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  1. Are you a cfw user? If you didn't remove yourself, then PSNProfiles detected you as a cheater and the system removed you.
  2. Ok, thanks ... that does make sense. Now I'm kinda bummed that I didn't wait to do that last, it would have been cool for them to both pop at the same time!
  3. Question, so I have not been able to play as much and I have been playing daily for a few hunts in order to try and get all the large and mini gold crowns, I finally got all the crowns and went to finish up the trophy list. I got all the Lynian researcher pics and then the endemic life. I had never even been to my room in Selenia (lol). I saw the trophies for decor and changing your room. (After figuring out where my room was) I went to my room and talked to the housekeeper cat in my room and there was a long explanation, and after a bunch of text boxes popped up with all the different decor that was available (I think after the 3rd box I just spammed 'x' to get through it fast. After that I unlocked the trophy for having 50 decor (didn't know I had that many or what they were from), I then changed my rooms look to get the trophy for ... changing my room. My question is, is it normal that I got that 50 decor trophy like I described above? If I had all of them shouldn't I have gotten the trophy sooner? Or do they only register once you talked to the cat in your room? So since I never talked to the cat that is why it didn't unlock until I entered my room for the first time and spoke to the cat? So for the 120 decor trophy will it pop once I get 120 or do i need to keep checking back with the cat?
  4. @DaivRules I bitched here last Thursday and ended up getting 3 crowns on Friday from the guiding lands, you seem to be on to something with the RNG gods … now its been a cold streak so I'm here to bitch again LMAO
  5. Ive been farming for the past 3 weeks, and gotten nothing at all, I am about to hit level 200 soon, it is so irritating … I've killed velk and blackveil easily 50 times each and still nothing … while on the other hand I only had to kill ruiner nerg a total of 5 times before I got both large and mini. I've had the best "luck" with the guiding lands.
  6. So does my profile look suspicious because I have short or easy platinums? That seems like an irrelevant point. You have never played the games in this dispute, so why input? If you think something I suspicious report it. @MMDE said they weren't going to lift it, case closed.
  7. I did read it, the confusion was I was not playing Iceborne I haven't played Iceborne yet … that is what seemed weird.
  8. I have been grinding out Monster Hunter World (and had purchased Iceborne yesterday), and was playing today in the rotten vale and got a tutorial to call a mount, so I did and got an Iceborne trophy is this normal?
  9. I just started playing MHW, and am at end game and am farming crowns and gear. My question is there a way to see other players gear? I can see mine through my guild card, and I am assuming I can see their gear if they have accepted my guild card, but there is some gear I am seeing on players that looks cool and was wondering what they have. is there a way to see what they have if they don't accept my guild card?
  10. Just make sure you back up the save, if I understand correctly.
  11. Just an update, I did this for 3 nights in a row and got the level 100 trophy I got between 5 and 7 million prestige per night, for those of you that don't want to race over and over for level 100 this method works flawlessly.
  12. This might need a bit of babysitting, but so far I have been afking this and have a combo chain of prestige of 200k. This method nets about 6k prestige every minute, there are far better ways grind prestige but leaving this on over night (untested) should yield some nice prestige while getting you closer to 100 miles in free roam in the compound. I used the 250 bike and set the gear box to short. You also need to change the shifting to manual. Find an openish area in the compound and park your bike and place it in neutral (N). Tape the R2 (acceleration down AND make sure the N for neutral is redlining, if R2 is not pressed down hard enough this will not work), and then rubberband the left analog stick all the way to the left and the right analog stick all the way to the left. Then shift up to second gear, what should start to happen is your player will start to go into a slide/drift and you will start getting prestige for drifting. If you are lucky/placed your character in an open enough place, you will just go continually in a circle and accrue prestige and miles towards the 100 mile trophy.
  13. Doesn't Matter
  14. Nope Jumped right into multiplayer … I got level 20 in multiplayer now I am going to go do single player, I have easily extracted over 25 times (way more than 5 before I got the level 15 trophy) idk what the deal is …
  15. This does appear to be bugged, some extractions are counting and some are not, I'm just going to get to level 20 and call it with the multiplayer.