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  1. warning the ps5 version is a littel buggy. when you get in fight to get stuck. so save your game often.
  2. no.
  3. they come too for part 2.
  4. when is the relase?
  5. the trophys in english is avibele
  6. a new list comes. and a ps5 version too.
  7. i delected in 2019, right after the frist 20 mins, i will try it but no. a miss take game.
  8. i know too
  9. there are only thats woth ps4 and ps5
  10. the dateing RPGs must coming.
  11. i have and its on the eu psn store now. after my post 2 days later.
  12. it is now fixed?
  13. i have the 4, fishing port its ivy hill. its under twin hill.
  14. i have now watch all the forum for the last foshing port, cant tell where ir is. i look in the next days where it can be.
  15. i have it after one day i wirting it. but thank you.