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  1. must i for the 100% scan all iteams?
  2. now it is
  3. they are fast.
  4. no eu release?
  5. how can i fast level up, for the level 200 enemy.
  6. this game made by a 20 years old woman. she is now 20 and the game relaese now.
  7. that not working.
  8. luck for as, too.or not so.
  9. a 2/10 platinum. and stacks two.
  10. it give four dieffelcels. easy is unter then.
  11. why that give no exp weekend? or boost think like part 2?
  12. ok more platinums
  13. I start straight season 1 but the only one is only the black screen can be seen again and again. Does anyone else proplem? and the other season can not be played, there is nothing irrational
  14. it so hard.
  15. How can I save? I had to start from prolog dungeon anew.
  16. ?
  17. i dont unterstand french. why you not speak english they...
  18. how get this? i have only always 18 from 25...
  19. can i get the trophy with friends, when they it make to get the trophy?
  20. glitch yes
  21. a one too. but aweek arly ok..
  22. 22zh i dont no why
  23. I cant find it in the EU German Store. help