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  1. Thanks a bunch
  2. What are Threads for exactly DaivRules? Please fill me in

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      Then call them "Discussing things" and not Threads... A Thread doesn't mean anything in specific, "a theme or characteristic running throughout a situation or piece of writing" The running theme is about Monster Hunter. Or "a long strand of cotton, nylon etc. If you want it your way than make it clear before someone takes the time to write something, say I dunno... As I press start new thread! Don't halt posts that aren't harming or offending anyone, plus a Session goes away after a short while, my enthusiasm for Monster Hunter does not.


      My "Thread" was about myself and other psnprofiles users who enjoy a game and wish to play together, so unlock my "Thread" or admit you're bending what "Thread" means to suit yourself.

    3. DaivRules


      If you'd like to continue the discussion, please send me a Private Message.

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      Should i launch a new "Thread" then, you know... For our "discussion"? lol


      No i got my answer mate.

  3. If you are just starting out in MHW and would like help, tips or just someone to chat to while hunting then hit me up I have just shy of 700hr in MHW and Iceborne and I like to think I'm qualified to teach lol So add me if you like... It's (AtomicAltruism) don't forget to message me in the request ok I speak only English and Gajalaka Also if anybody else wants to offer their services just pile on this thread!
  4. It's a good idea but i've tried finding mates on the list but, they're no where to be found. Cheesing me right off!
  5. Ok, so i'm playing along side my bestest buddy and would love to see where and what he's built, like a few and connect with him Strand style... But i can't it seems, no matter how many times i log back in, i'm stuck with the same group of players and it never changes for me. Is there a way to see my bud or not? Anyone else having this "First world Issue?"
  6. The True Arisen (Collected all other Dragon's Dogma trophies) Platinum: #51 ____________________________________________________________ Wow... Where do i even begin?!? I love this game, easily top five RPG/OW games of all time for me, beating it out would be The Witcher III, The Elder Scrolls: IV Oblivion, Fallout New Vegas and Red Dead Redemption 2. (and GTAV shh!) Thats not a list i take lightly, but this one fits in there oh so nicely. There are so many mechanics in this game i feel are for the most part missing in todays games, like being able to climb onto large enemies, or not having a convoluted UI, or having imo Fantastic combat variety. saying nothing of the MASSIVE amount of enemy types and their own unique moves sets to learn and overcome. I truly felt like i was building towards a character I wanted with each playthrough. I can honestly say i'd been more wrapped by having beaten a game, then jumping straight back in for NG+ then NG++ then NG+++ i beat this thing no less than 9 times and it never felt like a chore. So many armour and weapon variations and potions and combinable materials all of which felt like they had a purpose. I can't think of a negative for this masterpiece... imo (wait yes i can... The main story missions and voice overs were kinda shit) \FINAL SCORE/ Difficulty: 5/10 Time: 124hr Enjoyment: 11/10 (Just thought i'd throw up my final stats for those who are interested) ____________________________________________________________________________ Total play time: 124 hours Total Funds: 31,755,013 G Rift Crystals Obtained: 936,240 RC Times Completed Game: 9 Pawns Hired: 79 Gifts Given: 68 Max Damage Dealt to one Foe: 66223 Total Experience Earned: 54516977 Deaths: 21 Times Imprisoned: 3 Core Skills Learned: 20 Types of Weapons Obtained: 132 Types of Armor Obtained: 296 Weapons Forged by the Dragon: 22 Armor Forged by the Dragon: 41 Inn Stays: 247 Locations Discovered: 176 Chests Looted: 899 Total Quests Completed: 291 Total Notice Board Quests Completed: 102 Speedrun Total Time: 1:28:41 Hard Mode Total Time: 1:56:12 (ENEMIES) (though i won't go through them all, just the cool ones/silly ones) Enemies Slain: 5971 Goblins: 593 Hobgoblins: 423 Grimgoblins: 44 Greater Goblins: 109 Saurians: 179 Sulfur Saurians: 71 Geo Saurians: 52 Giant Saurians: 36 Giant Saurian Sages: 14 Pyre Saurians: 28 Undead: 236 Stout Undead: 35 Undead Warriors: 120 Giant Undead: 65 Banshees: 27 Eliminators: 41 Skeletons: 133 Skeleton Knights: 113 Skeleton Lords: 19 Skeleton Brutes: 49 Golden Knights: 31 Silver Knights:26 Living Armor: 20 Wights: 11 Liches: 9 Dark Bishops: 5 Cyclops: 82 Gorecyclops: 13 Prisoner Gorecyclops: 10 Ogres: 16 Elder Ogres: 5 Golems: 12 Metal Golems: 2 Harpies: 116 Succubi: 62 Gargoyles: 32 Sirens: 22 Strigoi: 28 Phantasms: 41 Wolves: 75 Direwolves: 62 Hellhounds: 66 Wargs: 37 Garm: 24 Chimeras: 22 Gorechimeras: 26 Griffins: 11 Cockatrices: 10 The Dragon: 9 Drakes: 14 Wyrms: 6 Wyverns: 8 Dire Drakes: 10 Dire Wyrms: 6 Dire Wyverns: 9 Cursed Dragons: 19 Hydras: 3 Archydras: 4 Evil Eyes: 19 Gazers: 13 Maneaters: 36 Death: 16 Daimon: 14 Rabbits: 52 Giant Bats: 390 Humans: 750 The Ur-Dragon: 12 _________________________________________________________________________________ Let me know your final stats... If you remember, or took screenshots like i did lol ☺️
