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  1. How does this trophy work?
  2. Thanks @gunfighterhefty and @acasser
  3. Where do I get war coins?
  4. Are the trophies doable alone?
  5. Is the rating counter broken? Mine stays at 51 no matter how many trails I rate.
  6. Yes, getting 500 troops comes naturally and getting this key needs time but is not hard just random. As far as I know.
  7. Where do I get the key for the epic vault battle?
  8. How long does a campaign last?
  9. According to an German guide I meet all the conditions in one playthrough. And I got it.
  10. I think you have to do it in one Playthrough
  11. How do you find out the pathway?
  12. How could this pathway be found?
  13. Would you describe how you managed this vpn?
  14. This copy stats thing don’t work with accounts with this problem as far As I know. we try this method with the satchel today in about 2 hours from now.
  15. Could this work with Instant Artist?