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  1. *grabs popcorn to watch people complain about another free update with a new trophy.
  2. Just happened to me, was spending 2 every 5 levels, logged in today, all my settings were reset (like FoV and controls) and all my keys were gone.
  3. Do we even know if the ps4 version will have its own trophy list?
  4. During the 3rd wave of the rat boss he drops a bunch of items one being a key which can be used on the room beyond him. Inside should be a little lizard guy that you need to take to the Dragun boss on the 5th floor. The lizard teams up with the Dragun adding a new phase becoming the "advanced" boss. Info taken from steam forums.
  5. For those asking how long they plan on to keep supporting this game i'll let you know this, they released new guns and maps for KF1 for 5+ years. So yeah, tripwire is in for the long haul.
  6. Just like Acasser said, the mang is your best friend for all these high level events. Really well paired with a guild guardian card which i just found out can actually target those 5 skulls seperate from normal skulls!
  7. Invite code: RHYSTHETHIRD_WQB9
  8. Ill get back to you after work tonight.
  9. Im kinda just looking to get the last few trophies, ive got 5.3M gold saved up for the guild weeklies trophy. I wont spend it until we can confirm we have enough to finish them all. (15.66M needed in total)