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  1. I will try it out tomorrow already got 3 others so are 6. And see if i can play a game and get a trophy or 2
  2. Im willing too try and play a ranked match and see if it still works i have 2 other accounts with the game and my self so im 3 i have 3 other friends that wanna start the game. But they wont now since someone said the ranked matches doesnt register. For me Splitscreen doesnt matter. It's a good plat. Surely i dont wanna miss this one out. Since i started a new account so everything have to go perfect Edit Iw tryed a few things I can sitt in the lobby waiting players and never disconnect. When i try too connect splitscreen i can disconnect that's the only times i disconnect. But dont know what will happen once i start a game. And it takes 1 to 10 times too connect to the servers aswell. From where you start the game. I dont think you need the statistics too work too get trophies
  3. Same for me. Only getting timed out
  4. If Anyone wanna keep track on my new account