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  1. Me and my boyfriend (csmit180) both have this problem when we try to update each other. We both are premium members, and it's kinda annoying since we both actively use this site and we both update each other daily due to us tracking our data in Excel.
  2. I'm, I believe, 350 hours into Monster Hunter World, but I have also finished Iceborne and have 10 minicrowns and 12 big crowns already for Iceborne. For the base game: at this point I'm only missing the (giant) gold crown for Kushala Daora, my boyfriend is missing Kushala too but also the (giant) gold crown for Kirin. Since we want to platinum it together, since we played together for so many hours, I'm helping him out with Kirin currently. After that we are going to go after Kushala, and then we do the 50 Arena quests together. And the truth is, I'm still having so much fun with this game. After obtaining the platinum for the base game, I will go after the Iceborne Platinum too!
  3. Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great day & I would love it if you would play and heart my level. Also I would love it if you heart me as a player, still need a lot of those throphies! Ps name: Evalunadesie Level name: H4H P4P throphy easy evalunadesie I will play/heart the levels above me, also leave a comment on my level if you are posting after I did so I can play/heart yours too! Thanks so much!
  4. Need unique players for my level! PSN name: Evalunadesie Level name: Short p4p level evalunadesie I'll go play levels posted above me now!