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  1. Looking to start the last of us and looking for some Aus or NZ players to team up with alot so it seems like less of a grind. Add me on psn: Evilsworn Is it like server based? Like oceania?
  2. Hahaha love the little letters there =D I think i'll pick up the uncharted games then, I have so many games to do! As well as keeping up with new releases..
  3. I just got the Plat on dark souls remastered, which in my opinion is the hardest out of the souls games. I've got the 1000g on DS3 on xbox but I'll definitely play it again. I sooooo badly want to play The Last of Us always hearing about it but my only concern is the online stuff to be honest. I own Bloodborne which I'm looking foward to for sure, Definitely on the list. I Also own Crash Trilogy, Shadow of the colossus. And Nino Kuni. So i just Finished DS, About to finish Jak 1. Rock Band 4 is a grind slowly working on that but after tomorrow I'll need to start something. Just soo unsure what! Thanks man for the recommendations, a little unsure about the uncharted games. Didn't they add online on them?
  4. Thanks guys added you all! So hard to decide what to play, seeing you guys might give me some ideas 😄
  5. For sure! I hope i make some new friends! 😅
  6. Yeah man of course! I'm also interested what trophy hunters play, so more the merier on the friends list! How'd you find leaving your mates etc on there? I find it hard for sure!
  7. I'm keen to start a coop game or 2, as long as i know i can finish them haha
  8. Will do guys! Nice to see what other trophy hunters are playing! Doesn't let me add you on ps? Something to do with your privacy settings.
  9. Hey guys, i recently came over from xbox about 2 months ago and just struggling not having many people to play coop games with, or just fellow trophy hunters to be friends with miss my friends alot on xbox but i know the games over here are better. Anyone out there wanting to add me as a friend and play some games or even just have some banter now and again? Cheers ~Evilsworn
  10. Not even going to touch this seeing as it doesn't have a platnium...