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  1. eu release is today.
  2. any have info how to get the 200 comco?
  3. does anyone have an idea how to get the 50 combo?
  4. i dont find it in the eu store, is it delected?
  5. to easy, you have time for the puzzel. and 1-2, that is a 1/10.
  6. any guide for that game?
  7. come there enmeys or is that a simulator?
  8. looks pretty easy, its cost 4$/4euro
  9. i see a gameplay from this game, a 17 mins gameplay in the end i see the creadits. and the puzzel looks so easy, the platinummust in 15 be done in 15 mins.
  10. where i can that easy to get?
  11. cant get the god mode. the cheats dont getting.
  12. any infos when the god mode come?
  13. the trophy list is not yet online for the ps5 version. that could change by sunday. until then they are actually always online. check every now and then at new games to see if the list is online. here at psnprofiles, of course.
  14. does anyone know a good level to get the trophy under 3 minutes?
  15. this game has just come to the psn store, i found a guide that reported that there is an exp dlc. how do you get that in the game? because there is no dlc in the store.
  16. you must write that on eastasiasoft, they are published for eu and us.
  17. its coming friday
  18. many games have that proplem, the proplem is now fixted with the new system update from the ps5.
  19. ok now i buy that.
  20. how is the platinum? easy or not. does it take too long or not?
  21. is that game easy?
  22. have any one infos about that new types of kemco game?
  23. for 20 bucks very nice.
  24. has any body a Guide for that game?
  25. you mean its come weneday for all eu lands?