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  1. Nope, It has to be completed on a completely new playthrough.
  2. You have to earn them yourself, Caps earned through trading don't count.
  3. I leveled another character to 50 and it popped
  4. Nope I never played the beta, This was a fresh character at launch.
  5. Yeah I rebooted the game multiple times and still no luck, Hopefully it decides to randomly pop at some point.
  6. I reached level 50 and the trophy didn't pop, I went up a few extra level just to make sure and it still didn't pop, So i'm just letting everyone know that it may be potentially glitched or may randomly not unlock.
  7. Pretty sure it's 15 different trip wires.
  8. Life Is Strange
  9. No it doesn't screw up the objectives I Time Skipped and I got the trophy just fine, Just make sure you don't Time Skip backwards it can cause issues.
  10. Likes Ultra Rare Platinums
  11. Yes they do, Whatever Skills are equipped or have been bought are shared between campaigns.
  12. Staying Alive Return to the game as a human character.
  13. Likes open world games
  14. Bringing The Pain
  15. #3 - Resident Evil 5