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  1. for 20 bucks very nice.
  2. have any one infos about that new types of kemco game?
  3. has any body a Guide for that game?
  4. you mean its come weneday for all eu lands?
  5. the game crashing often is nothing go right for that updates. the update bring to lose your quests after the new update.
  6. oh man why not eu....
  7. yes it is thank you.
  8. has one a guide for this game?
  9. the lion king doesn't want to open the cheat window. I entered the code exactly like that, but it just doesn't work. what am I doing wrong?
  10. how to get more life?
  11. i hope so. what about twitter have they it, to connections they?
  12. that is an easy thing. but when is the release?
  13. that comes on the 3th digital for ps4 and ps vita. physical in 2021....
  14. every has twitter,special they too.
  15. ok i go a head of that, thank you. but i must wait, the new patch brok the save games.