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  1. you're good
  2. define life? also their account is 9 years old lmao
  3. principle: those who act defensive like you are usually guilty assuming 1987 is when you were born, you are around 31 years old and are acting like a child can you give a reason why your trophies popped like that? we suspect it is because you cheated, tell us otherwise how it happened
  4. You cared enough to make this thread lol
  5. @iLmIgLiOrE91 MMDE told you what to do, he will be the decider in this, you need to unhide the trophies of the games the reports are for so they can be looked at to see if they are in fact legitimate or not.
  6. Yeah youre not better than all of us combined lmao
  7. bottom line your account is done, you have to make a new one if you want to be on the leaderboards
  8. but @TheYuriG didn't you read his post? he is very good because he dedicate dedication
  9. Whitetail Challenge HOLY FUCK … it takes the spot for worst game I ever played
  10. Yeah, I read this a bit and couldn't think it was as bad as people were saying … but yeah this is the worst game I have ever played.
  11. This
  12. But them hiding their unclean games lower their leader board rank, and that is their true ranking if everything is hid. didn't MMDE make a comment about something like any of the top 50 players on the leader board who have hidden trophies have been caught cheating, they cheated yet are still on but hid their cheated games
  13. You are very wrong about that as I have made post awhile back describing this
  14. use the gaming sessions feature on the site https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  15. torn between gears of war or crackdown