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  1. it come no ps vita versions, they foces know on ps4 and later on ps5. its all because the corona time and the pegi.
  2. i have see a video guide from that game, its really easy, better when you play deluce, than its for you very easy.
  3. and how to get fast finish a level, thats hard.
  4. can i level up so?
  5. it is easy now. oh not
  6. looks like many grinds and a long way to get the platinum.
  7. i thought there not coming.
  8. what is that, a zelda game?
  9. that one have no ps vita version. but they say it come part 2 to ps vita too...
  10. is that easy? and give it a guide for that game?
  11. that is not a proplem its a 99 cent platinum. nomal thaz have so proplems.
  12. yes its bugged, no one has the trophy.