able to complete the easier swipe songs now without failing. The stamp spam before songs was kinda funny as well.
  2. https://lbp.me/v/qwhktmm/activity My level thanks, to anyone who plays. Queued up levels from the last 3 pages to play and will check often for new levels to play.
  3. Just had some luck come my way. Spent most of my gems getting that UR sticker but managed to have enough for 1 30 gem scout in the Honoka box and got one of the Limited Birthday cards from it. Decided to use a scout ticket in the solo box and the other limited Birthday card popped out. Really gets you pumping to see the UR envelope appear. I stopped there to end on a high, will be saving the rest of my tickets for Rin.
  4. Gran Turismo 5, the Vettel Challenges just couldn't do them tried and tried over a period of time even returned to them later a few times but nailing 2 laps in a row of which 2/3 tracks I did not favour was just beyond me. That's probably the only one others I get or I know going in I'm unlikely/unable to get.
  5. Batman: Arkham City, 4 years, 1 month. Reason was that I gave up on Perfect Freeflow 2.0 trophy, just couldn't do it. I eventually got the game on PC many years later and tried it out again but on a different level to what I was trying back on PS3. To my excitement I managed to get it so i jumped over to the PS3 and after having to readjust to the now much noticeably worse performance managed to get it was so pumped to have finally manged to get it after all that time.
  6. I played the game during the free trial weekend and only I got the trophy once I completed an event after buying the game. So the only advice I can give you is to try and finish an event. I got it doing a drift event don't think it matters though. It was the same for me with the fame level trophies if you reached any of those they didn't pop until I reached a level for the first time after buying the game.
  7. Enjoying the Orton/Bryan storyline should be able to get a good Survivor Series elimination match out of it. Still wondering who they will end up feuding Ryback with, they can't have him bullying people around forever surely.
  8. SS predictions Brie Bella defeats Natalya RVD defeats Ambrose. Christian defeats Del Rio. Sandow defeats Cody. Ziggler and Kaitlyn defeat Aj and Big E Langston. Bray Wyatt defeats Kane. Brock Lesnar defeats CM Punk. Bryan defeats Cena. Orton cash in.
  9. Enjoyed seeing Taker on TV non-PPV. Shield still undefeated really makes me wonder who will be the team to finally beat them given the teams they have already beaten.
  10. I have been to wave 5, it was just wave 4 made me give up because of the time it took to get through it (50%of total time), if I could've gotten through it as quick as the first 3 I would have done it, but it took me too long to get to wave 5 so I didn't get as many attempts at it as I would like and then I just felt I had, had enough. Would've been nice to plat one of my favourite PS3 games but it is not to be.
  11. VANQUISH - 91% - Tactical Challenger Challenge 6 is just too hard. Wave 4 was the problem here it would take me too long to complete, I had the first 3 down pat with ease but getting threw 4 required too much time and concentration so I threw the towel in. No way I could go back and do it now, I have lost all feel for the game. Gran Turismo 5 - 89% - Gold Standard Missing 1 of others but this is the reason I haven't gone for them, the Vettel challenge is just beyond my skill level. LittleBigPlanet 2 - 97% - 25 Online Versus Wins and 50 Unique Players Didn't play online, put effort into my level but it just never got out there and struggled to get 5 plays let alone 50. Batman: Arkham City - 97% - Perfect Freeflow 2.0 Gave it a shot but lost the will to go for it after getting an 11 combo. Any other games I either have plat or are several trophies of of it.
  12. Same as my PSN.
  13. Don't play online too much, but joined anyway.
  14. So I watched RAW and at first though I had recorded the wrong thing, old school RAW certainly fooled me. So Punk/Undertaker finally confirmed. Also it looks like a possible Henry/Ryback with the Big Show replacing Ryback against the Shield. Loved Punk walking through Mae young birthday was weird seeing Khali and Henry standing next to each other and Henry chatting to Truth. Also liked Rocks Armstrong jab.
  15. 75