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  1. i think the point was that while he's pretty much as formidable a samurai as there is on the island, he doesn't have eyes on the back on his head. besides it makes a sort of sense in that jin was starting to use less honorable tactics himself in order to free his uncle that he himself should become victim to someone knocking him out from behind. it's not like he has spider sense or eyes in the back of his head. didn't bother me nearly as much as you i guess.
  2. love the game. wish they added trophies with the new content though. it's been over a year since getting the plat and the prospect of getting new trophies would make me more likely to get back into the swing of things and relearn the mechanics. oh well.
  3. yeah in my opinion it's far more useful than the smoke bomb or damage health recovery charms. it allows you to get an insane amount of supplies, plants, and animal pelts. surprised he didn't mention it in that video since you can get it early on in the game.
  4. yeah I'm cleaning up the rest of the stuff on zeffo now for the plat and it's annoying. Dathomir wasn't so bad I though since I already had pretty much all the skills already and just made sure to get everything i possibly could the first time through. Having to figure out how to navigate through those levels going back for the last few that I needed after getting the climbing gloves was annoying though. You're right though being able to fast travel to the ship would save a ton of time especially when you're all the way at the end of the planet and have to walk all the way back.
  5. i'd say god of war, uncharted, dark souls/sekiro in equal measure. so it would have to be a 3 person baby (which is actually possible these days because science is nuts).
  6. yeah if you're soul level 165 you're going to run into non stop gank squads unfortunately. obviously this is a 2 year old thread but for anyone else that is still working on this plat and needs vertebra shackles try joining mound makers and either boost with someone else or invade when you're soul level 60 or below so you're not quite as likely to end up with a gank squad. the one good thing about getting the shackles is you just have to kill the host or a phantom to get one. i don't even know how people enjoy baiting invaders and ganging up on them 3 on 1. how is that even fun you're going to win 90% of the time unless the invader is ridiculously skilled. plus at this point a lot of the PvP people have been playing the game for 3 years nonstop and are really good.
  7. yeah i bought this game at launch but waited to play it because i know indies often have some issues.. didn't realize that there was tons of cut content with this game which is unfortunate. also by the time i played it they had already patched out the debug room or whatever it's called. meanwhile i'd wager that 95% of the people who got the last few heroic trophies and the perfect run trophy got it by scaling up their damage immensely. it's funny people even post videos on youtube as if it's some sort of accomplishment to beat endless and other late game heroic bosses when you're doing 5000 damage every hit. i think the heroic bosses were fair too for the most part up until you get to dark knight/bysurge. dark knight is manageable but annoying and then bysurge just has a ridiculous health pool. i beat him eventually since his attacks aren't that difficult to avoid. i haven't even tried endless, amulvaro, and eldritch yet but i'm assuming they're near impossible even at level 150. did they even test these heroic bosses in development? it's not fun when you just give the boss a ridiculous amount of health. i'll give them a shot but i don't think i could get the perfect run trophy even if i miraculously managed to beat all three of the last bosses. update: managed to beat heroic amulvaro without much trouble by using parries. tried for about 25 minutes with eldritch and it was ridiculous. not sure it's even worth pulling my hair out over the final 2 heroic bosses since i think the perfect run trophy without the debug room would be crazy. maybe i'll attempt that just to see if it's possible, and if it is then i'll try to get the last two heroics.
  8. For some reason this trophy didn't pop until i died the first time i fought shields. Not sure if it would have popped if I had been successful in killing him on my first try or if it's just bugged or missable but if anyone didn't get the trophy and beat shields on their first try perhaps that's the reason.
  9. the statues are still there all game if i'm not mistaken. some of them are stuck in nanite (or something like that) but they still have the same weapon so i don't see why you wouldn't be able to cut their right arm off and kill them with it. pretty sure there are still 2-3 of the regular statues as well halfway up some of the paths. i could be wrong though i didn't spend a ton of time in that area after defeating the main boss.
  10. i don't think there are 12. i had 11 when the trophy popped for me after getting the one underground. that was number 5 if i'm not mistaken and then there was one that had a name instead of a number but there were just 11 total.
  11. i think this has been explained already but in order for the trophy to pop you have to pick up the weapon after cutting the right arm off, equip it immediately, and then kill that same statue with the weapon he had 10 seconds ago. you can't get the weapon and then kill a different statue, it has to be the same one you got it from. so it might be missable because you can only pick up an enemy weapon once. though it might be possible to sell it to a vendor and then get another one. i don't know. i never sold anything and i'm not even sure if you can sell weapons. maybe it was just armor and implants.
  12. you don't have to kill perpetua before killing her brother in the boss fight on the bridge. i died to her during my first playthrough and then beat her brother while she was still alive in the boss fight and went back to the area where i fought her the first time and her rosary bead was there. you are right that you'll still need to do another playthrough to get the trophy associated with defeating her though.
  13. I managed to platinum it with no issues but obviously others are still having problems. I hadn't seen this post when I downloaded and started playing the game but I was definitely curious why the trophy for "earn all the stars" didn't have the same percentage completed as the platinum trophy. Hope you guys can find a workaround or it gets patched at some point.
  14. no i just clicked out and sat back down at the table. i would go crazy waiting 2 minutes for the loading screens to be over with if i did that every time i got up from the poker table. it was hard enough having to do that with the drone races. not sure why the developers didn't just let you load a previous save file without quitting to the main menu. i'm done with everything now except the legendary difficulty so no worries. i just ended up using the VR minigame to get money. it was boring, but once i could control the dice fairly well it made it easier to get a lot of money per run.
  15. did they patch the blackjack exploit or something? i kept sitting down and getting up at the blackjack table for like 30 minutes and got the J9 push one time. i'd rather just do the VR game if it only happens like twice an hour.