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  1. and how to get fast finish a level, thats hard.
  2. can i level up so?
  3. looks like many grinds and a long way to get the platinum.
  4. it is easy now. oh not
  5. i know its a click and point game, so guys what think you about the game? and its coming to ps vita, nice so.
  6. i thought there not coming.
  7. what is that, a zelda game?
  8. that one have no ps vita version. but they say it come part 2 to ps vita too...
  9. is that easy? and give it a guide for that game?
  10. that is not a proplem its a 99 cent platinum. nomal thaz have so proplems.
  11. yes its bugged, no one has the trophy.
  12. only 8/6 maimi 4th option is missable. all other can be do in other playworthes.
  13. so platinum is ok for that?
  14. I've now loaded it at the point and by chance I managed it.
  15. i have fail a mission, i follow the guide a second time but i fail agine. is the mission from Reis route day 8/9.
  16. i have it too. first when you start go in the psn store for few mins and than start the game.
  17. cool
  18. thanks
  19. have you a guide for that?
  20. what the, jo five mins for enjoy and than a trophy. looks very easy.
  21. no proplem guys.
  22. the EU Version is now in the EU store.
  23. its out in eu today.