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  1. I am at threedom and the cart collector doesnt give the option to buy the card ruller bow. And he doesn't give me any new decks. Will he offer new ones in the next cities? Got the trophy you must buy all cards in his Inventory, thought you must buy only cards you don have.
  2. Everything autopopped for me except combat and weapon trophy's for uncharted 4 and lost legacy. For lost legacy i needed to reply the trophy for not using any weapons only melee until the start of chapter 5 i think and needed to get the trophy at the top of the tower when Chloe begun her yoga exercises,but this one is one of most enjoyable trophy's for me in all uncharted games. But i got the platinum by replaying encounters and chapters for this trophy's.
  3. I got the platinum a month ago and i remember the dicription was the same and did it with two controllers if i am remembering correctly.
  4. Finally I did it with Skate. First tried after unlocking his rolling alternative move front front square.
  5. Can you tell me which Axel you used
  6. It worked fro me
  7. Too bad it didn't work for you this problem is known for steam version and did that like someone write for the steam version and worked for me on PS4.
  8. I had the same problem with Takemura. The think that fixed it was to make manual save close the game application then reload the save skip time once 23 hours then another time skip for 3 hours and after a couple of minutes while walking he called.