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  1. Hey guys ! It happened to me few years ago, and it happened three times for different reasons ! I started trophy hunting in 2009, I was a very interested member of one of the most important french trophy hunting forum (which is dead now). They acted to much like a dictature, they always made new rules to be a part of their leaderboard. So Ialways had to play more to be a part of them, then I didn't enjoyed playing for months. In may 2010, after my 18th platinum trophy, I decided to stop playing on my account and restart from scratch just and play on my own with none of them as a friend. Then I started my new account in may 2010, I had tons of hours of gaming because I just finished my studies, then I played a lot but I always wanted more and more trophies so I've been in the bad side of trophy hunting and bought easy games likeSapre Parts, Megamind, Hannah Montana, WWE legends, Kung Fu Panda and others ...After my 39th platinum in february 2012, I had a break and found a new job in a foreign country ... So I started a new account in this new country and played on it for 5 years with few breaks in it just because I was missing times to play, and I was a member of a website with a leaderboard so like in 2010 I made a burn out due to the leaderboards, I always wanted to get more trophies that the previous guys, which I found now really stupid... Then I went back to France in april 2017 and after 2 months without playing at all, I decided to play only games that I like and trying to finish them at 100%. So I started a new french account and I'm really happy with, I only play when I really want it, I don't care about leaderboards, all I want is to complete my games , I don't care if I complete 5 or 30 platinum per year. All I want is to have fun while I'm playing. I'll be a dad in few months so I'll have less time for playing, then I'll more appreciate my gaming time Ps : sorry for my english if I made few mistakes !
  2. Undercover is so bad with tons of bugs, and you get bettee results using nitro in the corners with is so stupid... In my opinion it's the worst NFS game ! I advise you most wanted > hot pursuit > the run > rivals > shift > payback > NFS 2015 > shift 2 > Undercover
  3. So we can submit once and all the familiy can use it on different accounts ?
  4. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/60-sonics-ultimate-genesis-collection/1-platinuminary All the good times !
  5. Hope it won't be Gran Turismo Sport, juste boought it two days ago .... They always give discount on it so I'm pretty sure that we're going to have it for free soon... (I hope to be wrong 😆 ) For this month I'll see No man's Sky because of the new update and because it's now available on xbox, then if people interested in that game don't own any console, they'll buy the one where they can get the game for "free"
  6. Sorry I don't own the game anymore, but if you play on the evening you sould easily find some players online
  7. Hi, To unlock this trophy, you and your team mate have to finish the same race between 1st and 15h Maybe you'll need few seasons before your team mate is able to finish at least 15th (they are quite bad...)
  8. I get mine a month ago, it was Ace Pilot in VR Worlds Nearly in the theme, some moments were stressfull
  9. Thank you, I'll do my best and I'll try to reach you haha
  10. Thank you to all of you for your message. Sure, I'm not plenty of time to play, but it coule be worst Yeah, Rise of the Tomb Raider is a very good game, and it's a time consuming game but I really enjoy every minute of it ! For me, the only wick point is that there are too much gunfight at the end, I'm more an adventurer than a soldier haha
  11. Hey! I'm using this website for a while now. But today is a good day to use the forum part of the website, so here I am Sorry if my english isn't perfect, I'll do my best I play on PS4 only, I had a PS3 and a Vita before but I had to sell them because I didn't havec time to use them. But last year, I decided to start from scratch with a PS4, I play nearly an hour everyday before I go to work (so between 6 and 7 AM UK time), a bit more on sundays. And I play sometimes using remote play while my wife is watching boring stuffs on TV So, I'm not the biggest gamer ever but I'll do my best to get all the trophies on every games I play. I'm currently playing Rise of the Tomb Raider and VR Worlds Maybe we are going to play together soon