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  1. The only way to get back on the leaderboards is to start a new account.
  2. If anyone needs money for buying choppers or weapons, and are at level 21, all's you need to do is start the mission and don't take off, the 9 enemies you need to kill will be taken out, an important thing to note is this does not work every time, and if by 1 minute 45 seconds the mission has not ended (all 9 killed), simply restart the mission, if the mission was a success you just netted 3780 coins.
  3. Just posting to let anyone interested in knowing, that the trophy Checked, for land on all landing zones, is either bugged or has an inaccurate trophy description (i.e instead of saying all it should say 'x' number). I just got the trophy on level 20, landing on the furthest landing zone in the level (the landing zone, past the boss).
  4. Just posting here to say all of the online (and most of the offline) is done, the only thing I have left is to finish my playthrough on crushing which I'm a little under half way through.
  5. I started the game 3 weeks ago, and at the same time started a pretty intense summer course (limited my time to play) from start to finish it took me about 3 weeks. The biggest determining factor is RNG with the treasures.
  6. What does the reason say?
  7. @Best_PC_gamer you are very wrong about this, can't speak to whether or not they hacked, but if your only "proof" of them hacking is they got all the difficulty trophies, then you are wrong. Crushing unlocks after beating very easy, and there is no very easy specific trophy. So then can beat the game on very easy then crushing and get all of the difficulty stacks.
  8. 25km is not impossible at all, a quick YouTube search would show you this.
  9. @Fanatico1981 I added a new hosting link, let me know if it works.
  10. Some people right? Makes you wonder how they function throughout the day
  11. The link was meant to be downloaded and either used on a Microsoft live account one drive or the actual excel program. I have almost all of my treasure now, and everything is working. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/using-office-for-the-web-in-onedrive-dc62cfd4-120f-4dc8-b3a6-7aec6c26b55d?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US That is how I am using it.
  12. What didn't work about it?
  13. I was thinking about tackling this game, and decided to throw together a little excel spreadsheet to help track the harder trophies of the online treasures, what you have, what you don't, and totals. All's you need is excel or an live account and upload it there to work on an online excel workbook. When you collect a treasure, simply control f or search the name then in the blank column put a 1 (anything other than a 1 will break this tool). I took information from the guide here on PSNProfiles, thanks @ONUOsFan, @Matticus182, @simula67, and @GolfingDevil05. For information on the DLC maps they can be found here. I am not sure if this already existed, but thought I'd share anyway. It is what it is, doubt I'll change anything. Feel free to edit it as you like, or share just give credit You can find the spreadsheet here.
  14. I am looking ad tackling this before the servers close, I have been looking up guides and it does seem like a task. However, I have 6 PlayStation 3s, and 12 turbos. I'd obviously grab copies of the games on all my PS3s. That being said I am unaware of how the multiplayer works, I self boosted all but the co-op on Uncharted 2 this way and it went pretty quick. So I am wondering how do able this would be/ any tips form veteran players. Also, a side question that I'm pretty sure I know the answer to, but if I get all the multiplayer and co-op trophies, then the servers go down, I can still get the single player trophies right?
  15. Its the lost civilization village, the superhuman like ones with the crossbows, not Tenzin's village. Yes this part was irritating, but I glad I found an infinite respawn place … made getting my last kill trophies really fast.