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  1. Nope Jumped right into multiplayer … I got level 20 in multiplayer now I am going to go do single player, I have easily extracted over 25 times (way more than 5 before I got the level 15 trophy) idk what the deal is …
  2. This does appear to be bugged, some extractions are counting and some are not, I'm just going to get to level 20 and call it with the multiplayer.
  3. I am a bit confused, I started playing yesterday and just like Mass Effect 3, I decided to play the multiplayer first to get a feel for the game. I ended up enjoying it and played all day until I got a level 10 weapon, and level 15, yet when I checked my stats for explorer nothing was counting. I started playing today and was joining lobbies in the gold tier (I was under geared but was being carried) and I did 5 of them and got unwavering and explorer at the same time (did not realize this until the trophies popped, was simply playing golds for more credit earning to buy more packs) … am I missing something to get them to count or are there issues with the game or what is the deal?
  4. Yeah I have found that the trophy guides have not been super accurate in their descriptions. For instance this happened to me and last night I found out that you could get gunsmith with your online weapons, and since I had played the online first and purchased an embarrassingly large number of packs (damn you microtransactions), I had several weapons in the 7s and 8s and I had a ton of credits left over and was able to get a level 10 weapon in a few minutes of trying. Least to say I am going to be happy when I am done with this game.
  5. I am not sure if this was a glitch or not. I played the multiplayer first a bit and I have kept my galaxy at war at 100% during my single player playthrough, did all the DLC (minus the Citadel), and scanned all that I could to increase my Total Military Strength, to above 4000. However, this trophy unlocked for me after I did the Genophage Cure (ended up at 3808 Total Military Strength), then I talked to Admiral Hackett in the War Room and the trophy popped. This game has been buggy and glitchy for me, but thought I would share.
  6. So is the 100% still obtainable??
  7. Yeah this just happened to me, I had been doing side quests/assignments and returning to the Citadel, but missed the part where you would lose your Specter status and not be able to return to the Citadel so I have a few quests that I cant finish … Going into Ilos right now I believe I have a total of 57 main + side missions done … pretty irritated that I messed it up … just means it will be one more play through … not sure if it was bug but I'm well over the recommended number and didn't get even completionist. I had the flu really bad, and was on cough medicine so maybe it was just human error with me :/ Edit: Was super pissed about this, and went to play hardcore with tali and liara … was not very fun so I thought the best approach would be to start a new game with adept since I need those skill specific trophies anyway and hope to get tali and liara with the adept class on a casual playthrough.
  8. So I had an intel glitch on me on the last level it was number 5 out of 6 as shown in the video HERE, if you scroll all the way down the last comment encountered this glitch 5 years ago. What happened for me is when I went to interrogate the last captain, he got up from my tranquilizer right as I interrogated him, for some reason this caused the game to glitch and I was stuck at 5/6 intel, the odd part was I received the intel for the officer so I should have gotten trophy, I thought I was screwed, so i replayed the level and checked all terminals (a previously hacked terminal cannot be hacked once you have already successfully hacked it), the weird part the the second to last terminal (the 3rd intel in the video), was not hacked, yet I already hacked it and it was shown I collected it in the contract select, I hacked it and got the trophy for all of the intel. Now, I thought I was all in the clear, but I later I realized I never received that valor cards for collecting all of the intel in mission 9 and it still showed as 5/6 intel, even though I had the trophy, what I did do in the run where I got the last intel that was glitched, was interrogate the last officer (the one that caused the glitch in the first place), so I replayed the level on the same difficulty originally (veteran) and hacked the same terminal again mentioned above AND interrogated the last officer, and then completed the level. Then I got the valor cards and my full deck trophy. I am not sure if this is a common glitch but it happened to me and that other guy in the YouTube comments, if this happens to anyone else on another level, my suggestion is to replay the level on the same difficulty, and go collect ALL off the interrogations and check every terminal (even if it has already been hacked).
  9. The only way to get back on the leaderboards is to start a new account.
  10. If anyone needs money for buying choppers or weapons, and are at level 21, all's you need to do is start the mission and don't take off, the 9 enemies you need to kill will be taken out, an important thing to note is this does not work every time, and if by 1 minute 45 seconds the mission has not ended (all 9 killed), simply restart the mission, if the mission was a success you just netted 3780 coins.
  11. Just posting to let anyone interested in knowing, that the trophy Checked, for land on all landing zones, is either bugged or has an inaccurate trophy description (i.e instead of saying all it should say 'x' number). I just got the trophy on level 20, landing on the furthest landing zone in the level (the landing zone, past the boss).
  12. Just posting here to say all of the online (and most of the offline) is done, the only thing I have left is to finish my playthrough on crushing which I'm a little under half way through.
  13. I started the game 3 weeks ago, and at the same time started a pretty intense summer course (limited my time to play) from start to finish it took me about 3 weeks. The biggest determining factor is RNG with the treasures.
  14. What does the reason say?
  15. @Best_PC_gamer you are very wrong about this, can't speak to whether or not they hacked, but if your only "proof" of them hacking is they got all the difficulty trophies, then you are wrong. Crushing unlocks after beating very easy, and there is no very easy specific trophy. So then can beat the game on very easy then crushing and get all of the difficulty stacks.