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  1. is from Ratalaika Games
  2. no, why not every month something new comes.
  3. why does a new one come out every 2 months? 've seen the nintendo consoles still get it.
  4. This time it seems that there is no passable trophy.
  5. relase is 6.28.2019.
  6. its not avieble in the eu store, but why?
  7. oh
  8. it called JUPITER & MARS
  9. yes
  10. Can you start the game on easy? So the platinum is lighter.
  11. jo too easy, that is no work for trophy hunters.
  12. its from Ratalaika Games they postet on twitter a ghost. can be that game.
  13. fastes game 2019, i have Used 9 minutes 29 seconds.
  14. buy it, is easy and fast. part 1 is to long 5 hours... here the trailer. easy, 1 hour? maybe a guide come.
  15. can i help to? i need the trophy too.