  7. Just like AJ said, just do it, maybe don't start with an Ultra Rare that has multiplayer trophies as relying on others for the plat can add to the stress. Start with a 4.5 platinum rating and work your way down from there. Hope this helps
  9. All trophies obtained (Obtained all Horizon Zero Dawn trophies) ****MILESTONE**** Platinum: #50 __________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yet another knockout by Sony. The premiss is ballsy as hell i love it, while the writing is a little sloppy and the facial recognition freaks me out sometimes... The story is solid. However it's the combat that really makes up the bulk of this experience, at least with me it was, FUN FUN FUN It's intuitive hack and slash bow fighting makes me smile every time i see metal fly through the air! The visuals are still some of the best i've ever seen on PS4 and the sounds mine make when in combat... WEEEEEEEEAAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!! is what it sounds like It's got your standard OW trophies, Collectible/Kills with X and such. They are easy to follow fun to get, if the nature of this kind of game still appeals to you after 40hrs. Difficulty: 3/10 Time: 46hrs Enjoyment: 8/10 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
  10. X-Men Origins: Wolverine Platinum (You collected all the trophies in Wolverine) Platinum: #47 Firstly i would like to thank diskdocx for his written guide on playstationtrophies it helped a bunch, especially with the (Devil's Brigade) trophy so thank you. (Not sure how to call him out on a forum but i know it can be done) Secondly Wolverine is still a kickass adaptation of the movie, even after 10 years. It's a fun hack and slash with some platforming sprinkled in for good measure. (The platforming sections were the weak link here... Hit and miss y'know) It doesn't shy away from the cheese and my main man Jackman even did the voice over yea boi! Hard playthrough had some hard parts and the final boss fight with Weapon 11 was hell, (because of the platforming/jump mechanic i spoke of earlier is messy and unresponsive at best) But i'm so happy to have this on my list after all these years. 😁 Difficulty: 5/10 Time: 20hrs Fun: 8/10 MAGUS Perfection (Obtain all trophies.) Platinum: #46 Not much to say about this i'm afraid, i got it cheap purely for a platinum and it gave me just that. It's not very good but it scratches that itch of wanting a quicky every now and then. (I can't believe this was released in 2014) Difficulty: Nope Time: 6/10hrs Fun: 3/10
  11. VOLUME The Platinum Arrow (Gain all trophies in Volume) Platinum #45 Ok, this was a short but very fun tactical stealth game with gadgets thrown in the mix. I found it very easy to keep track of the (Text Collectibles) as i always did a once over on all the stages. Clean up was the only drag because a few trophies don't come naturally... Like Agent 48 (Wear a disguise 100 times in core levels) and Arcade Flynn (Die 200 times) I would highly recommend this fantastically short PSN title to any ones list. 😊 Difficulty: 2/10 Time: 4-8hrs Fun: 7/10 BTW: Did anyone know JIM STERLING does a voice in this?!?
  12. Just Another Day At The Office (Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered) Platinum: #44 Woaw boy! I haven't been challenged like this in a while, especially in the Epilogue Mission 'Mile High Club'. It's great when games get Remastered properly like this one was, (apart from the MP maps being sold for a mint) I'm not sure what else there is to say except that this, CoD MW II and World at War are the only games in this franchise i really like... Still more of a Bad Company boi myself Difficulty: 6/10 < (legit) Time: 35/45hr < (IMO) Fun: 8/10 ...Volume and Detroit are next...
  13. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered The Shot (Complete 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One Shot, One Kill' on Veteran difficulty) 'All Ghillied Up' was a cake walk, just sneak through the level, but 'One Shot, One Kill'!!! Was a nightmare on Veteran, especially at the extraction point. The last checkpoint took me nearly an hour. I'm glad thats over though (The Third Horseman) Is next, i don't remember those mission being too difficult. 😉 Tips would be appreciated 😉
  14. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered The Bog (Complete 'The Bog' and 'War Pig' on Veteran difficulty.) Woaw they are starting to get hard, i'm pushing down that rage and HEY almost half way there! Wish me luck 😅
  15. Kingpin (Unlock All Trophies) Trophy Rarity: Rare (11.09%) #43 Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 Time Required: 45hr Fun Factor: YES out 100 I'm so happy to have this platinum on my list, because it kind of started it all for me. My love of open worlds (and arial vehicles) started with this game when i think i was around 11 or 12 back in the early 00's, Thank you R*star and thank to my friend who let me borrow the game all those years ago 😊Heres to GTA VI😊 (if it's not aggressively monitized)