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  1. // Wildcat Gun Machine (PS4) (EU) [With-Evil-Intent] // https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/16229-wildcat-gun-machine // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/16229-wildcat-gun-machine/15-unthinkable-horror "16229": [15], This trophy is currently unobtainable.
  2. Defeating Unthinkable Horror unlocks the Obtaining All Pistols trophy and not the boss related trophy tied to that boss. (Hopefully they just got the two trophies mixed up and it unlocks it when all pistols are upgraded), otherwise it's unobtainable. UPDATE: Obtaining All Pistols does not unlock the Unthinkable Horror trophy, so as of the 5th of May, this platinum is currently UNOBTAINABLE UPDATE #2: I have made contact with the Devs, They are now aware of the glitched trophy, and are looking into it.
  3. The game only counts the distance traveled in the game you come 2nd or 1st in (Or if you are still alive when the capture point is taken regardless of players alive), The tracking is super broken and the way it counts the kilometres is wrong, for example if you run 3km in one game it'll give you 30km towards the trophy, I think people should definitely wait for a patch, It's a hassle to do in it's current state.
  4. As of the latest patch (15 Dec) this trophy is unobtainable. Due to the trophy no longer tracking progress anymore. // Tribes of Midgard (PS5) [With-Evil-Intent] // https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13496-tribes-of-midgard // https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/13496-tribes-of-midgard/4-make-it-hail "13496": [4],
  5. You need to be in a PvP server if you want to damage each other, If not you can spawn in a wolf and let it damage the other player, For the Crimes Against Humanity Trophy I boosted it with myself with 3 consoles.
  6. I think it was L2
  7. I did it in co-op, you get 1 reputation every time you heal a friend, only needed to grind like 70 reputation after doing all the missions on the Russia map.
  8. Can confirm these glitches are a thing, I just got the platinum on the EU version and Multiples Trophies seemed to pop when I did one of certain things, Killed 1 Mega Zombie and the 1 and 10 trophies popped, Killed one Player and the 10 and 100 Player kill trophies popped, Caught 1 Fish and the 50 Fish trophy popped, Harvested 1 plant and the Grow 100 trophy popped, Those seemed to be the only ones it happened on for me. Played on the Russia map on the Us West servers.
  9. I'm level 77 at the moment, And I have done 525/714 challenges so you wouldn't even be close to 100 if you did every challenge. So looks like we are gonna be grinding xp for a while.
  10. Here's another XP method it's the one I used to get level 100.
  11. They count for everyone in the lobby.
  12. Yeah it's definitely glitched, I've done the trophy requirement at least 15+ times, I notified the devs a week ago and apparently it will be fixed in a hot fix patch one week after launch date.
  13. I can confirm that creating a new character and going back to the 4 known locations popped the trophy for me too.
  14. The timer does pause when you pause the game, I'd say the A scenarios are the easiest and more lenient for S ranks and yes you can use any Infinite Weapon and still get an S rank.
  15. @Erkawest I finished both mine in a mission and it just didn't unlock the trophies,I don't even think the challenge completion box popped up.