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  1. i just got platinum Thanks @HusKyCode and @CoffeePS i think what made my first attempt failed was i let my ps4 download in rest mode and it continue to download 1.05 after 1.04 downloaded
  2. i i have to keep restarting charles if it closed and wait until download complete i'll try this method next weekend and i'll update here again thanks
  3. awesome i tried delete the game, redownload, mapping the json using charles, cancel and redownload again. at first it did download the 1.04 patch but when charles closed i changed my ps4 wifi setting to normal again and let it download in rest mode coz it need 5-6 hours to complete. and then when i start the game again after the download completed, i still stuck when starting death run at buckle down and craggy crew. where did i go wrong with this? should i let my ps4 on when downloading the patch? or maybe it need to finish the 1.04 patch before charles closed? please help me