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  1. Is Ryza two for you easyer than part 1?
  2. Same here nothing updates too the Profil.
  3. Have any one a guide for that game?
  4. maybe a little late but you must have quality and quality on an iteam. you double it or you need more. then you need 2 materials that can always unite with each other. this increases the level and it is important that you have quality and quality+ in the bonus below. after 5 repetitions you should get 999.
  5. The List is now online
  6. Ratalaika Games work on a patch.
  7. I can find the ps5 version in the eu store yet
  8. They have only possibls/money for US. Europe have many lands with different languages. So you must have a NA account.
  9. The ps4 version is online so ps5 version Comecon the next hours maybe.
  10. That is great, now all online. Thank you for the success.
  11. 3 lists are now out. Only a ps4 version is missing
  12. it would be nice if it finally worked.
  13. Oh ok, I didn’t know. The publisher don’t regeat. That is so shame.
  14. the trophy list for cronostace electric collection isn't out yet either, it came out last friday. and has ps4 and ps5 EU and NA versions at the moment.
  15. I have try it, no it’s only a daily you Must have that 3 times when you go for all 3 stacks.