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  1. I guess i'm the only one who has no problems finding normal/ranked matches
  2. I need someone to help me get the Changing Lanes trophy, I'm online right now, my psn is MrCornrow. I'm happy to help get the other trophies if you need them. Edit: The trophy has been obtained, nvm
  3. No one here likes Takeda?
  4. The online trophies that require you to get to the max level.
  5. I loved the game, but my opinion is biased because I throw my money at assassins creed titles. But I actually really liked the story and the updated combat, the combat was actually difficult to a point where if there was a giant group fighting me I'd actually have to run because I'd get rekt.
  6. Jalapeno bagel, and a blueberry muffin
  7. Tv speakers, I've been too lazy to hook up the surround sound for like 5 years now
  8. Anyone know if the nomad chests count towards the open every chest trophy? (might be a stupid question)
  9. I thought I entered my season pass code when I baught the game, but I didn't so I just entered. Will I still get one of those games free?? If so, how do I download it??
  10. Only reason I regret it is cause since school started I've only been able to play 1-2 days a week
  11. Hunter all the way, I always like the knife user "assassin" type characters even though you still primarily use guns in this game.
  12. Strider, that platinum was really fun imo
  13. Demons souls Dark souls Dark souls II Catherine Dead Space Dead Space II Final Fantasy XIII Dead or Alive 5 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Ninja Gaiden sigma Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 Hitman Absolution
  14. nice lol, I got destiny too! But not the collectors