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  1. This exactly, and in my original post I said there could be an implementation along the lines of X number of people have to report the time then a mod confirms it … and certain conditions have to be met like you own the game, much like the reporting system. Also finding mods that would be willing to do that would be that wouldn't be that hard I would assume, there are probably a few in willing to do it in this thread
  2. Or maybe a dlc delisted icon??? Maybe if this takes on we can get tat too, one battle at a time
  3. I was wondering if a.) it would be possible and b.) if it is, would users would want something like this? So how I had seen it would be something like on your profile, if you do not have the platinum or 100%, there would be a little red hour glass with a timer counting down (roughly) to when the server closes, there could also be an option to toggle it off if you don't want to see it. I have added a little visual to help conceptualize: The time could be months/days and say then when it gets within a month it turns to weeks, days, hours, then within a week it turns to days, hours, minutes etc There could be special mods, that could verify the source of the server closures, to make sure not just anyone can put this next to a game, or something like "x" amount of users have to report this game before the visual is added next to it?
  4. That does have a nice ring
  5. That is pretty legit
  6. Didn't see a post like this and thought it was kinda fun. For example I am: Exairesi, Scout of the Morannon *interesting tidbit, my first trophy was due to a glitch in the game, I ran around for like 4 hours without realizing I could not progress in the game.
  7. Yeah IDK, it took a couple ascensions for me to get the ascension trophy too … I would honestly leave your game open so you are fighting level 3,599 then physically fight and beat level 3600.
  8. Update: SO if anyone is having issues, I thing doing the time changing via the PS4 system can interfere. Also, not totally sure if this is confirmed, but say you are going after the centennial bosses (kill the 900th level boss), and you close the game (but as you know it still runs in idle, and you kill the boss, then come back and start the game up and say you are on level 1000, the trophy wont pop (or wasn't for me), I then left the game idle but still open and got the trophy. Hope that helps.
  9. I see posts about things not unlocking, and the trophies being buggy and what not. I am using the method of changing the PS4 clock to get more money, and I am not sure if that is causign issues, but the trophies are not unlocking when they should be for me, am I doing something wrong, or are these still an issue?
  10. when it happened to me I think it lasted like 3 weeks
  11. This game isn't glitchy, it is straight forward, the online servers are pretty messed up, I had trouble staying connected because I was against players from across the globe, that being said, the trophies pop when you complete them not at the end of the match or anything (unless it is for winning a game) … unless he experienced a 1 in a billion glitch, I couldn't explain how he got those in that order
  12. you're good
  13. define life? also their account is 9 years old lmao
  14. principle: those who act defensive like you are usually guilty assuming 1987 is when you were born, you are around 31 years old and are acting like a child can you give a reason why your trophies popped like that? we suspect it is because you cheated, tell us otherwise how it happened
  15. You cared enough to make this thread lol