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  1. The obsession racing games have with catch-up is obnoxious. You drive like a pro the entire race, mess a little on the last turn, lose the race. or Drive atrociously and lazily the entire race, concentrate during the last few turns, win the race. I get it - it's so "you can be in the heat during the entire race", with the opponents being close. But why should I be punished for actually making an effort? Why should I be rewarded for being lazy? The only last 1-3 turns matter. Why should it be like that? I've yet to see a recent racing game where the option can be turned off. Or better yet - with a slider. For whoever is wondering: catch-up in racing games is the mechanic where the opponents are faster when you are ahead of them, and slower when you are behind them. In this particular game, catch-up is off-the-charts. What do you think of catch-up?