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  1. Kingpin (Unlock All Trophies) Trophy Rarity: Rare (11.09%) #43 Platinum Difficulty: 4/10 Time Required: 45hr Fun Factor: YES out 100 I'm so happy to have this platinum on my list, because it kind of started it all for me. My love of open worlds (and arial vehicles) started with this game when i think i was around 11 or 12 back in the early 00's, Thank you R*star and thank to my friend who let me borrow the game all those years ago 😊Heres to GTA VI😊 (if it's not aggressively monitized)
  2. The Wolf Among Us #42 Full Moon Earned Every Trophy In Every Episode Of The Wolf Among Us Platinum Rarity: (57.53%) Umm.... I liked it, not as much as some other TellTale Titles *COFFS* ( Tales From The Borderlands) It hasn't aged particularly well and i'm far more attached to the Fable Comics. Felt to me like one of the shorter games TT has released, i know it sounds like i'm bashing this game with a fat stick but i did enjoy my time, while it lasted. Difficulty: 1/10 Time Required: 8hrs-ish Enjoyment: 5/10
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Done It All Earn 100% Completion Trophy Rarity (12.81%) Now That was a tense half dozen hours leading up to this trophy popping, let me explain... See i'd started this this around 8-9 months ago and got pretty far through the 100% checklist i think around 72%? Then i stopped... BIG MISTAKE! I wasn't in that completion groove that one gets into when 100%ing a game, i'd forgotten what i had done for the most part and the ingame stats only help to an extent. after completing what i remembered i needed, i found myself staring at the stats screen freaking out... 97% WHAT DID I MISS!!! 40 odd hours potentially wasted, i started thinking 'maybe this has glitch on me' so i started redoing everything i was remotely unsure of like, redoing all the Stunt Jumps and all the Offroad races/events, then i redid the Shooting Range, nope. You wanna know what it was??? I'll tell ya, it was the 3 Kaufman Cabs and 1 Ice Cream Factory Asset Missions that finally ticked it over to 100% My advice: Never half finish a game, it can cause anxiety πŸ˜– Now all i have left is 2 really grindy trophies πŸ˜‰
  4. My Question is: What does this community mean to you?
  5. #41 Lego Worlds Rarity: Ultra Rare (1.96%) Fantastic Lego game, it brought out my inner child with all the build possibilities, what i always wanted from Minecraft. The Platinum wasn't difficult so much as random, i.e. RNG sucked! For me at least. But i had fun with it right up to the end, save for the Designer's Delight Trophy which drove me up the wall... Again, RNG was a mother! I still have the 2 DLCs to go and will smash them when i can afford them. Difficulty: 2/10 Length: 5/10 Fun: 8/10 Let me know what you all thought, if you played it of course
  6. Designer's Delight Collect all the brick elements 3.82% Ultra Rare YAY!!! Lego Worlds Man This one was a pain in Z Butt! Took me around 7 hours to find the last 3 bricks i needed for this.. BOO! Still a fun game though... πŸ˜‰ Now i just have the last 10 Legendary Gold Bricks to go and i'll have the platinum baby Yeah!
  7. LEGO WORLDS Billionaire! Collect a billion studs With a little bit of prep time and i dunno like 10 hours to spare, this trophy is all mine 😬 2.13% Rarity to boot!
  8. If you could believe it, i haven't played this yet... I KNOW! πŸ‘‰πŸ˜³πŸ‘ˆ Cave
  9. Took a few tries but it worked 😁 Thank you
  10. WOW by Post Malone... on REPEAT!!!
  11. Father and Son Obtain all other trophies GOD of WAR This platinum is so nice.... I got it twice... On 2 different profiles lol Personal score: 4/10 Difficulty 30+ hours with guide A must have on your list 10/10
  12. Stan-tasticRescue Stan Lee from every peril (Single Player) R.I.P. You beautiful man you! 😁...😞
  13. LEGO Movie: The Video Game. It was pretty dang fun. 😁
  14. God Damn It! Still not enough to get me going. Once upon a time i had the 100% Achievement rating for RDR on XBOX 360 and since switching back to Playstation i've always wanted this on my list, but it just keeps getting worse. I know some still obtain the Platinum out of endurance and luck, but i'm not lucky. I hate Hackers and complacent developers who don't take the time to fix their games properly. I love this game though (single player) mostly. πŸ˜‘
  15. Either way, the game is kickass!