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  1. oh i thought is in the us and eu in soon.
  2. you mean when you have to find and make all weapons with silver money and kills?
  3. she does not count multi kills. only count individual kills.
  4. I have the problem that I really have everything so far, but now it's still missing something because I do not see exactly what's missing
  5. thank you two.
  6. sure? the trophys look not so.
  7. have som one a guide?
  8. sp easy?
  9. with patch 1.03 is now working?
  10. make you a video?
  11. is that game from Ratalaika Games?
  12. cool
  13. i have more than 10, but the trohy not show. must the enemys to be defeated by a quiet process so the other one will not be made aware that one is just killing?
  14. under 1 hour?
  15. yes