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  1. 45:The Evil Within 2 What a game.Platinum wise,you need to play 2 full playthroughs and NG+ to get the upgrade related trophies.Keep in mind,unlike the first game there is no chapter select in this one.So you'll have to play NG+ for anything you may have missed. The real challenge here is the Classic difficulty mode.You're allowed to 7 saves,there are no autosaves,no checkpoints.Ammo and resources are very scarce so you need to scavenge for supplies everywhere.The game crashed when I reached Chapter 7,but I had saved just after the encounter with the Watcher so things were okay.Don't fight unless absolutely needed,search for locker keys,conserve ammo for certain challenging sections and the bosses (Damn Stefano and the Chapter 11 boss! :/) I followed tips from other players on where and when to save the game,how to tackle the boss fights etc. For an intense survival horror experience,play this game without cheats.This is a proud achievement for me.Got the plat for Outlast 2 in October 2018 and TEW2 in this month,so I'm very happy.The classic difficulty is hard,but not on the same level as something like a permadeath mode or the Akumu difficulty mode from TEW.Which reminds me,I'll get back to the The Evil Within 1 at some point in the future.Love this series and I really hope we get a third game.
  2. Yeah,and to speed things up for Arcade Competitor+Arcade Hunter...Choose 5 minute long featured maps,namely:Shovel Dodgers,Beach Brawl,Town Riot,Lawless,Oasis,Martian Return and Aceopolis.Get your friend to stay close to your spawn point so they can get easy kills 😀
  3. I know the feeling.Nick and Laird's second encounter was where I failed NUMEROUS times.That part is honestly down to luck. I started practicing the game around September 2018 and earned the platinum near end of October of the same year.There were times when I even died in the FINAL encounter with Marta OR that corridor part in the mines with enemies blocking your path.I know I was initially panicking like hell in my 19th attempt(when I went on to beat insane mode),but then I remembered something:Panic lead to failure each time and I was sick of sitting through the unskippable cutscenes,the cultists,Marta and most of all,Nick and Laird.But hear me out:Practicing certain troublesome sections can be very helpful! Conserve your camcorder battery well for the mines,try to be calm and patient (even in the nerve wracking situations) and you will succeed.
  4. When you encounter Lucien and have him at gunpoint,kill him so you get the key.Once you're near the diffuser you have to "Breathe it in" and then,"Reject" the mask for this ending to count. I'm currently playing through the game and read this in the trophy guide.
  5. Definitely agree with the frustrating bit.I've died so many times during those Nick and Laird sections,it's no joke.Some battery can be used in the tricky school library and then,in the Heretic chase (just before the mines). If you've almost reached the end,then you're almost there.Aside from the encounter with Val underground,I'd highly recommend you to save atleast 10% battery for the final chase scene with the cult and of course,Marta.Dying near the very end truly sucks. I'd suggest you also watch PersNikity's walkthrough for the Marta bit since she can find a shortcut and end your insane playthrough (the mistake I did before finally getting the platinum).
  6. Platinum #37: Master of Kyrat-Far Cry 4 (PS3)
  7. I'd also recommend using PersNikity's walkthrough with commentary if you'd like to see some more strategies.It's the guide I used when I beat insane mode on my 19th attempt. I was quite unlucky in that Marta encounter with the wagon at one point(the video is down below).Eventually,I just kept practicing this shitty section on nightmare difficulty and got past it. I did fail not once but twice in the final Marta section,amongst countless other stupid deaths. So I obviously panicked when she found a shortcut and killed me when we're with Lynn.Then I realised that in order to get past her,you first have to wait for a split second then make a run for it. Oh,the game is really,really frustrating but it's a test of patience and perseverance.You absolutely have to be calm in order to make it to the very end.
  8. I personally couldn't do it in the outposts.It popped near the end of the first expedition.Rank 1 enemies,coming from land and sea.Thanks to Timber,all of them were marked so I immediately activated wrath and punched 4 guys..then performed a few takedowns to refill the bar and continued to punch them,when I finally did get the trophy.
  9. Yeah,the "Trap Game Strong" trophy for me initially.Just couldn't trigger the traps whilst being chased by cops for some reason. Then I tried this trick.And it worked.Hope this helps! here's the link for it: https://www.trueachievements.com/a231744/trap-game-strong-achievement
  10. One thing I can advise you all:Don't panic.Seriously.It's an incredibly stressful experience and you will need to practice the game A LOT,there is no room for errors whatsoever. I died 18 times(yes,I'm not joking.The Scalled and then the finale in the Mines,these gave me a heap of trouble). But I managed to pull it off on my 19th attempt.Refer to YouTube guides for some strategies,they do help.Aponac1987,that's a great guide man. If you need to look at some more guides to see how others did it, I'd say watch the speedruns by ifreemz or PersNikity. But also chapter select the sections which give you trouble.Practice them 10 times until you're able to do it successfully each time. I wanted to give up so bad,it was such an agony to play through the game so many times,watching the unskippable cutscenes over and over again.Now,it's my proudest platinum trophy. If I managed to pull it off,you can definitely do it! Don't give up. 🙂
  11. Yep,outposts do count,mate.If you're online now,I can help!
  12. Yep.Select the Shovels Dodgers map as that is a featured map and your wins will count on it.Just make sure your internet connection is stable and you'll get the online trophies with ease ☺
  13. 1.Murdered:Soul Suspect (PS3) 2.Wolfenstein:The New Order (PS4) 3.Deus Ex:Mankind Divided 4.Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood (PS4) 5.Life is Strange: Before the Storm 6.Walking Dead Collection 7.Murdered:Soul Suspect (PS4) 8.Watch Dogs (PS4) 9.Heavy Rain (PS3) 10.Yakuza 6 11.Assassin's Creed Syndicate 12.Detroit Become Human 13.Uncharted The Lost Legacy 14.Far Cry 5 15.Heavy Rain (PS4) 16.Far Cry 3:Classic Edition 17.Outlast 2,my proudest platinum. 18.Batman:The Enemy Within 19.Shadow of the Tomb Raider That's all I earned this year.Wanted to get to 20 plats but I had a hectic schedule around the last few days of December.
  14. Not very long,I'd say just a little over an hour(considering the loading time,varies for others).And yeah,I meant to say don't be inactive just move around a bit, but let your friend win the match. Super easy to get the trophy using this method! Shovels and Dodgers map is your best bet since a match on this map is 5 minutes long.
  15. It does work with 2 players.First set up a closed multiplayer lobby,select any featured map, preferably:Shovels and Dodgers since it's 5 minutes only and is created/published by Ubisoft.Trade wins if you're both in need of the trophy or stand still so your friend gets the win.I helped 2 of my friends using this exact method and they both got the trophy in the end.🙂