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  1. I'm level 77 at the moment, And I have done 525/714 challenges so you wouldn't even be close to 100 if you did every challenge. So looks like we are gonna be grinding xp for a while.
  2. Here's another XP method it's the one I used to get level 100.
  3. They count for everyone in the lobby.
  4. Yeah it's definitely glitched, I've done the trophy requirement at least 15+ times, I notified the devs a week ago and apparently it will be fixed in a hot fix patch one week after launch date.
  5. I can confirm that creating a new character and going back to the 4 known locations popped the trophy for me too.
  6. The timer does pause when you pause the game, I'd say the A scenarios are the easiest and more lenient for S ranks and yes you can use any Infinite Weapon and still get an S rank.
  7. @Erkawest I finished both mine in a mission and it just didn't unlock the trophies,I don't even think the challenge completion box popped up.
  8. Neither Freelancer Loyalty or Sentinel Loyalty trophies popped for me.
  9. Yeah this has happened to me a few times, What is suppose to happen is after the cutscene you get told to turn off the generator which for some reason doesn't happen sometimes, What fixed it for me was getting killed and it reloaded and worked properly again.
  10. It's not only on PS4 Pro, I have a standard PS4 and it's crashed my console 4 times since I started playing this game.
  11. Yes, The timer stops when the game is paused, it is only running while you are in the middle of game play. Not sure about the video tape but it's easy enough to save the game with the tape in a separate save slot and to replay it after you finish the game in under 4 hours.
  12. Nope, It has to be completed on a completely new playthrough.
  13. You have to earn them yourself, Caps earned through trading don't count.
  14. I leveled another character to 50 and it popped
  15. Nope I never played the beta, This was a fresh character at launch.