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  1. Personally, I liked the story/setting of Origins more but Odyssey was more fun to play for me. Has a slightly more arcade feel (like the no fall damage etc) which I got on a little bit more with. Not going to happen, but would rather take another Syndicate style next time over both though.
  2. My guess would be 1 or 3 - so would either be tracked by specific track or number of tracks. Can't see them doing the tracking by percentage of overall tracks imo. ....and if this doesn't sort the save issue out then i'll be livid. Holding off on properly trying for that platinum for now and was hoping to tie it in with this first season.
  3. Brilliant - a full priced crap game and they don’t even try to use a Platinum trophy to sell it. Literally zero reason to care!
  4. Main reason for being happy with these is that (unlike most months) I don't own either of them! Horizon looks fun, especially as a local multiplayer racer. PES 2019 I will give a try. Normally go for FIFA but always interested to see how the PES games currently are. Could be (and has been) a lot worse
  5. Strange as I managed to get through the whole story to the trophy with no issues last night. Maybe start a different quest or teleport somewhere else to kick it into motion? Only thing I had was right at the start getting him to get out from inside the ship to begin the whole thing. They’ll patch it if it seems a chunk of people are affected (like that underwater chest glitch)
  6. Can confirm as I’ve just done it - you only need to do the shortcuts which unlock you trophies. Did them all in either time trial or single races one by one using the trophy list as my list. Didn’t try for any of them in adventure mode.
  7. The Last of Us. Just a perfect game.
  8. From memory, the most recent patch has at least one of them included, so that would be before the next patch. My guess would be maybe Tuesday week (18th). Doubt it would be during E3. I can see the final one being after the last Atlantis dlc (and includes in that patch for that dlc).
  9. It’s where the first dlc was. It appeared on my quest list and told me to go back to Atlantis to continue the dlc story.
  10. Seems weird that one of those ‘bugged’ trophies is unlocking for some people (solid start). If they fix it, it won’t take too long to rush through the comp again tbh.
  11. Honestly - Snooker Nation is 25% of the price and seems decent so far. No licences but plays exactly as it should. Most of the bugs seem to be more the game (menus/trophies) around the snooker playing. Will wait for Snooker 19 to come down in price before trying. Shame though.