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  1. best luck. than can you get 2x platinum.
  2. than a long time to wait, is ok.
  3. i have the eu version. and my say its the asia version .lol ok its not worst.
  4. any infos that after open the QO, that come a ps vita version too?
  5. not this againe. so worst..
  6. yes finally a guide. thank you.
  7. patch 1.04 is out. new fixed about the patch?
  8. a ps vita version come in the next months?
  9. you not see? its fixed...
  10. what about the eu germany usk? they are not pegi!
  11. what is fixed?
  12. also no good easy platinum.
  13. a 3/10?
  14. i fail
  15. is that game so hard how part 1? i see only get serect level and find that. also must i beat all levels?